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At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....

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Waiting2BAMummy · 21/12/2020 17:22

So, since there are only 3 posts remaining on the old thread I have made us a new home.

AF arrived for me today and although not what I wanted for Christmas this year made a perfect 28 day cycle so I'll take it! Here's to a January BFP.

Make yourselves comfortable ladies:

Apologies if I've missed anyone

OP posts:
ChunkyButFunky87 · 21/12/2020 17:28

Ah well still take the positive from it like you say, at least you know where you are for Xmas and can get p*ssed! Grin x

ChristmasBubble · 21/12/2020 17:44

Hello. I'm bitheby. I've changed my name for the Christmas name change comp.

AF due on Christmas day but I have lower back pain and woke up crampy this morning so not too hopeful.

Ellsiedodah · 21/12/2020 19:57

Hi all, another home insem sort here:) not doing with donor yet... hoping I might strike lucky this year and hit on the annual passing good egg... but not feeling hopeful with my amh of 1.2.

How exactly is everyone doing the deed if you don't mind me asking? Has anyone had advice from people who actually know? We use a 1ml syringe as my OH doesn't have great volume and he puts it in a plastic cup then leaves it for me next to the bed to 'inject'. I read that hips up is actually rubbish because sperm are strong swimmers and go at quite a pace once inside you... (anyone read otherwise from a reliable source do feel free to share?!) And science seems to have changed its mind again recently and decided an organic is beneficial so I get on with that too! I need to sort timing out... but we do as much as we can, once a day around the time the wee stick says I should be ovulating. Though I seem to be ovulating very late so may need to check this properly once we begin iuis in Feb...

Ellsiedodah · 21/12/2020 19:58

Err that would be orgasm!

juneybean · 22/12/2020 14:31

Thanks for new thread @Waiting2BAMummy! Sorry to hear about AF but that's great about the 28 day cycle.

Hi @Ellsiedodah I too have low AMH so feel like I'm pissing in the wind trying with a donor at home but needs must. Surely one egg will be a goodun. I have to admit I used a dog medicine syringe this week as the kit I ordered didn't come in time! But we went to the donors house and let him do his thing in the comfort of his home and then I put the cup in my armpit and sped home, this also gives it the opportunity to liquify then I suck it up into the syringe and stick the syringe inside and try and have an O first then slowly squirt it in. I do lie down as long as possible afterwards though!

I'm 7dpo today and dont feel anything exciting yet, but keeping the hope!

juneybean · 22/12/2020 14:32

@ChristmasBubble my friend says she felt like she was about to come on when she got her BFP so I like to think its not over til its over! Fingers crossed for your xmas BFP! X

Ellsiedodah · 22/12/2020 14:46

@juneybean thanks v much for sharing! Mad biz this DIY thing. It frustrates me there seems so little knowledge on how to do it. The docs don't seem to be able to offer any advice! Best of luck to you :)

H8624 · 22/12/2020 15:13

@Waiting2BAMummy sorry to hear AF arrived - thanks for starting a new thread! Here's to a 2021 BFP 🤞.

@Ellsiedodah this process worked for me. OH would do his stuff in a cup and then I would prop myself up on 2 pillows (gravity!) and then used a 5ml/10ml syringe to insem (never full but I found the size stopped leakage!) I also used conceive plus for a couple of months. I used to wait 10/15 mins for it to liquify too as less messy that way. I would leave the syringe In for 20-30 mins to hold in place and stop leakage.

For us it worked after 5 cycles. We used to do every other day around my fertile window. I also used Clearblue digital OPKs and one step strips but I found these a bit hard to read. I used clear blue mostly as I liked the smiley faces making it easier to interpret rather than a line!

Hope that's enough info - obviously worked for me as baby is due soon, but different for everyone! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to help 😊

Ellsiedodah · 22/12/2020 15:16

@H8624 thanks for sharing and big congrats on baby due!! How exciting:) did you keep the sample warm while it liquefied? Also did your oh have good volumes? I've never waited for the liquidisation... never been a problem sucking it up for some reason!?

Coolhand2 · 22/12/2020 20:19

Thanks for starting a new thread @Waiting2BAMummy.

I got a bfp ladies, unbelievable as my temps went up and down, I was not hopeful, AF was due yesterday by premom but Ava was saying I am 2 days late, and nothing came, So I went and bought a test last night and tested in the morning too. We are so happy it finally happened after 6 cycles. Hope it sticks.

At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....
At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....
Waiting2BAMummy · 22/12/2020 20:58

Congratulations @Coolhand2 fingers crossed for a sticky bean for you x

OP posts:
juneybean · 22/12/2020 21:00

Congratulations @Coolhand2 !!

restingwitchface86 · 22/12/2020 22:01

Congratulations @Coolhand2 what a lovely Christmas present!

Sorry to hear AF showed up @Waiting2BAMummy but it must feel amazing to have such a normal cycle! Fingers crossed that's the way things stay from now on.

