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👣 Due late Nov/Dec, it's bump time ladies! 👣

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ChampooPapi · 17/06/2020 17:48

Thread 3 👣👣👣

OP posts:
Awkes · 18/06/2020 17:08

Yes to feeling rubbish! And the heartburn!!! I’ve never had it and then last night it was awful. Also had a headache that’s stuck around most of this week and I’m so tired again. Went to bed stupid early last couple of nights. I’m so bloated and puffy which this humid weather has not helped at all. Had the midwife Tuesday and was so fat she couldn’t get any blood so now I’ll have to go the hospital tomorrow to try again. I’ve been to town shopping today and got the first bit of clothing. Was so exciting but I’m exhausted now and can barely move. I told my OH today that if our future child favours him I’ll be fuming 😤 I want a mummy’s boy/girl after all this

RunnerGirl123 · 18/06/2020 17:15

I had my 16 week midwife appointment on the phone today. She apologised for calling later than the appointment but she hadn't ever given me a time so didn't even know she was late! She was lovely but kept talking about later stages in the pregnancy which in my head was a little too optimistic considering the current circumstances! She did say my 24 week appointment would be on the phone, and then face to face at 28 weeks.

I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning at UCLH, which is good and a friend is going to drive me so I'm not travelling on my own.

roro87 · 18/06/2020 17:21

My dog is going to the groomer next week so wondering if I can sneak in with her and get my ends trimmed.Grin I think the more energy should be summed up as you feel slightly less s* compared to 1st trimester and the worst may be yet to come. my hair is dull, and I have spots I never get spots. Although old wives tales say that means it is a girl

roro87 · 18/06/2020 17:22

@RunnerGirl123 great that you have some one to go with and that you got an appointment quickly. was the midwife aware of what has been happening? Best of luck anyway will be thinking of you

RestorationInsanity · 18/06/2020 17:33

I've never been through what you're experiencing @RunnerGirl123 but can only imagine that it must feel hard to think too far ahead as I found it weird at my booking appointment the way they just talked as if I was going to have a baby in 7 months time. Even now, I feel I'm getting ahead of myself thinking about later pregnancy, birth etc.

Will be thinking of you for your appointment tomorrow.

I do seem to have really good skin and hair at the moment (which I'm grateful for!) I wish I could start to feel some movement soon. Feel like I'll be panicking at my anomaly scan if I still haven't felt anything!

roro87 · 18/06/2020 18:03

@RestorationInsanity I am feeling the same way about movements I am hoping soon I will feel something as that will reassure me a bit. I have my 16 week appointment in person next week (will be almost 18 in reality)

chubbyhotchoc · 18/06/2020 18:06

@RestorationInsanity @roro87 I felt my daughter move at 18 weeks. It will suddenly happen. It's unmistakable when it happens. Like poking or twitching. It's not like gas or anything like that

NaomiB79 · 18/06/2020 18:13

@RunnerGirl123 I’m glad that you’ve got someone to go with tomorrow and that they are seeing you that quickly. We’ll all be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping for positive news for you x

I haven’t felt any movements yet and will be 19 weeks tomorrow. When I had my scare a few weeks ago and they scanned me they said I had an anterior placenta (sitting at the front) which can make it more difficult to feel movement. I would feel more reassured if I could feel something I think

roro87 · 18/06/2020 18:14

Thanks @chubbyhotchoc hopefully will happen for me around then too I know it can differ depending on placenta placement. FYI any time I see your name I think I must go make hot chocolate, you are accidentally a bad influence on me with subliminal messaging :P

chubbyhotchoc · 18/06/2020 18:17

@roro87 yes my placenta has been at the back both times which helps. With my daughter they struggled to scan me because she was always cuddled up to it with her back to us and bum sticking out.
I love hot chocolate. Can't wait to go to costa again!

peachypetite · 18/06/2020 18:53

Ffs thought I’d turned a corner the last few days but I’ve been sick this evening! Hope I’m not going to be one of the unlucky ones that’s sick the whole way through.

RestorationInsanity · 18/06/2020 19:33

@peachypetite sorry to hear that, that's rubbish. I on the other hand have developed an enormous hunger this evening, have just polished off a bowl of chips and am about to order a Chinese!

It's reassuring that you know when you know. I am so excited for movements. Feels like it will be a whole new phase of pregnancy. At the moment, I know he/she is in there but I have to imagine what they're doing!

