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TeddyBeans · 08/03/2023 17:54

Hello my lovelies! I thought I'd make a post birth thread so we can continue our chats now that our little ones are earthside. Feel free to tap out!

20/1 - botleybump πŸ’“ (due 23/2)
10/2 - Amy1303 πŸ’™ (due 27/3)
12/2 - Babynum2 πŸ’™ (due 5/3)
12/2 - Cams50 πŸ’™ (due 2/3)
13/2 - LizziBee πŸ’™
14/2 - BabyNumber3OnTheWay πŸ’™ (due 28/2)
18/2 - Ubbee πŸ’™ (due 27/2)
19/2 - beatingheartbaby πŸ’“ (due 14/3)
21/2 - suchardchoccy πŸ’“ (due date baby!)
22/2 - muminlndn πŸ’“
24/2 - saltandpepperr πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
24/2 - mrs2022 πŸ’™ (due 24/3)
25/2 - JTB123 πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
25/2 - Splashh πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
26/2 - GreenIsle πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
26/2 - LaForza101 πŸ’™ (due 3/3)
27/2 - EastyBaby19 πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
27/2 - Katdemar πŸ’™ (due 4/3)
28/2 - TeddyBeans πŸ’“ (due 26/2)
1/3 - Franklin123 πŸ’“ (due 13/3)
2/3 - Thirdtimesacharm3 πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
2/3 - allthingssparkly πŸ’™ (due 6/3)
3/3 - Blondewave πŸ’™
3/3 - June628 πŸ’“ (due 8/3)
3/3 - Noodle20 πŸ’“ (due 7/3)
6/3 - Shep21 πŸ’“ (due 18/3)
7/3 - MoronikaFaceache πŸ’“ (due 1/3)
7/3 - Room4onemore πŸ’“ (due 17/3)

OP posts:
Newmumma516789 · 29/04/2023 21:49

@Marfs10 @TeddyBeans in the same boat here too, my weight has remained stagnant since about the 4 week mark currently 7 weeks post partum and a good 7kg+ heavier then pre pregnancy.
I'm finding it so difficult, especially getting dressed when nothing fits.

I'm hoping time will be a healer🀞

TeddyBeans · 29/04/2023 23:48

The restless legs are back with a vengeance this eve... Waiting for little miss to wake up for a bottle so I can go to bed and I can't sit down πŸ˜‚ jiggling my way around the living room

OP posts:
Blocklynn · 30/04/2023 09:38

@Marfs10 I’m trying not to worry about it, just keep moving more, try to eat well and focus on your little one πŸ₯°
I’ve never found a quick fix unfortunately.

AllBiscuitsFan · 30/04/2023 19:02

I have been lurking in the background following the forum. It has been helpful reading about the different journeys in motherhood. I am a first-time Mum to a little girl born just over 5 weeks ago. I love being a Mum, she is perfect. I have a question though - my other half commented on me holding her too much and she is becoming needy. I let it slide thinking sleep deprivation will make the situation worse. But today he has said she will become too attached and we will have behavior problems. I feel a bit deflated now, and second guessing about when to hold her etc. Any thoughts? Can you spoil a baby?

TeddyBeans · 30/04/2023 20:13

@AllBiscuitsFan it is physically impossible to spoil a baby. She is still adjusting to being a separate being to you - all she's known for her entire life is being surrounded by warmth and hearing your heart/body noises. She's naturally going to settle better on your chest than anywhere else. There's plenty of time for them to get used to the cot and the play gym and doing tummy time and all the rest of it. For now, if she needs comfort - comfort her. You're building a really strong bond with her by fulfilling her needs.

There are lots of articles about the fourth trimester. I'd suggest showing them to your partner!

OP posts:
Shep21 · 30/04/2023 22:36

We turn 8 weeks tomorrow and still settle her by cuddling for the most part. Currently I’m just enjoying this time as she’s already grown so much and time is going super fast. Enjoy the cuddles @AllBiscuitsFan

AllBiscuitsFan · 30/04/2023 22:59

Thank you @TeddyBeans I will show him tomorrow.

@Shep21 I settle her with cuddles and swaying etc. If she doesn't settle in his arms whilst he is seated, he will let her cry it out until she falls asleep. It normally only takes a few minutes, but I am not a fan of it. I would rather settle her and comfort her.

Shep21 · 02/05/2023 04:37

Pretty sure babies know when to play us up! 8 weeks old and her Dad is away for a night with work. Usually she has a bottle at 10-11pm, then will settle until somewhere around 2-4am. Last feed will then be between 6-8am and we get up with her then. Tonight I’ve started the same routine, however she woke at 1am, and again at 4am. I don’t feel too tired rn (pretty certain my body knows it has no choice tonight!) but dreading the morning and getting us up, ready and out for her jabs!

Here’s to hoping she’s just playing me up because her Dad’s not here!πŸ™ˆ

muminlndn · 02/05/2023 10:59

@Shep21 we had a couple of nights of 5/6 hour stretches, of course I started thinking oh wow this is great and wondering how long I should let her sleep! So I went to bed very relaxed last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow, she woke up πŸ˜… and we were back to 3 hourly wakes.
I remember thinking with my first I don't care what the routine is, I just want to know it in advance! It's hard not knowing what kind of day/night you're gonna get.

