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No interest in 5 days - and there’s a rightmove link!

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Helpmyhouse · 09/02/2023 15:05

Hi ladies. As the title says, no interest in 5 days, so would be grateful for your feedback. Be as honest as you like!

I’m a realist so will be price dropping if it hangs about, but just wondered if there’s anything ‘changeable’ that might rustle up some interest before we go down that road. Please note I can’t do anything about the size of the garden, nor will I be able to do anything big like replacing the bathroom suite, hideous as it is.

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 09/02/2023 15:09

Put the living room picture first after the outside one. Swap the two kitchen images around. Add some pot plants to the back yard.

bookish83 · 09/02/2023 15:09

Its not bad at all! It is a little drab on the pictures though, like everything is in dull light.

I think some of the pictures e.g the office should be retaken from above as they are just at dull and grey angles.

Do you have outdoor seating or plants you could add to the pictures of the outside?

MaverickGooseGoose · 09/02/2023 15:10

What are price comps in the area?

TokyoSushi · 09/02/2023 15:10

Gold star for you OP, super presentation!

It looks great. Garden could do with a bit of colour, some bright pots or the like but I know that's not that easy at this time of year.

Leave it over the weekend but there's nothing at all about the house so if you've no luck then it'll be the price.

maltesersarethedevil · 09/02/2023 15:11

Could you pull the dryer and I think bin out of the kitchen for the photos?
Put the kitchen ones together, and as above lounge straight after the outside pic.

Disneyforaweek · 09/02/2023 15:11

No advice really just wanted to say I love the front room, and the main bedroom is such a good size as well!

Squiblet · 09/02/2023 15:11

A few potted plants, both indoors and outdoors, might go a long way?

Whitney168 · 09/02/2023 15:12

Pictures are taken at dreadful angles, but the only two actual spaces that I think could very easily be improved are:

  • The child's bedroom, which somehow manages to look a bit cell-like. 😆I've no doubt the bedding is the child's preference, but for photos I'd want poofier pillows and quilt, some cushions maybe to make it look a bit less spartan.
  • The outside space looks dreadful. Sand those walls down and paint them fresh white, pressure wash the paving and get some evergreen plants in pots in. You already know it's a shortfall of the property, but you could make it look much better.
Ofbollocks · 09/02/2023 15:14

Beautiful house. Take the plastic thing off the dining table. Few flowers in a vase and pot plants outside and it's good to go.

PickupperPenguin · 09/02/2023 15:14

Compared to other houses in the area I think it seems expensive, particularly given the outside space. Is parking an issue? The presentation is lovely and it is a great looking house, but I think it’s too pricey for a terrace with a concrete backyard, especially with rates having gone up.

MsSupineLickspittle · 09/02/2023 15:14

The angle of the photos is all wrong.

There's an odd bit of bin bag in the kitchen, the table cloth needs a hairdryer over the creases, the plant in the study looks dead - but mainly the angle.

It's got a For Sale sign on Streetview, but that photo is old because you can see how overgrown the hedge now is - can you cut that? It looks much nicer on Streetview!

The Sold photos from 2021 are much nicer of the outside.

FluffyYucca · 09/02/2023 15:15

Take another picture of the bathroom - I think it is actually a good size, but the angle makes me think it’s tiny

Anything you can do in terms of rearranging the furniture in study / third bedroom? I know it’s a small room but the long table and big chair makes it look even smaller

Magenta65 · 09/02/2023 15:15

I agree not the best angle/lighting on the photos. I think you just need some solar shed of colour, flowers on the dinning table, same throws and scatter cushions about etc. the garden is fine, I wouldn’t be going ott painting it, some new pots and plants you could take with you to your new house?

SusiePevensie · 09/02/2023 15:15

The paved back garden is really depressing. As pp said, pots, evergreens, mirror, ikea garden furniture, paint.

ReviewingTheSituation · 09/02/2023 15:16

You can't do anything about the size of the garden, but you could jetwash the slabs and put a few pots in. Or a small table and chairs. You could very easily make it look like a nice place to be!

What's in front of the rad in the kitchen? Looks like another washing machine? Is there any way of moving that - it looks very odd where it is. I guess it's a tumble dryer. Any way of putting it under the stairs? Or under the breakfast bar. Just somewhere where it doesn't look like it's been dumped.

I guess the size of the 3rd bedroom is putting lots of people off. I'd assume it was actually a 2 bed house, where space for the 3rd has been 'stolen' from the master. 5'3" wide isn't really enough to be useable as a bedroom (even if it looks like a nice office - I think you've made the best use of the space, but will limit your appeal).

I don't think there's anything wrong with the the bathroom.

GoodChat · 09/02/2023 15:17

I like the bathroom!

I agree the angles are awful.

Put the best rooms first, get a picture of the house face on, jet wash the back garden and paint the bench.

The kitchen is nice but the angles make it look dull followed immediately by the patio.

LaFemmeDamnee · 09/02/2023 15:17

I think it's the price. Your third bedroom is so small it barely counts as a bedroom, and there are several 2 beds near-ish to you that are much cheaper, with more outside space, some with attic rooms not listed as a bedroom.

ChloeR81 · 09/02/2023 15:17

Agree it looks lovely! A few comments would be- I agree the light looks dull which makes the house look a bit dark, maybe retake some in better light/on a sunny day. The front isn’t a great photo or angle and feels like it doesn’t do it justice because the garden is immaculate…perhaps add a nice bay tree in a pot by front door and retake straight on. It’s marketed as a 3 bed but the third room (study) is perhaps too small for a bedroom so putting people off who really need 3 bedrooms. Good luck! It looks like a lovely house

TotallyWhatever · 09/02/2023 15:17

It’s not bad: can you take tumble/bins out of Kitchen for pictures. Currently makes room smaller.

garden- spruce it up. Can you whitewash it. A few plants, powerhose patio. Maybe an outdoor mirror will make it look bigger too.

SaltnPeppaPig · 09/02/2023 15:18

I think the bathroom is nice!

It'll be the price - you need to get it right for the compromise of the small garden and tiny third bedroom. I wonder if the issue is people wanting more of a proper 3 bed? Can you get a single bed in that room?

Otherwise I think it all looks perfectly nice/normal. Agree with weird angles though, particularly the first two photos.

AllWorkYoPlait · 09/02/2023 15:18

Have you priced it as 3 bed? Cos "bedroom" three is incredibly small.

GoodChat · 09/02/2023 15:19

Oh and close the windows on the front. Having them open so wide makes it look like there's a damp or teenage boy smell.

BumbleAlongBee · 09/02/2023 15:19

I always wonder why the windows are all open in house pictures, unless it’s the height of summer!

The lights are all on in the pictures, I would assume it’s dark without lighting which would put me off.

Pojji · 09/02/2023 15:19

I think its a really nice tidy house. The bit that would put me off is the outside space. Maybe see if you can borrow some plant pots from family or friends and get the pic retaken. Also I agree with others saying you should have the living room as the second picture but other than that I think you have a lovely home! 😊

ChilliBandit · 09/02/2023 15:20

I would consider it as a 2 bed with study. I am not particularly tall but even I couldn’t stretch my arms out fully as the room is so narrow.

I also think you need to make the garden look more appealing, add some pots with greenery and make it look more of an entertaining space.

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