When do they tell you where your placenta is? Noone mentioned it at the dating scan and I didn't think to ask.

chubbyhotchoc · 18/06/2020 19:40

@RestorationInsanity they don't routinely tell you unless it's low. You can ask. I noticed the sonographer type it in at my private scan with this one and like I say I knew with my daughter because they couldn't get her off it at my 20 week scan. I imagine it like a big a hot water bottle for babies 🥰🥰

excitednerves · 18/06/2020 19:44

Ha ha @ChampooPapi yes! Bumper bars, tyre inner tubes, storm covers - who do we obsess over prams so much?

I have my 16 wk appointment tomorrow. It’s in person because it’s also my consultant appointment and she’s just going to do both together. I’m also not feeling baby move yet but it will come. I think I was about 18 weeks last time.

chubbyhotchoc · 18/06/2020 20:01

Does anybody else have chronic low blood pressure? Mines always low. Wonder if it's why I'm always pretty tired and cold all the time. Today it was 90/50

EithneBlue · 18/06/2020 20:12

My blood pressure was last checked at 9 weeks so ... no idea. I'll let you know if I pass out ;-)

Snowwhite2020 · 18/06/2020 20:15

Loving this chat about second trimester glow.. what rubbish! I think I’m the second trimester you might have moments of feeling almost normal... almost... for 5 mins and even then in comparison to the absolute nightmare that was first tri!! Hahaha pregnancy is tough! No flouncing through the hay fields in a flowery dress here... nausea, spots and exhaustion on a loop!

firstbabybell · 18/06/2020 20:56

@eithneblue 🤣🤣🤣

@chibbyhotchoc that is low!!

I am thinking of buying a home BP monitor. They're only about £20 & I figure it's the only way I'm going to know what my BP is through this pregnancy!

Dee96 · 18/06/2020 21:00

@RunnerGirl123 all the best with your appointment tomorrow im hopeful it will be good news for you x

I havent had any contact with my midwife since the 12 week scan! I had to call the antenatal department to chase up on my 20 week scan to which they said they were fully booked and waiting for more availability before they could offer me an appointment. No mention or call about a 16 week appointment either. Just feel abit in the dark, if it wasnt for my private scan I paid for I would of been left to my own device for the next 8 weeks!

jojanna · 18/06/2020 21:42

Been kinda emotional over the past few days - but not been feeling very "looked after", and with my 20 week scan in a couple of weeks, a real sore point has been the prospect of my OH being obliged to miss this one too... so today we bit the bullet and booked in for a private scan next week. Hopefully it will be a nice thing to do together, and be good to have a general check up and (hopefully) an indication of the gender. Especially at a time where date nights out is not really a thing! Starting to feel a bit better I think :). I still find it hard to really "believe" in the pregnancy (my first) - especially since I haven't had much in the way of symptoms (no sickness, just a few spots and dandruff - although I'm starting to look round now!), it still feels like a figment of my imagination, or like it will disappear or mysteriously end somehow, and so worry all the more about making sure my partner feels engaged and involved with it too. A midwife also gave me a call out of the blue today - although it was kinda in lieu of a 16 week appointment, which I had been anticipating being face to face. Oh well, on we go. Hopefully onwards and upwards :)

lc86 · 18/06/2020 21:44

@Amyyy1 I'm nervous about mine, haven't slept properly all week as it's playing on my mind!! Convinced it's a boy, but not sure if I'm telling myself that because I'd really like another girl (have 2 girls already).. obviously I'll be just as happy for a boy but I have two sisters myself so I know how close a bond they could have.. ah I don't know, lol. My eldest would love a brother so feeling the pressure from her too, Saturday can't come quick enough!! xx

MummyShark97 · 18/06/2020 21:55

@ic86 @Amyyy1 glad to know it's normal! Not much longer to wait - glad I've got mine first thing

Amyyy1 · 18/06/2020 22:14

@lc86 I agree - Saturday definitely can't come quick enough. There just seems to be so much pressure on me for something that I can't control lol! I think I'll be so relieved in a way once it's all over but also not cos I want the constant reassurance from the scan that everything's going well😅

@MummyShark97 Ooh lucky! Mine is at 2 on Saturday so I've got to busy myself with some deep cleaning in the morning

MummyShark97 · 18/06/2020 22:23

@Amyyy1 @ic86 I think having a scan in general is a bit nervy tbf and then finding out the gender is nervous excitement.

Hope your morning goes quick then! what time is yours @ic86 ?

RestorationInsanity · 18/06/2020 22:36

I have just had the most excruciating muscle spasm just by my belly button. It felt like a really really awful stitch, I almost couldn't straighten up. It's still there a bit now but easing off. I assume it's just particularly horrid round ligament pain as it's worse or better in different positions.

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