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Media Interest In MumsNet

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Kaloo20 · 08/08/2006 09:42

in the news today

Daily Mail
The baby guru who threw her bottle out of the pram

Guardian Unlimited
Childcare expert threatens to have website shut down

Times Online
Childcare guru goes to war over website

Mothers' website falls foul of Queen of Routine

BBC News
What the papers say

To catch all the latest news google Nobody, then select to search News rather than the Web ...

OP posts:
lilibet · 08/08/2006 16:54

This is all very exciting, but some of us have been at work all day and missed all the hoohaa!

Hope it's on the tea time news too!

Mercy · 08/08/2006 16:56

edam, is it my imagination or has the DSC logo only just appeared? Good idea btw

EvesMama · 08/08/2006 19:56

cant say ive ever noticed that either???

southeastastra · 08/08/2006 19:58

it's been there most of afternoon i think

Prufrock · 08/08/2006 21:50

Another media comment here from Times online - presumably in tomorrows paper

UniSarah · 08/08/2006 21:56

BBC Radio 4, 10pm. just been trailed, will include something about she who must not be named and parents who swear by or at her.

MrsBadger · 08/08/2006 22:11

Channel 4
Baby expert demands website closure

EmMo2Goldman · 08/08/2006 23:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

suzywong · 09/08/2006 05:45

has there been a counter statement from on one in particular that one may possibly be allowed to allude to ?

tigermoth · 09/08/2006 06:14

I too am waiting to see if a counter statement emerges.

NobodyAtAll · 09/08/2006 06:28

Ch4 news read out a statement last night, tigermoth. Denying wish to shut mumsnet down and repeating claims of hurtful defamatoriness(sp?).

JustineMumsnet · 09/08/2006 06:31

Here's the latest from Foot Anstey and our response - both went out last night.

NobodyAtAll · 09/08/2006 06:32

You were FAB on Ch4 yesterday, Justine.

tigermoth · 09/08/2006 06:32

denying wish to shut mumsnet down ... hmmm...don't know what to make of that. Is someone in denial I wonder?

NobodyAtAll · 09/08/2006 06:34

Good response.

suzywong · 09/08/2006 07:05

Very good, very good indeed.

can anyone rearrange these words to make an a phrase?




just for fun to pass the time you understand

SimonBolivarCusack · 09/08/2006 07:10

v.good Justine

gladalailama · 09/08/2006 07:17

Great response Justine

schneebly · 09/08/2006 07:23

Brilliant response Justine! You go girl! (Thought you were fab on the telly and radio too!)

SherlockLGJ · 09/08/2006 07:27
LadyTophamHatt · 09/08/2006 07:34

Oh the joy...the utterly and delightful joy!

CaligulaCorday · 09/08/2006 07:35

Bloody brilliant. So barbed.

The words "shoot" and "foot" also spring to mind.

PMSL at MorningPaper's apology. Too funny.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 09/08/2006 07:37

is there anything in the press today?!

whimsy · 09/08/2006 07:39
WWWLutherKing · 09/08/2006 07:40

Wot, it just never happened? I've got deja vu So is that confirmation that she is NOT going to close mumsnet? And btw, mumsnet HAVE met all her demands haven't they? (except the one for large amounts of cash)

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