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jodee · 16/02/2002 15:55

I hope no-one thinks this thread is too 'exclusive' or 'cliquey', but I can no longer join in with the weight loss thread, so I thought I would start this one up!

I wish I had had the benefit of the internet (and especially Mumsnet, of course!) first time around and felt pretty isolated after ds was born, so it's good to have some 'virtual' friends in the same boat now I'm expecting no 2.

It would be interesting as well to find out just how many of us are pregnant, there must be loads of us! and just to have a general chinwag.

OP posts:

ChanelNo5 · 16/02/2002 16:40

I am not withchild, my days as a brood mare are over and I've now been put out to pasture, but I couldn't resist sticking my oar in this thread. Good Luck Jodee and other expecting Mumsnetters.


Joe1 · 16/02/2002 20:45

Hi Jodee, Im expecting no2 due on 18th September. It will be nice to keep in touch over the coming months.


AllyWB · 16/02/2002 21:26

I'm expecting no. 2 14th May, my friend is expecting 10th June, my cousin is expecting 24th May. Think there must have been something in the water last August.


jodee · 16/02/2002 22:04

Lol, Chanelno5, you young filly! I think I will be heading for the knacker's yard long before you!

Joe1, hope you are not feeling too sick today, the nausea hasn't hit home yet, I'm hoping it never does!

Allywb, I think you're right - it seems to be an epidemic where I work!

OP posts:

jasper · 17/02/2002 00:41

Due March 5th; in danger of murdering husband well before that.
Anyone else suffering from extreme and uncharacteristic irritibility?

Can't eat, sleep, walk or breathe but otherwise, great.


Joe1 · 17/02/2002 12:24

Jasper, I think my dh will leave soon, I am extremely ratty in the first few months, but wouldnt dare admit that to him.
Jodee, not feeling too bad today. I have found out that about four bits of toast in the morning are helping, very sweet tea and unfotunately chocolate chip cookies, roll on the weight gain.


Jbr · 17/02/2002 15:09

Mum's what?


debster · 17/02/2002 19:00

Hi and congrats everyone.

Did a pregnancy test this afternoon and we are delighted but nervous to be expecting our second child, probably around 12 October if I've worked things out properly. You are the first people I've told! Some of you may know my dp and I were both made redundant last October (different employers - same crappy attitude). After thinking that we needed to wait until I was back at work somewhere so I could claim maternity pay we decided to just go for it this January as there will never be a 'right' time. We are both ready for another baby and we didn't want there to be too big a gap between the first and second child. As it is there will already be a 3y 9m gap. Anyway, to our complete surprise I have managed to fall pregnant immediately which has certainly made for some interesting future plans. My problem now is that if I start a new job I don't know how it's going to look when I announce in about 3/4 months time that I'm pregnant! Going to go down well I think...not!! Anyway, chuffed to be joining this thread and looking forward to sharing experiences. BTW I am being a complete b*h to my dp. I can't remember being like this last time around although dp assures me this is how he knew I was up the duff!


bossykate · 17/02/2002 19:41

congratulations, debster. re your work situation - it would count as sex discrimination if you were not offered a job due to your pregnancy or fired because you were pregnant. the CAB do a leaflet on all your maternity rights which makes interesting reading. good luck and congratulations again!


bossykate · 17/02/2002 19:42

sorry - congrats everyone else too!


MotherofOne · 17/02/2002 21:37

Hi folks - think some of you know this from other threads - I'm expecting No. 2 in July. (Will be changing my logon name then too!)
Debster - sorry to hear of your situation. I am being made redundant in the middle of May, and dh in July (week before due date!) Fortunately we will both get OK payoffs which will see us through this year and some of next, but I know what you mean about looking for a new job. I am not planning to go back until early 2003, but even if you know that an employer can't discriminate against you if you're a 'new mum' proving it is Bl*&!y difficult! I spoke to a recruiter the other day who said, "I'd like to be able to say that there isn't discrimination out there, but..." . I've decided I wouldn't want to work for a company with those attitudes anyway, but that's in my current 'bullish' state!
Good luck anyway.


