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Sexual technics

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EvansMr · 15/06/2008 20:43

share your sexual secrets
I lay her on her back with me on my side and flick the bean while goin at it like a jack hammer
seems to work every time

is there any technics you would like to share?

OP posts:
piratecat · 16/06/2008 07:31

this has been a grrreeeeaaaat way to start my day.

very funny.

god i love the female ability to crush/put down.!!

TiggerLicious · 16/06/2008 09:14

Please someone keep this thread going,seriously I can't stop laughing

youknownothingofthecrunch · 16/06/2008 09:22

Ah, it has been many a year since DH attacked my thigh like an overenthusiastic border collie.

Boco · 16/06/2008 09:22


Is that you?

This has to be a message from my late husband Roy, he always used to flick my bean while hammering away at my thy.

It was the problem with impotence I think, it didn't you know, go in, but could still pack a wallop when flung at my thy.

Boco · 16/06/2008 09:23

Now you see that would have actually worked as a joke if the name change to Pat Butcher had worked. As me, well, it's just odd. I never married Roy Evans.

mankymummy · 16/06/2008 09:25

Mr Evans please share with us your oral sex tecnics...

Do you go at it like a lapping puppy and shag her behind her left knee?

littlelapin · 16/06/2008 09:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youknownothingofthecrunch · 16/06/2008 09:28

I always find a good elbow shagging a wonderful release after a hard day at work.

Between the toes works too.

youknownothingofthecrunch · 16/06/2008 09:28

LL rofl

snorris · 16/06/2008 09:29

Brightened up my Monday morning .
Surely this is a candidate for Mumsnet Classics?

youknownothingofthecrunch · 16/06/2008 09:31

Group lego porn!

I never knew lego was so filthy

bcsnowpea · 16/06/2008 09:37

Oh this is sooo wrong!!! I can't stop laughing

Boco · 16/06/2008 09:38

I really want to know what 'banging sideways from behind' means.

How can something be sideways AND behind?

CurrantBM · 16/06/2008 09:39

It gives a whole new meaning to the tune "Duelling Banjos"

CurrantBM · 16/06/2008 09:41

LL- filth

CurrantBM · 16/06/2008 09:43

It's not fair my DD's don't have any Lego, I can't join in

Maybe this is how Jilly Cooper gets her ideas......

Tidgypuds · 16/06/2008 09:46

You want to be careful EvansMr using a technic like that and having the ability to bend it round it in such a way, there is a danger you may snap your banjo string.

youknownothingofthecrunch · 16/06/2008 09:47

Mr Evans

CurrantBM · 16/06/2008 10:02

I've just had a thought, you say your laydee has a hole in her thigh, is this where you inflate her?

LynetteScavo · 16/06/2008 10:10

I'm confused, EvansMr , isthis what you do while going at it like a jack hammer.

LynetteScavo · 16/06/2008 10:16

EvansMr flicking the bean big time

lackaDAISYcal · 16/06/2008 10:17

oh, the poor boy. He's probably in double maths now. benevolent

Lol at your lego porn YKNOTC

MarsLady · 16/06/2008 11:19
lou33 · 16/06/2008 11:43

is that you evansmr?

MONKEYMONKEY · 16/06/2008 11:50


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