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where have all the fit,interesting and available men gone?[part 8]

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/04/2009 15:42

oh jesus lou
it's turn your phone off time
but then why the hell should you have to?

OP posts:
ridingjoker · 25/04/2009 15:49

afternoon all. thinking i will bypass my 40th party for a friend tonight. lack of sleep kicking in.

pj date on skype seems more suitable for tonight.

ridingjoker · 25/04/2009 15:51

lou @ thesp

asbm - tintin will find someone else to bore just be glad its not you.

scl - wouldn't worry about women on his fb. he is still meeting you for dates after all. are you in exclusive relationship? have you had that chat yet?

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/04/2009 15:55

er yep lol

OP posts:
lou33 · 25/04/2009 16:15

need it on cos dd1 is out and messaging me

looks like exex is ignoring me after our prolonged text exchange last night as well, oh and i fell out with v my male bf

aseriouslyblondemoment · 25/04/2009 18:22

god lou it's all going on with you atm.

OP posts:
lou33 · 25/04/2009 19:28

i know

exex has messaged me now as well as thesp

i cant be arsed lol

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 10:48

hmm all quiet here!
what's going on ladies?

OP posts:
ridingjoker · 26/04/2009 10:52

i'm trying to study. while superman is trying to distract me on msn

while cooking lunch.

oh and marvel has taken to sending me joke texts. and tbh most of them are more racists or bad taste to even be funny. i'm going down the route of ignoring.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 11:02

that's a nice distraction tho lol
oh him??
hasn't he got the message yet?
yes ignoring is the only way forward and if he continues then get his no blocked by your mobile co
the problem with alot of them is that they seem to think that your opinion of them might change if they leave you alone for a few weeks
lets face it you were honest with him about not wanting a relationship with him aft.all, its not as tho he hasn't been told

OP posts:
ridingjoker · 26/04/2009 11:06

well he's working. so it's just him at his comp doing his work. now he's got the webcams on. and bsically we're both working/studying at computer with odd sporiadic text while we can see each other.

odd i suppose. but doesn't seem odd to us doing it iykwim.

and for marvel. yeah. he was told loud and clear. there's no conversational text. just these joke ones

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 11:14

hmm sad sad man
what are you going to do then when you see him out?
as i know that you have been polite and civil up til now

OP posts:
ridingjoker · 26/04/2009 11:30

no idea. suppose it depends if i'm drunk or sober. lol

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 11:38

that's a fair point RJ!!

OP posts:
aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 13:48

just going off on a slight tangent here
but have any of you read or know of any good self help relationships books?
without sounding dark here i think im in need of some literary wisdom to put some stuff into perspective iyswim

OP posts:
lou33 · 26/04/2009 13:49

thesp was texting all night, exex sent some too

all quiet today so far

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 14:06

have you responded to any of thesps?
are you planning on meeting exex again?
i know you didnt go to the show last night

OP posts:
Remotew · 26/04/2009 14:47

Hi all, putting the new thread in 'Im on' nothing to report from my end atm.

Surely if we just ignore these desperate texts they will get the message. Any replies makes them think you are interested.

Lou that thesp sound like the Capt I met. He was on medication too. .

inthemistsoftime · 26/04/2009 14:58

afternoon all, its a lovely day here in London, anyone watch the marathon?

I understand scl about fb, thats why I posted about Marathon man being a player as I saw a new picture of a very pretty long blonde haired girl on there!

We have a 2nd date tomorrow and that will probably be our last as I cant be bothered with him if he is dating others, and still looking for the "one"

But we haven't had that conversation about exclusivity either and maybe we wont.

I just want tomorrow over with so I know either way, boy can you guys sense my angst!

Why am I so bothered ? I hope I get over it soon.

ridingjoker · 26/04/2009 15:05

inthemist - its naturally to feel angst i think. if it didn't bother you he could be seeing other people then he obviously doesn't hold your interest.

asbm - i think you need to try whatever you think will help clear your head.

lou - i agree with eve, why not ignore the mesages. replying is only supplying ammunition and/or encouraging

aseriouslyblondemoment · 26/04/2009 15:10

hmm if you have that feeling is it worth going?
he maybe feels the same way about you tbh and lets face it you met off a dating site so poss.he is
we all have options so to speak i'm mighty guilty of that
can you check anything out without being a stalker?
i think in scl's case her thoughts are justified as they've been out a few times already
not wishing to sound harsh here btw
tho i have options i wouldn't like to be seen as one either lol

OP posts:
inthemistsoftime · 26/04/2009 15:29

My friend has just cancelled on me for tonight which is good really as I am pretty knackered, so I am going to have a couple of glasses later, take a nice long bath and a chill pill!

I am just going to go along tomorrow and enjoy myself any thing else will be nice.

notoverit · 26/04/2009 15:30

Hi ladies can I join in please?

I have been completely single scince december, and slept with someone for the first time last night.

Gosh it is so weird sleeping with a new person as was with exp for 5 years, and after having my dd my body is not in great shape.

Any way, it really wasn't great sex atall, it just didnt feel right. I dont think the guy felt right about it either, but he seemed to like me and asked if we will be meeting up again etc.

The weird thing is I've met him a few times before through a freind and we have spoke before, but we never seemed into each other and had never even kissed untill we got back to my house.

So really no wonder it was not great sex.

inthemistsoftime · 26/04/2009 15:58

welcome notoverit, all are welcome on here

I am just going to celebrate the fact that I have an english key board and can now type loads of silly faces

just ignore me, I am having fun dcs have just left with their father and I am alone, free to do as I please, yeah

inthemistsoftime · 26/04/2009 15:59

notoverit, do you think it could get better?, ie is it worth having another go, for scientific purposes of course

notoverit · 26/04/2009 16:13

oh sounds like fun having some time to your self. So what type of keyboard did you have before?

I'm not too sure if I should try again, I'm not really really attracted to him but think he is a sweet guy and he is not ugly.

I dont know sorry if this is too much info but when we were sleeping together his style seemed to be really quick and kind of like banging!!! And I dont think its because he was just being an arse and using me for sex coz he was cuddly after so I think thats just his style.

Which I dont like, its not a good feeling down below the next day to feel like someone has nbeen banging you.

Exp was really good in bed, but I dont think the first time was great so maybe could be worth another go.

And I really need someone to sleep with as I have needs etc, but dont really want to get involved with someone I like as really dont want to get into a relationship.

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