MalmoMum · 17/02/2002 22:59

Due 2 Aug with second child.

Debster, best of luck with the job search and congrats on the pg. The first time round I found out I was pg on the Sat and started a new job on the Monday. There were only 3 of us in the office and the boss got pregnant the same time. Fantastic timing all round.

At least if you do start something new, your colleagues will not be able to spot a change in your behaviour as you stop going to the pub each evening, start wearing looser clothes, only drink decaf coffee and go green at the smell of a bacon sandwich with brown sauce.


Chelle · 18/02/2002 05:37

Baby number 2 due 27 April! Still feeling good, over the sickness (lasted until 18 weeks this time), blood pressue still low (had pre-eclampsia last time), heartburn not too bad, over the total fear of having a largish baby, painful back and hips just kicking in, though .

Three weeks and 4 days to go until I start maternity leave!!!!....but who's counting!?


pob · 18/02/2002 08:10

No.2 due end of april too; sleepless nights at moment with kicking and worrying about how the hell I'll cope - dh works very long hours, travels a lot and after not being able to walk very well for the past month, got very down about restrictions after the birth....ho hum; for those of you facing redundancy/job problems I understand it must be a nightmare thinking about the future, but something will come up....applied for my last job at 38 weeks pg, had the interview a week after the birth and got it, so you never know.....


jodee · 18/02/2002 09:39

JBR, you get the prize for spotting my deliberate mistake.

Well done Debster and I hope all goes well with job hunt. I think I've turned into a Jekyll and Hyde character since becoming pg, when we found out, dh and I were over the moon, 10 minutes later I was in tears throwing things at him!

I forgot a vital piece of info - my due date is 23 Oct.

OP posts:

MotherofOne · 18/02/2002 10:19

pob - thanks for your words of encouragement - getting a job at 38 week pg - that's fantastic!

Jodee - pleeease - what was your deliberate mistake..? I've read this thread twice and I can't see what JBR means!!


Enid · 18/02/2002 11:59

JBR was pointing out that there was a posessive apostrophe in the thread title: 'Mum's...' Should only use this if you are talking about something belonging to mums, eg 'mum's favourite chocolate'.

JBR - those long winter evenings must just fly by!


Enid · 18/02/2002 12:01

whoops, sorry JBR. I meant POSSESSIVE, of course!


jodee · 18/02/2002 13:17

Enid, I could have kicked myself for typing that, as I hate seeing apostrophes in the wrong place and I'm always correcting my boss's grammar!

OP posts:

MotherofOne · 18/02/2002 13:25

Thanks Enid for enlightening me (and here's me thinking I'd missed some clever joke or something...)If I'd realised it was something so banal...


Dixie · 18/02/2002 14:43

I'm also expecting No2 as many of you's due in June!


ouch · 18/02/2002 15:09

Hello! Congratulations to you all! I'm newly pregnant with number 2 as well - due date 9th Oct so it's nice to have some company. I'm feeling particularly sick today, not helped by large quantity of jaffa cakes just consumed.


cerys · 18/02/2002 16:16

Baby no 2 is due sometime in mid June - some time between 10th and 19th, depending on who you want to believe. I'm hoping for the earlier dates, as DD will be 2 on 21st June and I'd rather not be in hospital for her birthday!
I feel pretty well but am fed up with people shrieking "what? pregnant again!" - 2 years is quite a respectable gap, I thought!


debster · 18/02/2002 20:19

Wow looks like there's quite a few of us - and at least 3 expecting in October. Have any of you decided whether to go for home or hospital birth? After a disastrous labour in hospital for my ds (horrible induction)I am totally for a home birth this time. Just the thought that I can have a drink/food/tv if and when I want it is enough for me. We are very lucky in Brighton as they are very pro-home birth. Has anyone found it difficult going down this road?


jasper · 18/02/2002 22:14

cerys,know the feeling about the comments some people make. My baby will be my third in three years, and one quite good friend actually said " was it a mistake?"

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