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At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....

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Waiting2BAMummy · 21/12/2020 17:22

So, since there are only 3 posts remaining on the old thread I have made us a new home.

AF arrived for me today and although not what I wanted for Christmas this year made a perfect 28 day cycle so I'll take it! Here's to a January BFP.

Make yourselves comfortable ladies:

Apologies if I've missed anyone

OP posts:

Krystyna1986 · 07/09/2021 22:25

Fellow at home insemination ladies here! We are just beginning our ttc journey and looking for any advice , tips, hints anything really!! We are 33 and 34 and trying for #2.


Chunkybutfunky87 · 07/09/2021 22:55

Congratulations @Coolhand2 ! She's beautiful! Well done you!

My little one is now nearly 10 weeks, maternity is going far too quick. I hope you're all well.

Welcome @Krystyna1986 - from my perspective - track properly - invest in a clear blue kit if you can, I wasn't a fan of the cheapie ovulation tests, they leave too much judgement call, leave a day in between each go (although the first time we ever tried was a one off rush job with a calpol syringe and it did the job! Sadly that ended with a miscarriage for us) but we got pregnant not long after and the main thing for both of ours was to make sure you have an orgasm! I really think this made a difference

Good luck on your journey Smile


Busybee143 · 09/09/2021 23:38

Congratulations @Coolhand2 what a beautiful baby ❤️


Coolhand2 · 13/10/2021 19:57

Thank you ladies🥰 How is everyone doing?

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