@Ellsiedodah I use a soft cup, my donor drops off a container and I empty it into the cup and insert. I leave the cup in overnight.

I'm only on my second cycle but I think AF is coming - my temps dipped slightly this morning, had a few AF type cramps :( I'm due on Christmas Eve and currently 9DPO - anyone else in the short luteal phase gang? I'm thinking of trying Vitex to lengthen it next month if AF shows up!

Ellsiedodah · 22/12/2020 22:12

@restingwitchface86 thanks for sharing... incidentally yes I think I've got a short luteal phase. Need to get it properly checked put i think. Have been slightly ignoring it but I hear it can be a significant hurdle. Haven't heard of vitex. Good luck!

restingwitchface86 · 22/12/2020 22:56

How long is yours @Ellsiedodah? My gynaecologist told me to stop worrying about mine but I can't help but feel like 10 is too short when I read everywhere that 12-14 is ideal!

Coolhand2 · 23/12/2020 00:38

Thank you guys, it's a lovely Christmas present. The first pic is not very visible, here is a better one.

At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....
Ellsiedodah · 23/12/2020 07:24

@restingwitchface86 omg I've just looked back at my monthly notes and seen one month it was 7 days. Need to call my doctor!! I read 10 was ok? So thats good!

ChunkyButFunky87 · 23/12/2020 16:32

Congrats @Coolhand2! Lovely news

I had my 12 week scan yesterday, baby was so active though, full on jumping up and down that she couldn't do the screening tests only measure end to end for weeks. All looking well so far though.

I can't remember now who mentioned but I definitely read having an orgasm helps and I made sure to follow that advice

Overlyanxious · 24/12/2020 10:32

@Coolhand2 congratulations. That’s a lovely Xmas pressie.

@Waiting2BAMummy I’m sorry AF turned up but good news about your cycle not being so long.

I’ve not been on mumsnet so much recently but it’s nice to pop back and see how everyone is doing.

Since being told I may have issues with getting and staying pregnant I’ve kind of lost hope. I’m still trying but trying to get my head round the fact it may not happen.

Waiting2BAMummy · 24/12/2020 12:04

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you @Overlyanxious hopefully you’ll be one of those who prove the professionals wrong. Good luck x

OP posts:
Waiting2BAMummy · 24/12/2020 12:07

Glad your scan went well @ChunkyButFunky87 will you find out what you’re having at the next one or do you want a surprise?

I’m so mad at myself, I decided I was going to take the soy isoflavones on days 2-6 this cycle, instead of 3-7, as most success stories I’ve read are from women who took them days 2-6. I started taking them on Tuesday and when I got up this morning I realised I forgot to take them last night, I’m hoping I haven’t ruined my chances this month.

OP posts:
Overlyanxious · 24/12/2020 12:12

Thanks @Waiting2BAMummy oh that’s so annoying. I feel like it should be ok. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you x

restingwitchface86 · 24/12/2020 16:04

I got the results of my day 21 progesterone test (which I actually took on day 25 because I don't ovulate until day 20 and have a 10 day luteal phase) and my progesterone is too low :( it was 17, normal range post-ovulation is 30-75. I almost wish I hadn't had these results on Christmas Eve as I'm going to spend the whole time worrying about it now. I hope it can be an easy fix. My BBT dropped at 9DPO, I'm 11DPO now and was due on yesterday, but I'm almost back at base line temps so I assume AF is on her way. I'm guessing this is the cause of my short luteal phase. What a crappy Christmas gift huh?

Hope everyone else is okay and has a nice day tomorrow even if it's a bit weird this year x

Faye32 · 24/12/2020 16:19

Hi guys can I join to add what worked for me ....
I used donor sperm , didn’t let it liquify used it ASAP within 5 mins , inserted with syringe and used soft cup for 8 hours after . Had 2 inseminations and had orgasm after both .... took me 5 attempts and then worked ! I had previously been trying over a year at fertility clinics!
I also ovulate late and my luteal phase was 10 days. Xx

Ellsiedodah · 24/12/2020 17:58

@restingwitchface86 don't be disheartened about this. Firstly I think there are pills you can take to deal with this BUT you might still be doing it on the wrong day. I say that because I've had bad readings 3 times but when I chatted to my doc about it we agreed to retest a few days later and then I got a really good reading. I have also just chatted to a lister clinic nurse who told me that the wee sticks can be wrong and she said that with my low amh (1.2 for anyone reading from here) my hormones will read all over the place so I should chuck em away and do inseminations from day 8 for 10/11 days given my cycle is 26 days. Obviously this is a pain in the ass so I feel clinic supervised IUIs can really only be the way forward for us, but it was interesting to hear that. She also said there's no wrong type of plastic pot, no need to warm the pot and even 1 ml of sperm is valuable. She also said it was important to orgasm.

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