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Feminism: chat

Launch of GB News - Sunday at 8pm

227 replies

OhHolyJesus · 12/06/2021 22:52

I think this will be interesting. I'm actually quite keen to hear from Michelle Dewberry.

I'm not big on ex-Apprentice winners but I remember her and appreciated her tweet about being a mother.

I'm also a bit sick of the BBC tbh and I'm for variety in broadcasting so will see what it's like.

OP posts:

OvaHere · 12/06/2021 23:10

Do you have to watch it on an actual TV or is there an online live stream like Sky or BBC?


Melroses · 12/06/2021 23:12

It's actually an 8pm start.

I am looking forward to having a new channel.

It also looks like they are launching a new radio channel which is a bit tough on Times. I have really enjoyed having that over the last year, especially the breakfast show.

It looks like there is a bit of a broadcasting revolution going on.


thecompletenonsequitur · 12/06/2021 23:35

Oh, I didn't know that they're launching on radio too. I'll look into that. Yes, I've also been listening to Times Radio, plus a bit of LBC (not JO'B) and Talk Radio. Only catch R4 in the car these days.


CatherinaJTV · 12/06/2021 23:36

Seriously Hmm


statsgeek1 · 12/06/2021 23:45

Can't wait. That guy from Scotland who lives in France but wants his right wing views to prevail in a country he wouldn't live in for toffee. The phrase, 'Jesus wept' sometimes pops up. Imagine relying on him.


lady69 · 12/06/2021 23:55

Well if they support women I am all for it.


nauticant · 12/06/2021 23:57

The BBC can respond with an offer that is fact based and balanced. I'm sure that most on here would welcome that.


Erikrie · 13/06/2021 00:11

Excellent. Should be interesting.


Mollyollydolly · 13/06/2021 00:24

I'm looking forward to it. Andrew Doyle has a programme on it (not sure which day) which I'm looking forward to. Competition and innovation is good. Should make the BBC and Sky up their game as well hopefully. I don't understand all the criticism, I'll wait and see it first.


NannyAndJohn · 13/06/2021 00:25

I'm a lifelong leftie but will be tuning in.


notangelinajolie · 13/06/2021 00:30

I will be watching this.


stumbledin · 13/06/2021 00:38

I would welcome a news channel that is actually a news channel.

This is just going to be another version of what passes for news in the country. A lot of really self engrossed people thinking their views are news.

Will have to rely on Al Jazeera and RT for actual news about for instance Europe, and other parts of the world.

I think Andrew Neil is exactly the stale white male who has kept this country steeped in hierarchies and prejudice.

... With branding heavy in the colours of the Union Jack and featured segments bearing names such as Wokewatch and Free Speech Nation, fears have been raised that the channel could herald the arrival of Fox News-style coverage on British shores – a comparison those behind GB News have sought to play down.

... Adam Baxter, director of standards and audience protection at the regulator Ofcom, has also described the channel as offering an “unapologetically partisan, right-of-centre take on events”.

For his part, Mr Neil has cited both Fox News and the more centrist MSNBC as American inspiration for GB News, insisting that it “will not be shouty, angry television that denies people the space to have their say” and “above all” will conform to Ofcom’s rules on bias and impartiality.


EsmaCannonball · 13/06/2021 01:02

From the looks of it there's going to be a lot of comment and debate but not a lot of actual news gathering. I'm happy to check out a new channel that may offer more questioning of current orthodoxies, but news channels these days seem mainly about studio discussions, zoom calls and discussions about what is in the papers. A lot of the stories covered seem to come from press releases or begin, 'A new study suggests,' or, 'A report released by,' and are more about the interests of lobbying groups rather than actual news. I miss the days of Kate Adie reporting live from somewhere, when the news was actually about what was happening, rather than a series of arguments. Newspapers have gone the same way.


