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Due August 2020 Thread 4

336 replies

cannotmakemymindup · 21/07/2020 22:02

Hello Ladies newest shiny thread for those due late July or in August. As always very friendly, helpful and open to all newbies and oldies alike.

OP posts:
sel2223 · 21/07/2020 22:05

'The one where all the babies appear' EEEK!

Thanks @cannotmakemymindup

MaisieMolly · 21/07/2020 22:06


'The one where all the babies appear' EEEK!

Thanks *@cannotmakemymindup*

Eeeeeeek! Exciting! Thanks for the new thread *@cannotmakemymindup*
Bellsx · 21/07/2020 22:07

OMG not long to go ladies!

NLW91 · 21/07/2020 22:30

I’m due August 14th. Anyone else?! Getting nervous and very excited now xx

Fazz44 · 21/07/2020 22:38

Eeek not long at all for everyone, approx 5-6 weeks possibly, I am due a few days after @NLW91 on the 17th GrinStar

Newmama29 · 21/07/2020 22:39

I feel like I have the longest out of everyone seeing as I’m 28th August 🙈 so jealous seeing everyone getting their babies here or prepared for their final countdown

sezzywoowoo21 · 21/07/2020 22:46

Hehe all feels so real now 1week and 3days till I’m due eeekkkk 🤣 xxx

sel2223 · 21/07/2020 22:56

17 days till my ELCS. It's all feeling very, very real now

kaxxz · 21/07/2020 23:11

thanks for the new thread. I've got two weeks to go!

1Jayne · 21/07/2020 23:21

3.5 weeks to go for me and I've been shattered for the past couple of days. Was Sat with my feet up on the sofa yesterday and my husband looked at my feet and asked where have your ankles gone? It was the first time I'd noticed my ankles have swollen!

NamiSwan · 21/07/2020 23:21

Thanks for the new thread!

38+5 here, baby seems very comfy. Looks like I'm in for another overdue baby... just can't see anything happening anytime soon. Been getting lots of braxton hicks but thats been happening for weeks so can't imagine it's a sign.

cannotmakemymindup · 21/07/2020 23:32

@NamiSwan I am taking my braxton hicks as a positive sign for me as I really didn't have them last time. I can understand now why people can't wait to have their babies and want the baby early! Last time I was so chilled etc about it but had literally nothing until I was overdue.

OP posts:
KatyButton · 22/07/2020 00:51


I feel like I have the longest out of everyone seeing as I’m 28th August 🙈 so jealous seeing everyone getting their babies here or prepared for their final countdown

I’m due 27th so have a while too!
squashie34 · 22/07/2020 06:37

'The one where all the babies appear'... love that!

MizMoonshine · 22/07/2020 07:02

Got almost 5 weeks to wait (25th) and I'm getting impatient. Met her in a dream last night, they had to pop her out for some checks (because that's normal) and then they wanted to put her back in. She was about 9lbs and I insisted she was fully baked.

NamiSwan · 22/07/2020 07:08

@cannotmakemymindup I had no BH with my first and went into labour at 3 days overdue, had loads and loads with my second and went even more overdue, didn't go into labour until 9 days over 🙈

However the plus side was that my first labour was 2 and a half days long, with 8 hours of active labour and 2 hours of pushing, whereas all the BH meant my second was 8 hours from first contraction to birth (3 hours of active labour, 18 mins pushing).

So for me BH didn't mean an earlier labour but it was definitely quicker and easier. Hoping its the same for me this time!

Its not the same for everyone though so fingers crossed your BH means you won't have to wait much longer!

BabyG08 · 22/07/2020 07:08

3 weeks left till my due date! Countdown is on ladies. Scan tomorrow to see if he’s still breach.... I’m so ready now 😂

mable88 · 22/07/2020 08:39

4 weeks for me, 36 weeks exactly today and due 19th August. Soooo hoping for an early appearance - I’ve told her to stay put for another week so she’s full term but any time after next Wednesday she can crack on 😂 not sure how likely it is given I’m a FTM!!

Murree · 22/07/2020 08:45

3 weeks 6 days left here. Baby feels so big inside now it hurts when he moves sometimes! Got the midwife this morning to discuss birth plan.... getting real now!

Kalesandwich · 22/07/2020 09:43

I've got 2 weeks left exactly now. Other than being engaged, I've had not a single sign that baby is on his way! Though I'm enjoying these last few weeks with my other kids so I'm not too impatient for things to happen just yet Smile

MrsHJFL · 22/07/2020 11:25

I'm due August 26th so 5 weeks exactly to go!

Starting to feel mentally prepared for the labour itself and less nervous..

Only thing I'm anxious about is the restrictions my hospital currently have on my partner being with me due to covid.

I'm a first time mum to be so worrying he won't be with me for a long time..

But.. Trying to stay positive, hoping things will be better in 5 weeks! Just super excited to meet my little baby boy :)

Newmama29 · 22/07/2020 11:35

@MrsHJFL what restrictions are still in place for you? My hospital is pretty much back to normal but I’m based in Scotland

MrsHJFL · 22/07/2020 11:45


So currently only allowed 1 birthing partner, partner not allowed in the room till I'm in 'active labour' so 4cm and been told once we are in the room we can't leave the room, so he can't pop to the car and come back for example.

Midwife basically told me I need to try stay at home as long as possible and to pack as much as possible in my hospital bag due to not being able to pop home if anything is forgotten..

Just a bit scary as it's my first time so not sure how I will deal with the pain, but don't want to go to hospital early and risk hours of being alone..

But, like i said, staying hopeful that things will improve in 5 weeks time!! Xxx

ml01omm · 22/07/2020 12:01

@MrsHJFL keep an eye on your local trusts website. I had a midwife appointment the other day with my community midwife who was adamant restrictions hadn't been changed and wouldn't change for a while etc.

Went on the trust website and they had lifted some of the restrictions a few days before.

Havlerr · 22/07/2020 12:57

@MrsHJFL This is the same for my area. I’m low risk so we have opted for the stand alone MLU instead of the hospital (fingers crossed all goes to plan!) and at my 36 week appointment, the midwife said that if nobody else is giving birth at the same time, they will allow DH to stay for as long as he likes as long as he doesn’t leave the room. It’s only a small MLU so I think that’s why they’re being lenient.

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