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CardyMow · 22/06/2010 13:13

Could they POSSIBLY hit low single income families worse? Freezing child benefit for 3 years, abolishing the Health in pregnancy grant from April 2011, Getting rid of the baby element on CTC (how that helps us when I'm 3 months pg and DP only earns £16,000 is beyond me...), Lowering the thresholds for Housing benefit (we won't be able to pay our rent without the money we get on housing benefit), saying that people in social housing may no longer have a reasonable housing benefit allowance or entitlemnet for a suitably sized property. I note that they are CUTTING tax rates for businesses. Nice to know that they are hitting the poorest of us that chose to work. We are now in the situation where we are really going to have to consider whether we can AFFORD for my DP to have the luxury of having a job when we will be so much worse off than we would be on benefits, I think we may end up homeless otherwise. It might make DP feel like more of a human being to go out to work and slog his guts out for £16,000 pa, but if we can't feed our kids and pay our rent....

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SanctiMoanyArse · 23/06/2010 22:11


I have just elft MN after the budget thread so just stopping by to wish you luck.

Enjoy your baby. they are great.

And if campaigning can chage DLA I will try, I promise.


CardyMow · 23/06/2010 23:20

Sancti, don't leave MN. At least lurk with the rest of us on the SN board. So many disabilities are 'hidden', and if it's not obvious, then nothing's wrong, right??!! Yes, some people have opinions that I don't agree with, but I have SN mum rhino skin, when the people that insult us are ready to trade lives with us, then I may listen to their complaints about the way I live. I originally started this thread as a way of venting that while the country does need to pay off the enormous debts that have been run up (under a Labour government...), they could surely have tried harder not to hit the poorest workers in this country that are trying to go out and earn a living. I'm sure I'm not the only person in this situation, going to be hard hit due to caring responsibilities and disability, therefore only having one (LOW) wage earner.

OP posts:
MrsDrOwenHunt · 23/06/2010 23:41

oh dear its gone a bit pete tong hasnt it!!!!

claig · 24/06/2010 07:14

SanctiMoanyArse, don't leave MN. We need more common sense views on MN, not less. I've always enjoyed reading your views, and MN will be a worse place if they are no longer present.

sarah293 · 24/06/2010 07:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TheJollyPirate · 24/06/2010 07:36

Agree with others - don't leave MN - the SN boards (which have inexplicibly disappeared from my active convos) need you.
ladylush · 24/06/2010 10:57

OMFG The comments on here are outrageous. OP - sorry you are being dealt such a shitty hand. londonone I assume you voted Tory - hope you're happy. OP - voting tory was very foolish but hopefully you will never make that mistake again.

5inthebackofthenet · 24/06/2010 13:35

Don't leave Sancti! (have sent you friends request on FB btw, there was nowhere to leave a message)

salizchap · 24/06/2010 19:42

Leave loudlass alone - her DP is working, contributing to society and paying tax so get off your fucking high horses those of you being so high and mighty and just pray your lives never change for the worst.


I double that. I can't believe the small petty mindedness of some of the posters here. OMG, nest there will be talk of compulsory sterilisations, and leaving extra children in orphanages. Why not euthanase all the SN children too.

I find the idea of forcing women to abort due to financial situations abhorant. To many of us, it is tantamount to murder. IT IS NOT A LIFESTYLE CHOICE! Sorry to those who may feel it is a woman's right. (Note-a woman's right, not obligation!)

loxwoodfolly · 28/10/2010 16:01

would loudlass like to talk to ITV News about housing benefit. my number os 07733368406

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