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Donor conception

At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....

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Waiting2BAMummy · 21/12/2020 17:22

So, since there are only 3 posts remaining on the old thread I have made us a new home.

AF arrived for me today and although not what I wanted for Christmas this year made a perfect 28 day cycle so I'll take it! Here's to a January BFP.

Make yourselves comfortable ladies:

Apologies if I've missed anyone

OP posts:

Ellsiedodah · 24/12/2020 18:00

My consultant has recommended 2.5 of letrozole during an IUI for me to increase chance of ovulating in a given month (I don't think I always ovulate these days as some months I don't get any EWCM).


Busybee143 · 24/12/2020 21:31

@Coolhand2 congrats, what a lovely Christmas gift!!
@ChunkyButFunky87 I'm so glad your scan went well!! When is your next one??

I used donor sperm guys, I mostly did 2 inseminations per cycle but I learnt timing was key (I only used cheap opks to determine this). I always had an orgasm after and kept my hips up for 30 mins. My egg reserve wasn't fantastic and I had a short leutal phase so please don't let these things dishearten you as its probably a lot more common than we know.
Merry Christmas guys!!!!


Ellsiedodah · 25/12/2020 08:25

Happy Christmas ladies. And sorry, realised I never said congratulations to @Coolhand2 and @ChunkyButFunky87. What a lovely Christmas pressie indeed. Enjoy your day everyone. We had ours a week ago so just having a moochy day at this end!


Waiting2BAMummy · 25/12/2020 13:26

Merry Christmas ladies.

Here’s to us all welcoming a bundle of joy, or at the very least a beautiful, sticky, BFP in 2021!


OP posts:

juneybean · 26/12/2020 15:43

Feeling a bit flat today as decided to test at 11dpo and of course it was negative. But also think it was a true representation of this month, I just dont think itll ever happen and of course christmas just makes it feel more difficult.


restingwitchface86 · 26/12/2020 16:09

Thanks @Ellsiedodah, I did the blood test at 5DPO because my GP recommended doing it halfway through my 10 day luteal phase but I've read things since which suggest you should do it at 7DPO regardless. Not sure what was right, on the plus side the progesterone levels did confirm ovulation even if it they weren't high enough to sustain a pregnancy.

No surprise that AF started yesterday :(

11 days is still early @juneybean, do you temp? How are those looking?


bitheby · 31/12/2020 14:18

Can I ask what people who are meeting donors are doing now we're mostly all in tier 4?

The last two cycles my donor has posted a chilled sample in a special solution but you have to get the timing completely right and I'm pretty sure we missed ovulation last cycle as I ovulated unexpectedly late and had a 3/4 day longer cycle than usual.

I really want to go and meet him for a fresh sample this time but I doubt this is allowed under current rules.

I've spent two days in tears and am trying to be positive and practical now. Haven't ruled out going back to the clinic and giving up on trying to do it myself.


restingwitchface86 · 31/12/2020 15:00

@bitheby I am still meeting my donor. He drops off donations and we both wear masks, the only contact we have is him handing it to me through the car window so I consider it pretty low risk. Medical treatment and fertility treatment is still going ahead, so I don't consider this too far outside the spirit of the rules.

I'm sorry you've been so upset :( Does your local CCG cover IUI under the NHS?


Waiting2BAMummy · 31/12/2020 16:30

My donor had said he didn’t know if he could help this month @bitheby as he didn’t want to travel too far. He ordinarily makes his donation in my bathroom and leaves.

We have now arranged that he will make his donation into a pot and I’m going to meet him somewhere then I guess I’ll have to find a supermarket or somewhere with a bathroom so that I can insert it. It’s not ideal but is better than not trying at all.

He will literally be passing me a pot through his car window so as @restingwitchface86 said this is no more of a risk than a McDonald’s drive through!

Hope you manage to figure something out x

OP posts:

bitheby · 01/01/2021 11:42

The issue is that he lives in London and I live several hours drive away. I know the police are stopping people around where I live but mostly tourists travelling miles to visit beauty spots.

