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Please bare with me

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TheShellBeach · 02/01/2023 12:10

See also "I am defiantly not pregnant".

OP posts:
Ashurbanipal · 03/01/2023 03:43

Or as seen regularly on eBay, "Very sort after", or even "Very rear item". My particular favourite, though, is when a faulty item is sold as "Spears or repairs".

mumof3now2 · 03/01/2023 03:46

Chester draws always gets me

ReeseWitherfork · 03/01/2023 03:48

My favourites are ‘urr on the side of caution” and “on route”. See both regularly and fight correcting both regularly.

GoofyIsACow · 03/01/2023 03:52

the misuse of breath/breathe makes me irrationally cross

quinceh · 03/01/2023 03:58

I joined the cue / que

Sunbird24 · 03/01/2023 04:04

I keep seeing ‘slithers’ instead of ‘slivers’ recently

RestingMurderousFace · 03/01/2023 06:10

Weary instead of wary.

TheShellBeach · 03/01/2023 13:02

RestingMurderousFace · 03/01/2023 06:10

Weary instead of wary.

And loose instead of lose.

OP posts:
TheShellBeach · 03/01/2023 13:03

Brought, when they mean something purchased in a shop.

OP posts:
TheShellBeach · 03/01/2023 13:03

quinceh · 03/01/2023 03:58

I joined the cue / que


OP posts:
TheBitterBoy · 03/01/2023 13:07

I can't cope with 'greatly received"

TheBitterBoy · 03/01/2023 13:09

I feel like people mix up 'gratefully received' with 'greatly appreciated'

notnelltoo · 03/01/2023 13:10

Could of, should of

notnelltoo · 03/01/2023 13:10

Tea earn instead of urn

EdnaMole · 03/01/2023 13:11


QueenSmartypants · 03/01/2023 13:24

I've seen "bare" so often now I genuinely get confused when I have to write the phrase myself!

ButterBastardBeans · 03/01/2023 13:27

I'm sick of people saying they went into shock. No they didn't. Shock is a medical condition that needs drugs and fluid therapy.

Why can't people just say they were shocked?

TinselSniffer · 03/01/2023 13:33

I am greatful you started this thread as I am mortified when I see bad s&g. Wink

ODFOx · 03/01/2023 13:37

I think that quite often the spellchecker is to blame. My posts regularly include clangers but I'm quite a pedant in real life.

picklemewalnuts · 03/01/2023 13:43

Defiantly is just a typo/auto correct.

'Bare with me', however... conjures up unfortunate images.

gottobehavemyself · 03/01/2023 13:46

Reign/rein 😡

picklemewalnuts · 03/01/2023 14:05

I worry about times I may have absentmindedly used the incorrect rein/reign.

Hoppinggreen · 03/01/2023 14:07

I actually like bare with me, it makes me think of some sort of communal nudity, makes me snigger

MBF23 · 03/01/2023 14:08


AriettyHomily · 03/01/2023 14:17

Of / have

But then usually fuck up when I post on threads like this!

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