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Secondary infertility support group here!

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Annabellaboo · 27/03/2017 16:04

Ladies-I hope we all find each other here from the original thread! I didn't realise we had ran out of room on the other thread! Shout if you are there!

OP posts:
closephine85 · 27/03/2017 16:45

Found you! This will be the third secondary infertility trhread in part of. Third time lucky PLEASE!!

Colabottles64 · 27/03/2017 18:38

I've been lurking this thread and annabel I just have to say a massive congratulations on the bfp and I hope all goes well. You have been through one hell of a journey and reading your posts I find myself nodding along and rooting for you all the way. I've been trying for 15 months and it feels like forever for a sibling for my DD but you are a big giant inspiration!! Xxx

kimnews · 27/03/2017 18:49

Please may I join? I didn't join in the last thread as it was too big!

I'm 28, DH is 32 and we have a DS who is 4.5. Been TTC since May 2015.

Had all the NHS tests which are fine, so we are unexplained.

blackcherries · 27/03/2017 18:52

annabellaboo just saw the other thread, omg!! Congrats! Hope this is a positive start to continue on this thread!

mrskittenpie · 27/03/2017 18:52

Thanks annabel - I tried to start a new thread but got distracted!
What has your dh said about your great news?

As it's a new thread maybe do some stats?

Name - mrskittenpie
Age - 39
Ttc number 2 since June 2014 Sad

Congratulations again annabel - I bet you're in shock

Annabellaboo · 27/03/2017 19:39

Yay we found each other Smile
Thanks all for your congrats, and yes I am in shock!
DH is very excited, although at first I think he suspected I was seeing imaginary lines (it wouldn't be the first time!)
Welcome colabottles and thank you for your kind words. Believe me if I can get a bfp after 3 years of every treatment and procedure under the sun (except iui or ivf) then others can too.
Welcome kimnews- we can offer you lots of advice here if you need.
My stats as a reminder or for newbies
Age: 36
Ttc no.2 for 3 years
Got my first bfp today 12dpo Shock Wink

OP posts:
harry78 · 27/03/2017 19:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harry78 · 27/03/2017 19:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harry78 · 27/03/2017 20:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ozzyboo · 27/03/2017 20:25

Hi all, I'd love to join this thread 😊 I'm 29 ttc for 3 years and I have severe endometriosis as well as ovulation problems. Tried chlomid 50mg for 6 months and had 1 tube removed due to an ectopic. I have just started my 1st round of IVF and am on day 3 of suprecur!

Congrats Annabellaboo! Such great news 🎉🎈

closephine85 · 27/03/2017 20:30

Welcome to all the newbies!

I'm 31, 5.5 year old son and been ttc no2 since September 2013 Sad we have male factor infertility, have had 1 failed round of ivf with Serum in Athens and have 2 blasts frozen for an FET when we feel up to it.

Harry, your fsh does sound a little high (they don't like it to be over 10). Have you had your AMH tested?

harry78 · 27/03/2017 20:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ozzyboo · 27/03/2017 21:21

Has anybody had the endo scratch before???

harry78 · 28/03/2017 08:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harry78 · 28/03/2017 08:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Annabellaboo · 28/03/2017 09:56

Morning ladies.
Ozzyboo- I did have an endo scratch because I had a hysteroscopy when I went to Serum where they discovered a couple of fibroids and lots of dead, floating tissue in my uterus. They burned this off, sucked it out and then did some scratches on my lining to aid implantation.
I have no idea the magic ingredient that worked but I am pretty confident that without my hysteroscopy and they findings they took care of there I would not have got that bfp. I also have been on a high dose of serrapeptase prescribed by Peny at Serum clinic to help clean up the tissue. It is a miracle enzyme from what I have read and literally dissolves anything that shouldn't be there as well as other benefits. Since taking it I felt and improvement in my body in general. Less joint and muscle aches which I had issues with as it works as an anti inflammatory which I think my body needed. If any of you think you could benefit from it then look it up, I really think it's an amazing supplement.
Harry-sorry about your fsh levels. Sounds like it might only be slightly higher than desired? My fsh was fine but I did go to a private clinic just to have my AMH levels tested. The blood test cost me £100 and I felt it was worth it to know if I could cross that off the list of potential issues (mine was normal range for age). I would recommend you call your nearest fertility clinic and ask about this test. I didn't see a consultant do paid no extra fee, just the test and then they send the results in the post. You don't need a consultant to interpret the results.

