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Feb/March 2023 Birth Club

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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 17:54

Hello my lovelies! I thought I'd make a post birth thread so we can continue our chats now that our little ones are earthside. Feel free to tap out!

20/1 - botleybump πŸ’“ (due 23/2)
10/2 - Amy1303 πŸ’™ (due 27/3)
12/2 - Babynum2 πŸ’™ (due 5/3)
12/2 - Cams50 πŸ’™ (due 2/3)
13/2 - LizziBee πŸ’™
14/2 - BabyNumber3OnTheWay πŸ’™ (due 28/2)
18/2 - Ubbee πŸ’™ (due 27/2)
19/2 - beatingheartbaby πŸ’“ (due 14/3)
21/2 - suchardchoccy πŸ’“ (due date baby!)
22/2 - muminlndn πŸ’“
24/2 - saltandpepperr πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
24/2 - mrs2022 πŸ’™ (due 24/3)
25/2 - JTB123 πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
25/2 - Splashh πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
26/2 - GreenIsle πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
26/2 - LaForza101 πŸ’™ (due 3/3)
27/2 - EastyBaby19 πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
27/2 - Katdemar πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
28/2 - TeddyBeans πŸ’“ (due 26/2)
1/3 - Franklin123 πŸ’“ (due 13/3)
2/3 - Thirdtimesacharm3 πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
2/3 - allthingssparkly πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
3/3 - Blondewave πŸ’™
3/3 - June628 πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
3/3 - Noodle20 πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
6/3 - Shep21 πŸ’“ (due 18/3)
7/3 - MoronikaFaceache πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
7/3 - Room4onemore πŸ’“ (due 17/3)

OP posts:
Dreamingof3 · 08/03/2023 18:05

Placemarking out of pure optimism that I'll be joining you all soon πŸ˜‚

TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 18:43

Hopefully soon!! πŸ₯°

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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 18:47


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 18:48


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 18:50


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Noodle20 · 08/03/2023 19:22

Thank you @TeddyBeans

Suchardchoccy · 08/03/2023 19:24

@Dreamingof3 yes hopefully you can tell us you’ve got your little one in your arms soon 😍

GreenIsle · 08/03/2023 19:42

Thank you will be brilliant to continue getting advice and support along the way with our baby's 😊

TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 19:44


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 19:47


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 19:48


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 19:48


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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 19:51


Sorry for all the tags, I had to work out who's changed username otherwise I couldn't post the op πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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Thirdtimesacharm3 · 08/03/2023 20:09

Thank you @TeddyBeans

hope everyone doing ok. We are still in hospital πŸ˜“as wee guy had to do 10 days of IV Antibiotics so should hopefully fingers crossed get out on Monday. Staff are AMAZING but after a week of being in, would really like to be back at home! Xxx

TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 20:28

@Thirdtimesacharm3 oh bless you 😞 hopefully everything goes well with mini man and you're home on Monday ❀️

OP posts:
Room4onemore · 08/03/2023 20:28

Thanks for this, I’m still in hospital and baby is still in nicu, it’s killing me being on here when everyone has their babies and I don’t. Hopefully she will be with me later tonight or in the morning. And my stomach is so bloody painful. How long is this pain going to be so bad before it starts to ease a bit 😭

havananana · 08/03/2023 20:37

Can't believe all but 2 babies on this list were born before their due date!

I'm still pregnant but hope to join this conversation soon 🀞

Franklin321 · 08/03/2023 20:59

Little Robyn is a week old now, the fastest week to have ever happened πŸ˜† I’m so amazed by my section recovery as my first was an emergency one and the recovery was rough, this one I’ve barely any pain and pretty mobile (minus lifting)!

Eastybaby19 · 08/03/2023 21:20

Placemarking thanks @TeddyBeans hope everyone doing ok. My little boy Koa is 10 days old today πŸ’™

TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 21:21

Ah! I had the numbers in your username the wrong way around @Franklin321 ! Izzy is 8 days today and it's been the fastest week of my life I swear. Glad to hear you're recovering well ❀️

@Room4onemore oh bless you that sounds tough ❀️ hope little lady is back with you asap! Is it csection pain? Are you keeping on top of your painkillers?

OP posts:
Moonicorn · 08/03/2023 21:23

Place marking for next week πŸ’™ and so I can keep up with your news!

Franklin321 · 08/03/2023 21:25

@Room4onemore did you have a section? If so the pain is pretty bad for at least a few days and you need to make sure to take all the pain meds you can, it should ease relatively quickly though and I’m a week in with very minimal pain already!

muminlndn · 08/03/2023 21:31

@Room4onemore you're not alone, we're 2 weeks into NICU now and it's a weird new normal. Baby won't be adversely affected, it'll all be a distant memory soon, hope it's not much longer for you 😌
@havananana lots of the babies born early were inductions/csections on medical advice. Trust me it's better to be able to go a few days over due date and deliver when you & your baby are ready!

DaisyRainbow · 08/03/2023 22:55

@Room4onemore having a NICU baby is incredibly tough. I hated hearing all the other babies crying at night on the ward when mine wasn't with me but it's worth it in the end. After 5 weeks of NICU/SCBU my daughter came home last week and it's amazing πŸ₯° just concentrate on your recovery so you can be there for her when she's out. I found talking to other mums on the unit helped, but everyone's different.

TeddyBeans · 09/03/2023 01:37

How's everyone doing with night time? DP's struggling with the lack of sleep so we're doing shifts (me 9ish - 1 in bed, then him 1-morning) when it's my turn to be on call, I'm sleeping on a camp bed in the lounge. It's been okay but I'm looking forward to being able to stay in bed. We're going to try little miss tonight after she's had her next bottle to see if she'll do a long stint of sleep in the cot otherwise I'll be back out here for another night.

As an aside, my boobs will not stop leaking! I've had to put a wash load on every day because I've leaked through so many clothes. It's got so bad that I'm changing bras at least 3x a day and top/maternity leggings at least twice. I don't feel the leak until it's too late so am checking my breast pads literally hourly to try and catch it. Formula feeding by choice and it's working wonderfully for us but you know you have a problem when even your 4 year old tuts and gets annoyed at your leaky boobs 🀣

Feb/March 2023 Birth Club
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