I have done the drive there and back in a day (about 10 hours in the car with traffic) but it's gruelling so ideally I would stay overnight.

Ideally I would have more than one donation to increase chances.

I am well over 40 now. Another birthday later this month so NHS wouldn't do anything for me.


Waiting2BAMummy · 01/01/2021 18:08

My donor flaked our on me. He said he isn’t well but didn’t bother to tell me even though we were supposed to meet today. I messaged him around 11 this morning and he only responded just now.

Maybe he is ill and I get that this doesn’t mean as much to them but am I asking too much that he could have let me know sooner. I’ve got a different donor who has agreed to meet on Sunday but that’s only one donation so not holding out much hope for this month.

OP posts:

Waiting2BAMummy · 03/01/2021 10:36

How is everyone this morning? I’m on the train on the way to meet my donor, should I be successful I’m not sure I’ll be telling my future child they were conceived in a train station toilet! Classy, huh?!

This was my opk this morning so I’m hoping for my positive this afternoon and that this is perfect timing.

At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....
OP posts:

Overlyanxious · 03/01/2021 14:41

Fingers crossed for you @Waiting2BAMummy that opk looks good to me.


Waiting2BAMummy · 03/01/2021 23:18

Thank you @Overlyanxious think I just finally got my positive so hopefully my attempt this month was perfectly timed!

How are you doing?

At Home Insemination - Buddies? The story continues....
OP posts:

Overlyanxious · 04/01/2021 14:14

@Waiting2BAMummy oh that’s brilliant. I’m ok - I think I messed it up this month - possibly by taking evening primrose oil as I haven’t had a positive opk this month. However as I’m still not really sure what’s going on inside I’m not too bothered as it may not have worked anyway. I have my gynae appointment on Thursday so looking forward to getting things started. I’m also trying to get a kitten at the moment - it’s ridiculously difficult - every time I contact someone the kittens have all been sold


Waiting2BAMummy · 04/01/2021 15:36

That’s so weird I’ve been looking at kittens today @Overlyanxious!

Good luck at your appointment on Thursday hopefully you’ll get some answers and will be able to start moving forward.

OP posts:

juneybean · 04/01/2021 21:33

Hello all, hope you're all hanging in there. Do you think I can claim picking sperm up from a donor is an essential trip 😂 only CD 7 at the minute.


Waiting2BAMummy · 04/01/2021 23:06

Absolutely @juneybean it’s more essential than people buying lamps from B&M etc but they still will be!

OP posts:

Busybee143 · 08/01/2021 20:38

Hope you guys are well and you've had a good start to the year x


Waiting2BAMummy · 08/01/2021 21:21

How are you doing @Busybee143? Hope you’re doing well.

I got my positive opk on Sunday and judging my my temps I think I ovulated on Tuesday. Fertility friend seems to agree with that but still waiting for OvuSense to confirm. On that basis though I think my timing was out so better start planning next month!

OP posts:

Busybee143 · 09/01/2021 19:00

@Waiting2BAMummy don't give up hope yet!!
I'm well thankyou baby is moving a bit more these days but she's been a little quiet today, she must be having a good sleep.


bitheby · 09/01/2021 20:07


Hello all, hope you're all hanging in there. Do you think I can claim picking sperm up from a donor is an essential trip 😂 only CD 7 at the minute.

In the same boat. Positive OPK today and have no access to any sperm unless I travel. I'm seriously losing the will to live.

juneybean · 10/01/2021 15:39

Gosh I'm sure I replied to this yesterday and now I'm worried I've posted it on a random other thread...awkward.

I'm going to get my sperm tonight, thankfully my donor is only 10 mins away so if stopped could claim I was going to McDonalds! How far away is your donor @bitheby ?


bitheby · 10/01/2021 15:54

Hours and hundreds of miles. He's in London. I've been in a dither all day but I haven't travelled so I'm right on the cusp of it being too late now.

He's helpfully text me to say that in a few years we could use drone technology to deliver. Not helpful.


juneybean · 10/01/2021 16:01

Haha oh no :( are you able to find a closer donor for next cycle?

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