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How often do you have sex?

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Lights22 · 14/02/2023 22:45

Just that really?

Pre children DH and I had sex maybe 5 times a month on average. Now it's maybe that many times a year 😱

For context our children have never slept through so for 5 years I've not had a good night's sleep. We still love each other, hug, laugh, snuggle, enjoy each other's company etc etc

Not many people talk about how sex changes over time. So now I'm curious, how many times do you have sex?

Happy valentine's day 😘❤️

OP posts:
inigomontoyahwillcox · 14/02/2023 22:47

I'd say one every 3 weeks on average - been together 12 years, I'm 45 and DH 49.

I'd probably like more (I've always had more sex drive than him) but to be honest I'm too bloody tired most of the time.

Samedaysameshit · 14/02/2023 22:56

4-5 times a year

Milkand2sugarsplease · 14/02/2023 22:56

Usually twice a week since ds2 came along.

OneToThree · 14/02/2023 22:57

Once a week. Together 23 years, 3 kids all teenagers.

Dyslexicwonder · 14/02/2023 22:59

Most weeks 2 teenage DCs together 25 years aged 47 and 48.

Railwayroad · 14/02/2023 23:01

Never. Can’t be bothered tbh

juliettesmother · 14/02/2023 23:04

It was every day until I had our 3rd child. Then it just became too much and went down to once or twice a week.

Over the last year, once or twice a month, but that is due to marriage issues rather than lack of sex drive.
I have always had a much higher sex drive

DisneyChops · 14/02/2023 23:09

Once or twice a month on average.
Suits us. My DH would probably like more but I've never had a big sex drive really.

One DC aged 3, both in our 30s.

ScrumpyTree · 14/02/2023 23:12

Over a month maybe 10-15 times.

Totally depends on where I my cycle I am. As have a week where I don't keep my hands off DH. Two weeks where I'm happy with or without it so it depends on him instigating. And then a week that's pretty much a write off.

Together 19 years. Married 12. DC in primary school.

Bookegg · 14/02/2023 23:14

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the user's request

Emmamoo89 · 14/02/2023 23:15

Sometimes can be once a week or up to 3/4 times a week. Depends on mood and how tired I am.

Overthebow · 14/02/2023 23:16

On average once a week.

ETref · 14/02/2023 23:19

Totally depends on where I my cycle I am. As have a week where I don't keep my hands off DH. Two weeks where I'm happy with or without it so it depends on him instigating. And then a week that's pretty much a write off

Exactly the same here. Probably have sex about 10 times over a 4 week cycle.

PermanentTemporary · 14/02/2023 23:22

2-3 times a week. But relatively new relationship, children old enough to be out of the house a lot of the time. Terrified I'll lose my drive with menopause, it's the best thing in my life.

SunshineLollipopsAndRainbows · 14/02/2023 23:23

I think it’s been about 4 years. Really struggled painwise internally with the menopause & for the last couple of years I have had other pains which have really brought me down. DH is still very affectionate physically ( never much of a one for full on kissing but loads of hugs, caressing, snuggling up in bed etc). Sometimes I still feel horny so I use a toy or bring myself to orgasm. Do miss sex & certainly wouldn’t rule it out completely but need to try & get myself well again.

peachgreen · 14/02/2023 23:30

DP and I don’t live together and we usually only get one overnight a week so on average it’s once a week (there’s usually a child around any other time we see each other!). Often twice in one “session” though. I suspect if we lived together it would be twice a week. Before DH died he and I averaged maybe once a week after DD was born, and probably twice or three times a week before that.

Ideally I’d have sex at least once a day, but I’ve never found a partner who has the same high sex drive as me!

Tg2023 · 14/02/2023 23:30

Name change
Not as much as I'd like.
Constant excuses and whinging on his part; he's 10 years my junior and should be up for it.
Ffs it Valentine's Day and he's spent the evening eating & eating and more fucking eating.
Yes I fully understand he doesn't have to want to be up for it (mostly every time) 😔 but I also can't be forced into celibacy, fuck that!

He's tired
He's had a hard day
He's stuffed
He's stressed
He's feeling unwell
Well I'm feeling horny & expect at least some effort.
He's never got an excuse for a wank or suck; I've came (haha pun intended) to the conclusion he's a selfish cunt 😤

thismumrocks · 14/02/2023 23:37

Last time about 2 or 3 years ago, married 12 years together 25 years.

I really don't like sex at all, and kissing, iv never enjoyed it. Iv retired from sex and happy to never have it again in my life.

We are still very much in love, my husband just accepts the way I feel.

Luredbyapomegranate · 14/02/2023 23:40

usually 3 times a week

scheduled, like the gym and taking the bin out 😁

louderthan · 14/02/2023 23:44

Once every two/three weeks when I see my FWB. But then it's like four or five times in 24 hours...

AlwaysLatte · 14/02/2023 23:50

2-3 times a week. Kids are teens.

Sexypyjamas · 14/02/2023 23:59

Every other day on a good week. Full on with work and stress maybe once a week. A crap month for us is once in that time (illness, long shifts). It's important to us. Pre kids was every day (max was 5 times in a day which was fun but too much).


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Season0fTheWitch · 15/02/2023 00:13

Every day usually. Probably one day a month we go without due to interruption, tired, ill etc. We both have high sex drives and prioritise our relationship and intimacy. 4 kids, together nearly 10 years, married 8 years.

threeplusmum · 15/02/2023 00:28

Used to be once every few days, but I'm heavily pregnant now and we have two daughters which he usually does a lot for, plus being self employed makes him tired at the end of the day. He is also a mature man so his energy levels for sex aren't always as high as mine. Some nights I want it then others I'm like meh whatever. I don't think I'd have sex again unless it's with him, I've done the whole playing the field thing before I met him and it's out my system... sex is special but not a necessity for me.

B1rd · 15/02/2023 00:42

How old are your children and why aren't they sleeping through?
It seems that this is the factor for why you may not have sex more often and why you are so tired to have sex.

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