Newmumma516789 · 03/05/2023 17:16

Has anyone hit the 8week growth spurt? We have had a very fussy few days and nights, I think I have adjusted to the broken sleep now but DS just wants to be held even at night.
We have his 8 weeks injections this Friday too which is only going to add the fussiness.

Hope everyone is doing ok otherwise.

LRiddles · 04/05/2023 02:13

@Newmumma516789 Yes, my boy’s been going through that for the last week, only just started to get back to being more like himself yesterday and we have his first jabs tomorrow too πŸ˜“ absolutely dreading it! He’s been extra sleepy, generally more grumpy and for a few days would only feed for a few mins before crying and refusing any more. It hasn’t been fun but hoping we’re coming out of the other side of it now. Hope it won’t take too much longer for you either and good luck with the jabs!

TeddyBeans · 05/05/2023 06:07

@Newmumma516789 good luck with the injections. We had ours on Wednesday and little miss was not a happy bunny after πŸ™

We've not had a growth spurt here, she's gone into recession with her milk intake. Usually had a 6oz bottle, we were barely making 4 most of the last couple of days. She's starting to get into a proper day and night cycle though - she'll go straight back to sleep after night feeds whereas daytime we're getting stretches up to 90 minutes awake which is lovely!

OP posts:
TeddyBeans · 05/05/2023 06:08

@LRiddles good luck with your jabs too ❀️

OP posts:
Shep21 · 06/05/2023 06:30

We’ve just had our first night without any wake upsπŸ₯Ή she had a top up feed at 11pm (only an oz to settle her) and has slept solidly until just gone 6am! She’s been doing some longer stretches (11-4am) but this is her first proper sleep! It’s the most bizarre feeling to be β€˜awake’ at 6amπŸ˜…

Pickles23 · 06/05/2023 09:48

@Shep21 ahhh the dream!! How old is she? Can't wait for that to happen with my boy!

DaisyRainbow · 06/05/2023 10:29

@Shep21 my little one just did the same! Got fed at 10, asleep for 11 then awake at 5.50. Longest she's ever gone. She's 14 weeks now, but still only 6 week corrected.

Shep21 · 06/05/2023 10:59

@Pickles23 She turned 2 months today! Woke in such a happy mood too, she’s been super chilled out - which isn’t so normal for her at the moment!

@DaisyRainbow It’s amazing isn’t it! I was super confused waking at 6πŸ˜‚

ChristmasJumpers · 07/05/2023 10:50

I'm trying hard not to be a control freak here but sat watching my MIL feed DD and she's just doing all so differently to me πŸ™ˆ she's holding the bottle really high so the teat will be pushed down to the bottom of DDs mouth. She's got DD laid back, whereas I sit her quite upright to help with gas. So far, we're 15 mins in. She's had 1oz and no burps, I don't want to say you're doing it all wrong, but oh my god, it's hard to sit and watch πŸ˜–

Blocklynn · 07/05/2023 14:03

@ChristmasJumpers can’t you tell her how you do it and ask her to do the same?
I did with my mum and mil πŸ™ˆ

ChristmasJumpers · 07/05/2023 14:07

I don't know what it is but I just can't bring myself to correct how shes doing it, I don't want to offend her as she's raised three babies!

TeddyBeans · 07/05/2023 23:01

Times have changed since they had babies, the equipment is all different and you'll probably find that they're remembering how they did it incorrectly anyway. There's nothing wrong with a gentle 'please can you feed DD like this as she has awful wind and this is the position that helps her the most' Deflect it all onto the baby, noone gets mad with the baby πŸ˜‚

OP posts:
Perexi · 07/05/2023 23:56

Yeah I explained to my mum and mil that now you need to do paced feeding not tipping bottle up like they used to advise....this conversation was way easier than please don't kiss my newborn baby incase you have a coldsore conversation πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Newmumma516789 · 10/05/2023 12:51

@Perexi this is my second and still found the same thing happened. I just said 'he (baby) prefers it if you do it this way, felt like it was less of correction and more of a preference.

Has anyone else had the implant fitted since birth? I've had one fitted at 6 weeks PP and 2 weeks later I started a period, well it hasn't stopped and has been just over a week. Sorry if TMI but it's very heavy with some small clots. Is this just a normal first period post birth or am I going to be one of the unlucky ones with the implant?
This is my first implant any experiences welcome!

Rainbowbaby23 · 10/05/2023 15:58

@Newmumma516789 when I got the implant the first time, I unfortunately bled for months.. but after that I didnt get a period for 3 years!

Blocklynn · 10/05/2023 16:04

@Newmumma516789 I had my implant removed after bleeding for months, the only way they could stop the bleeding was to give me a pill to take as well!
But I know lots of people who didn’t bleed at all with the implant so hope it settles down for you 🀞

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