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Where are all the fit, interesting and available men pt 16

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Janos · 30/12/2009 22:19

Yep, it's still going....

Part 15 still lurking about, I believe.

OP posts:
sincitylover · 30/12/2009 22:23

ooh janos you beat me to it.

Not much news on man front I am still dissecting what happened with my mother {sad]

what are you doing on NYE?

DONTtouchMUMSfestiveJUICE · 30/12/2009 22:26

scl - meant to say at having crappy time at your mothers. u ok?

Betty79 · 30/12/2009 22:28

part 16 already...

Janos · 30/12/2009 22:28

Me either SCL, just cannot be bothered these days. Have lost what little enthusiasm I had for dating and all that shite (phrasing says it all there I think).

Not surprised you feel sad about your mum. She sounds quite difficult and not a little poisonous. Has she always been like that?

For NYE I'm going to be down in Newcastle with my rellies and DS - that's providing the weather holds off as we're still with the heavy snow up here.

OP posts:
Janos · 30/12/2009 22:29

Ooh yes what are NYE plans?

OP posts:
Janos · 30/12/2009 22:30

That last to everybody..and yes Betty I know! We're a chatty lot

OP posts:
sincitylover · 30/12/2009 22:54

yes she has really - very bizarre - I don't like to bore people too much with it anymore - its way too late to confront it - some people have suggested she might be jealous - not sure if that's true - she had me quite young and they have had a very happy marriage but have stayed in their own little bubble IYKWIM. Meanwhile I have moved away and had more of an adventurous life.

But it has always felt uncomfortable and we don't have that 'friend' type relationship that some do. She also never comments on my appearance unless its negative.

She did buy me a Cosmo (magazine) which I haven't read for ages and said she had read the sex article and I think that was sort of an olive branch but really I can't take the constant criticism.

Its predicted to be very cold here tomorrow so think we are staying in. I did go to party last year so don't always stay in. If it were better weather we would go to a local hill and watch fireworks cos it overlooks Central London.

Betty79 · 30/12/2009 22:58

ano u lot are lol

Im having a party here Janos, was meant to be 2 friends and their kids but had developed to about 10/11 people now, should be fun

scl-sorry to hear your still about ur mum, i was gonna ask too has she always been like that or is it an age thing?

juice-lol at being kept away from mr coventry! I dunnow what id do, depends how drunk i was lol and like u say if u arent exclusive with irish? hmm im not a good influence am i

Im feeling a bit better about mrjack, think it's just his way re communication. Have heard from him quite a bit today, he's got my cold but said although he's blaming me he did have fun catching it lol

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad · 30/12/2009 22:59

Hi everyone

Hey SCL - I'll be doing the same.

Janos · 30/12/2009 23:08

Betty. Sounds like you're in for a good one.

What's this about Coventry? Juicy where do you get the energy from. I say if you are not exclusive then go for it...if you want to of course!

Am concious I can turn into a bit of a hermit @ Xma/NY time. Don't know why but I do get quite depressed around this time of year. Chatted to my mum and she said she often felt same.

Think it's cos I feel a wee bit lonely - last place I lived in was not great and new place is lovely but I don't really know anyone and my friends live a wee bit away. Neighbours seem very nice though...think I need to get over my hermitty/shy thing.

OP posts:
Janos · 30/12/2009 23:09

Monty - did you have a difficult time with your mum at Xmas too?

OP posts:
kdk · 30/12/2009 23:11

Hi SCL - just wondering which hill you're near in London - one of my fave ways of spending NYE (and where I spent millennium NYE) was on either Kite or Primrose Hill. My DTs are still a bit young but will take them up there to celebrate when they're older.

hatesponge · 30/12/2009 23:16

found you all on the new thread

well I'm in tomorrow night as well, all my single mates are out I can't join them as Ex P is busy with his chavvy GF (I'm allowed to be horrible about her given a few things she's said in the past about me!) so will have a nice night at home instead with the DC - they are very excited as I've said I will be buying them some M&S nibbles (anyone would think they were normally fed on scraps the way they have gone on about it!) & something fizzy for me.

am feeling rather happy tonight as my date for next week has sent me a msg saying he was really looking forward to it he's not the only one!

Janos · 30/12/2009 23:18

Awww thats fab hatesponge

And sounds like a nice night as well. There's something really nice and treat-ish about M&S stuff isn't there.

OP posts:
lou33 · 30/12/2009 23:19

we are staying in tomorrow

mechanic is supposed to be on call anyway even if we wanted to go out but he is off on the 1st for a whole day

also dd1 seems to have invited a couple of her friends round for tomorrow night, so i wont be leaving them with the other dc's whilst they no doubt try and get drunk

right i am off to my bed, i am yawning, and someone is already sound asleep snoring his head off

goodnight all

sincitylover · 30/12/2009 23:21

kdk - I wish - I live in SE London (but nr the river) and so our local hill is there. Don't want to completely out myself.

Have always fancied living in the primrose hill area though.

sponge - saw a very good offer from M & S three party food plus cava for a tenner - is that what you are doing? - might avail myself of that one.

sincitylover · 30/12/2009 23:23

lou - has he said anymore about getting married? [wink}

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad · 30/12/2009 23:25

SLC - v near here. Wow.

Whatever everyone is doing, have a lovely time.

There's a post on lp 'i can't do this'. v.sad has anyone seen it? Its just on there. Anyone who can should go over there and drop a line i think.

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad · 30/12/2009 23:26

Sorry it's 'I've Never Done this'.

hatesponge · 30/12/2009 23:44

SCL, if my geography is correct you're not that far from me - although I am more Kent than SE London. Yes its the party for £10 deal we'll get, DC have already put in their requests for the three party food items!

sincitylover · 30/12/2009 23:47

ah so sponge, monty and Scl are quite close. I am in LB of Southwark - north of the borough.

I spend many of my Sundays in SE London/kent for Ds2 football matches so I know it well.

hatesponge · 30/12/2009 23:53

SCL - tis a small world, DS1 & 2 are also Sunday footballers, think both are Selkent league atm, though they seem to change leagues every season somewhat confusingly!

(we are LB of Bexley)

sincitylover · 31/12/2009 00:10

yes my ds2 is in selkent league u9

Ds1 used to play in Bexley but his team not playing this season (long story)

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad · 31/12/2009 00:14

Ooooh, we're all close!

My ds doesn't play football he skateboards!

exh wouldn't commit to bring him back over here on 'his' weekends to he never joined any teams. He even had to give up friday night cubs.

hatesponge · 31/12/2009 00:36

SCL - my DS2 is u9s as well. This is getting spooky!

DS1 is U12s.

Monty - at Exh not committing to bringing your DS back for football/clubs. My Ex didnt have any choice as he is the coach of DS2's team!

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