OP posts:
Annabellaboo · 28/03/2017 10:06

So I have a dilemma. I contacted Peny at Serum as instructed if I achieved a pregnancy so she could instruct me as to what to do next.
She has advised I take 10mg prezolone (steroids) daily which she sent me home with so I have it ready. I am also to increase the progesterone suppositories (makes sense) but she also wants me to inject Clexane daily for 9 weeks. This is apparently a blood thinner and should help support the placenta growth. I had no idea I was going to have to take all this, and the injections are my main concern. I don't know why I really need it but I am gathering its more of a precaution than essential.
She has got me this far so a big part of me feels I should continue to follow her protocol and not take any risks. The other part of me feels like I don't want to put all this extra stuff in my body unless totally necessary. I tend to react very strongly to any meds and I imagine if there are common side effects I will probably get them. My body has done this once before with no help so it can again? Then again I never imagined I would have problems conceiving again so what the heck do I know!
Think I should just suck it up and take all the drugs?

OP posts:
Annabellaboo · 28/03/2017 10:16

I should add to the message about my hysteroscopy and treatment with Serum that is was 4 months ago. Peny said she thought I would fall pregnant naturally within a few months. I didn't really believe it but here I am...

OP posts:
closephine85 · 28/03/2017 10:32

Hi Anna - none of those things Penny had told you to take will harm your pregnancy. They may just be precautionary and your body personally may not need them, but in my opinion it's better to take them than find yourself back here in a few weeks wishing that you had. (Reading that back it sounds a little strong, it's not meant to. I'd just hate for you to find yourself wishing you had followed her instructions at a later date!) I took all of them as part of my ivf protocol and had no side effects and I am also the type of person who does suffer from side effects of medication.

kmmr · 28/03/2017 11:17

Hello! Can I join you all.
I'm 40 (arrgh)
TTC since forever. Maybe 18 months this time I guess.
Have a 2.5 year old, concieved by IVF/ICSI.

I'm doing my 4th IVF cycle now since my son was born. This will be the last, as I'm out of FET's, and not sure I want to do another fresh cycle.

Ozzyboo, I've had scratches done. Once before my sucessful cycle, but then a few times on the failed FET cycles, so it's neither here nor there for me I think. It's a pretty easy process - just be ready for a moment of short sharp pain, quite deep inside. But it's over really quick.

Annabellaboo - if it was me I would follow the protocol. I've taken clexane for post-op reasons, and it's painless. With those super thin needles I find if you just gently move them around you can find a pore that they just slide through almost unnoticed. I did them in my tummy, and post c-section it's all a bit numb there anyway. But... they bruise like buggers. Don't rub the area after the injection, makes it worse.

Annabellaboo · 28/03/2017 11:54

Thanks ladies and yes I do think you are right. I've pretty much concluded I should follow the protocol. I think it just came as a bit of a surprise. And thanks closephine, it is reassuring to know you have taken all these and not had any side effects.
Welcome kmmr- sounds like you have been on a very long road. Really hope your next round of ivf works for you.

OP posts:
Ozzyboo · 28/03/2017 12:25

Annabellaboo I agree with the others, the worst thing would be to look back and think if only I'd done this! If you follow everything she says you know you are giving yourself the best chance!

Harry78 Endo scratch is where they scratch the lining of your womb, it supposedly helps implantation! It's not 100% proven as yet but I've only heard great things about it and lots of success stories! I had it done last Friday, it cost us an extra £200 but when you're paying £5,000 it's nothing!

kmmr · 28/03/2017 12:50

My doctor does Endo scratches in his consulting rooms. Charges me for a normal extended consult. I think about $170 (I'm in Australia).

AurorasEncore · 28/03/2017 13:07

Hi everyone

Age: 33
TTC: 2 years

Day 3 and 21 hormones = ok
Self test semen analysis = over 15 mil

5mg folic acid
Multibiota vitamins
Agnus Cactus

AurorasEncore · 28/03/2017 13:12

Hi ladies,

Has anyone tried Arvigo Maya massage? I know alternative therapies haven't brought much success on here but I'm going to give it a whirl (it will be a nice massage if nothing else).

Weird thing is, I spoke to the practitioner on the phone and told her it was secondary infertility TTC 2 years and the only thing she asked me was "did you have a long labour with forceps?" Ermmmmm YES! Then she briefly explained what that can do to the uterus, so I really hope I'm onto something.....

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