BlueButtercups · 13/06/2021 01:08

Love Andrew Neil 🎉


sergeilavrov · 13/06/2021 01:54

@stumbledin Not sure if that’s tongue in cheek about Al Jazeera? But bloody hell, hell should freeze over before British media sinks to that depth!


Justfedupofthis · 13/06/2021 02:00


What’s wrong with Al Jazeera?


Justa47 · 13/06/2021 04:59


This is UK Fox News.
Don’t watch this nonsense


nauticant · 13/06/2021 08:11

I miss the days of Kate Adie reporting live from somewhere, when the news was actually about what was happening, rather than a series of arguments

By coincidence there was a long form interview with Kate Adie on Radio 4 a couple of days ago. What stands out is how she felt she had a responsibility to report only what she was seeing and what she knew and to constantly battle with herself not to fill in the gaps. If the programme sounds familiar, it's because it's a repeat from a few years back.


EmbarrassingAdmissions · 13/06/2021 08:18

UK Fox News.

My impression from the publicity is that this is an apt description.

Not for me.


TrainedByCats · 13/06/2021 08:19

Since heavy use of union flags tends to be used by groups opposed to people living in the UK who don't fit the white British demographic based on the branding I’d assume it’s not for me


Siablue · 13/06/2021 08:28

Now I am very much not in the target audience for GB news so won’t be watching it. I don’t think my blood pressure could cope with a news program presented by a Brexit party candidate.

I don’t get the frothing from a lot of people about how they shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

I do see your point about Michelle Dewsberry. She is an interesting person with the sort of life experience that does not always get on television. It shows that people are complex.

I do think GB will be successful look at how they are building up a dialogue with their audience asking people to send in stories that they would like to see covered. How many people feel that the media is currently representative of them.


ArabellaScott · 13/06/2021 08:39

[quote Justa47]@OhHolyJesus

This is UK Fox News.
Don’t watch this nonsense[/quote]
Why on earth not? What happens if you watch Fox News? Is it like an infectious disease, do bits of your brain fall off?

You do know that you can watch things that don't confirm your existing bias and nothing bad happens, don't you?

I don't understand the paternalist attitude that people should be protected from certain views lest they be muddled and confused by propaganda. Watch it all! Disagree! Join in! We still have a pretty robust democracy in the UK, we can tolerate diverging viewpoints.

I try to assess news topics from as many different viewpoints as possible, so any increase in plurality of the media is potentially useful. Will be watching with interest to see how this develops.


OldTurtleNewShell · 13/06/2021 08:51

[quote Justa47]@OhHolyJesus

This is UK Fox News.
Don’t watch this nonsense[/quote]
Perhaps. But it hasn't fucking launched yet.
If you are so opposed to them, I suggest finding out what is actually said on the channel and then taking it apart to show where they are wrong.
Blanket denunciations are never helpful.


Erikrie · 13/06/2021 09:04

You do know that you can watch things that don't confirm your existing bias and nothing bad happens, don't you?

Considering other possibilities and points of view is harmful. It's important to stick to the prescribed list of suitable viewing only. Otherwise our brains might explode in to millions of little pieces. This has been known to happen when people think about too many things at once. Or something. That's what I heard would happen anyway. I've checked the approved viewing list and this is rated as not suitable. It's just not worth risking it. ☹️


OhHolyJesus · 13/06/2021 09:24

I try to assess news topics from as many different viewpoints as possible

Me too, if anything MN has a wide range of political opinions shared by posters and I am more widely read as I click on guardian, DM, Telegraph and the Spectator. I now read from all over, including from America, Australia and sometimes also the French press.

I'm capable of watching or reading something I disagree with and not responding with rage or being brain washed. I simply turn the channel over.

I do disagree on monopolies when it comes to news and the BBC is not what it was. I don't see their business model (license fee) lasting much longer and I C4, Sky and ITV would do well to have a new competitor.

I do agree that it could be more opinion rather than fact based though, so let's see.

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