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Anyone due in April 2004 - part 2

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Fennel · 29/03/2004 13:32

here we are, new thread so we can keep up to date with all the labour pains.

OP posts:
hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 13:42

Has it all gone quiet for you, Fennel? The stop/start thing must be very frustrating.
It seems very appropriate to have a new April thread now that we have had a first birth (udar).

Fennel · 29/03/2004 13:48

HD - yes all quiet for me. nothing since Friday.

Lucy, sorry if my last post sounded flippant. didn't mean to offend.

OP posts:
emmagee · 29/03/2004 13:54

Fennel, my two kids are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2, the eldest is at school, but youngest only goes to playgroup for a day and a half a week. We have someone fixed up to come here in the middle of the night and stay over, but she has kids so will need to then drop my eldest at school and lose the youngest onto another friend. None of it is insurmountable, it's just that it preys on my mind. Had hoped baby would come in the holidays - ours don't start until 8th April - as my sister-in-law, who is quite local, is a teacher and would be more flexible.

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 14:12

My ds (4 and a half) is due to start school after Easter - I have just fixed up for us to meet the teacher at 3 pm on Mon 19 April (hope I'm not in labour then! My due date is 22 April).

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 14:25

Hello Everyone! Sorry, don't have any previous experinece to share. All sounds pretty scary though!

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 14:42

How are you feeling now Mrs D?

Sorry you had all that hassle for nothing Fennel.

I still have no signs of anything yet. I feel exactly as i did at 6 months preg except fatter and more tired. And more moany of course.I'm due 17 April but wondering if I should join the May thread at this rate..........

I DO have the urge to do lots of things in the house and have been decorating, moving stuff around and buying furniture etc. Am about to tackle an Ikea flatpack this afternoon (don't laugh). But I think this is because the house has been in upheaval for so long and nothing to do with nesting.

What about you HD? Any news of Dot1?

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 14:48

Just feeling lumpy really, and not very mobile. Impressed you are going to tackle a flatpack!

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 14:52

Complaining to myself about heartburn. I was told it would go away after baby's head engaged, but it hasn't. Please bear with me I am just moaning. I have an old familiar periody type twinge coming on. BUT I AM NOT GOING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT IT THIS TIME!!!! - there, that told me....

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 14:58

MrsD, you're using gaviscon already aren't you? For what it's worth my Natural Pregnancy book suggests the following yoga exercise for relieving heartburn:
"To create more space below the diaphragm, sit with a straight back and palms together at chest level. Breathing in, lift the hands above your head; breathing out, lower the hands. Repeat several times."

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 15:01

I got a wonderful heartburn med on prescrip from GP called Mucogel. Its like toothpaste flavoured milk and much nicer and more effective than Gaviscon. I didn't even have to see GP as this takes about a week at our practice. Just phoned HV who left prescrip for GP to sign. Wot unusual effeciency from the good old NHS.......

You moan away Mrs D - that's what we're here for. Hope your DH made lunch when he came home?

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 15:12

Ahhh it's a posture thing then. I should get off this chair and back onto my fitball! Thanks for the advice Hewlettsdaughter.
And another thing. I have a theory about gaviscon, for anyone interested. I started gaviscon at twenty odd weeks and it gave me such relief that I practically drank the stuff, particularly before I went to bed. However, it did make me thirsty and I would drink loads throughout the night (It's got loads of sodium in it). Then at about 35 weeks I finished that bottle without having a replacement. Now it may be a coincidence, but I had also developed oedema to the point where my MW queried pre-eclampsia. During the week that I was without gaviscon (but suffering) all the swelling went down and returned to normal. So I think it was the gaviscon making me drink loads and it's high sodium content that causing water retention and hence the oedema!! what do you think? Does anyone know?

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 15:14

Naaaa dh had his sandwiches at work. He came home to see what I was up to!!! Thought it might be more exciting than work - I guess!

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 15:18

Re your gaviscon theory MrsD - sounds plausible!

LucyJones · 29/03/2004 15:19

Fennel no offence taken Can't wait to get this baby out of me and get back to normal - well something like normal hopefully! I've still got a pain in my right rib - presumably cos baby hasn't engaged yet. Due date is tomorrow but doubt anything will happen!

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 15:24

Sorry if i have given the wrong impression about the flatpack. i don't expect to FINISH it!! For goodness sake, i am 37 weeks preg and completely clueless!!! i intend to unpack it all & leave it all over the hall. I might get to step 3 of the 39 easy steps in the instructions.

Then............ when Dh comes home from work he will feel guilty that his poor fat wife has to build her own chest of drawers and he will do it tonight while he watches Enterprise on the Tv. Its all part of my cunning plan...........

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 15:25


MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 15:29

Am very impressed with this Lesley. Has anyone checked out the "How Do you make men understand thread?" It's very funny. Glad you think so Hewlettsdaughter, I have pondering this for ages!
Don't I ramble though?

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 17:45

Don't be too shocked HD. I actually got to step 16 of the 33 steps!! Gave up on the one where there's a diagram of two people, neither of whom appears to be obviously pregnant, turning the large chest of drawers upside down!!! Have now rewarded myself with half a bar of chocolate.

None of this activity has produced any early labour symptoms though. So I guess my choices are fresh pineapple, curry or sex. Hmmmmmmm......any recommendations?

Mrs D - loved the " How do you make men understand" thread!!!LOL!! Check it out under "other subjects" girls.

hewlettsdaughter · 29/03/2004 19:46

Step 16? Well done you!
Made a curry while actually in labour with ds (didn't know for sure it was labour at the time). Didn't fancy eating it after the event though...

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 20:26

How did you not know you were in labour ? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've never been there.......

To be honest i don't even like curry. And fresh pineapple gives me heartburn. So it looks like I'm running out of options...............

Also i hear it can be very embarassing if you have eaten curry to start labour and it actually works.

BTW wonderful DH has just finished chest of drawers and carried it upstairs so I can spend tomorrow aftrenoon when DD is in nursery doing more nesting. DH happily installed in front of TV watching Enterprise (children's programme IMHO) with coffee and sweets. Don't you just love it that men are so predictable - it makes them so easy to manage........

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 20:44

Hi Gels, the excitement of Eastenders has just brought on a contraction, I have decided this is an evening thing now. Other than that, it's really boring - Dh cooked dinner this evening and I am beginning to get really embarrassed because people keep ringing up and asking if I am contracting yet!

Lesley76 · 29/03/2004 20:50

NO WAY!!! I am NOT desperate enough to watch Eastenders, even to get this baby on its will have to be sex

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 20:56

Tried that at the weekend - no luck! I read in a baby magazine that the best way is oral intake of the helpful prostaglandins! I'm afraid I draw the line at that one!! (Sorry if I've offended anyone!)

dolbear · 29/03/2004 22:03

hello all , can not beleive how exciting this all is , belated congrats to the happy udars , i have a laptop on a fone line and is a bit of a fag to get it all out .
and i though i was having a tough time , I also have the odd pains in the left of my pelvis on and off , v odd and other than feeling as if something is drilling downwards into my pelivis , nothing regular to report or get excited about
not sure if i have even dropped yet at 37 + 3 so a time to go
Good luck to all of you and my complete sympathy for all you stop starters , sounds v pants

MrsDoolittle · 29/03/2004 22:39

Uh-oh Baby's got hic-cups!! I HATE that!! Urghhh

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