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Nursery carers kissing kids on lips

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PoopyNappy · 24/04/2006 22:58

Was shocked when I picked DS up from nursery last week that the carer gace him a kiss on the lips.

Asked a friend of mine if she observed it as well and has seen the same person kissing her DS and others on the lips.

What about passing on illnesses such as meninjitis and other such things. The worst thing was that the carer had a stinking flu type cold at the time and sure enuf several days l8r DS came down with fever, rash and waking through the night. Had goto Dr's twic in one day cos DS got a rash with pinprick blood spots...

Maybe I'm being a prude here but I think kissing on lips is for close family. Kissing on cheeks is fine surely?

I'm gonna have to say something but be very tactful without trying to offend...


OP posts:
VeniVidiVickiQV · 24/04/2006 22:59

I dont see a problem tbh.

moondog · 24/04/2006 22:59

Oh fgs....

Hattie05 · 24/04/2006 23:01

Thoughts are that when i worked in nurseries, it was common practice to not kiss children full stop for the very reasons you explain. Cuddles and affection buy no kisses, unless of course a well trained child wanted to kiss me good bye, but then i would offer a cheek Wink.

Naturally this is for both the health of the child AND the health of the staff so perhaps you could use that angle when having your tactful word with them! good luck.

bubble99 · 24/04/2006 23:01

Does your DS kiss you on the lips? I ask because children 'learn' kissing from home so if a carer says 'goodbye' and the child goes to kiss them it may well be on the lips. Does that make sense??

lockets · 24/04/2006 23:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

satine · 24/04/2006 23:01

hear hear Moondog

starlover · 24/04/2006 23:02

tbh it wouldn't bother me... but if you're uncomfortable with it then do tell them. agree it's not nice if they've got colds and stuff either!

Nbg · 24/04/2006 23:02

I wouldn't be happy about it thats for sure.
Not saying theres anything sinister in it. A cuddle and maybe a little peck on the cheek but lip kissing I think should be a close thing between close family members.
Thats my opinion anyway.

Hattie05 · 24/04/2006 23:04

Those of you who think its ok - have you considered that if this was common practice, a nursery nurse could kiss 20 children on the lips in one day (or more) spreading all those germs!? ugh.!!

Nbg · 24/04/2006 23:04

Agree though
it is nice that your ds and carer have a good relationship but still...

bubble99 · 24/04/2006 23:04

We have a little girl who, when her mum comes to pick her up, always wants to give me a kiss goodbye as I am in the kitchen near the exit door and always cook food that she loves! She kisses on the lips and I see no problem with it and neither does her mother.

moondog · 24/04/2006 23:04

Most 'germs' are transmitted by hands.

busybusybee · 24/04/2006 23:04

TBH My thinking is that I wouldnt kiss anyone except a dh/dp on the lips. Not even my own kids tbh

Wouldnt really want anyone else to do so either - not specifically for hygiene reasons just......... well just because!!!

busybusybee · 24/04/2006 23:05

Always hated kissing Grandmothers etc on the lips too.........

bubble99 · 24/04/2006 23:06

And it's only a peck, FGS.

Hattie05 · 24/04/2006 23:07

Have you asked her bubble99? She might squirm every time it happens.

Sorry to be pedantic, but honestly, i won't always speak up for fear of embarrassment, could stand smiling but really be thinking oh god please not again.

lockets · 24/04/2006 23:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkTulips · 24/04/2006 23:08

for the love of god, how british! cold and flu germs are airborn so he would have caught it anyway, and as for meningitis, grow up! god forbid anyone in close contact with your child was unfortunate enough to get meningitis, but if they were you'd have to worry about alot more than a little kiss!

what differance does it make where on his face they kiss? like someone else says, you should be grateful your ds likes this person so much he gives her kisses, not be worried about where they land!

lockets · 24/04/2006 23:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubble99 · 24/04/2006 23:09

Err... the child volunteers the kiss on the lips. I do not stand by the kitchen door swooping on unsuspecting children.

LeahE · 24/04/2006 23:09

Really wouldn't bother me. I hope that DS does feel towards his nursery carers as though they are members of his family. The cold bit might be annoying but TBH I'd be inclined to think that if something like that is around at nursery he's likely to get it anyway. I'd prefer the carers not to come in if they've got stinking flu type colds, but that's a different matter.

lockets · 24/04/2006 23:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nbg · 24/04/2006 23:11

I think the OP said the carer kissed her ds not the other way round.
If it was the other way round then that makes things a bit different.

Greensleeves · 24/04/2006 23:12

PMSL lockets @ "no tongues" Grin

LeahE · 24/04/2006 23:15

PS I would be a lot more concerned about a sick carer breathing/coughing/sneezing over DS and other children and touching the toys that he'd then put in his mouth than by the idea that one carer could (gasp!) kiss 20 children in one day -- assuming no tongues are involved...

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