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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
Babymad4num3 · 13/10/2006 17:28

Is there anyone else that is CD10 today?

Natty1806 · 13/10/2006 18:08

Thanks Mrs will start it tomorrow then, i am adding in the cough med tomorrow but like you slightly concerned about taking it when i don't have a cough.

CD4 for me any cycle buddie out there?

sideways · 13/10/2006 20:43

Babymad - I'm CD9 so not far behind you, not that it makes much difference this month with dh away.

At least I don't have to dring grapefruit juice and cough medicine.

I wouldn't worry about taking cough medicine when you don't have a cough - from what I've read it's main purpose is to soothe the throat, it doesn't actually do much for the cough itself

Kyte · 13/10/2006 21:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emz25 · 13/10/2006 21:11

hi mrs! don't worry you've still got plenty of time! have 'em close together!
i've always wanted twins!

DH has them in his family but i don't! not sure if there is much chance think twins have to be on the mothers side so you have every chance!

hi natty i'm cd5 today so only a day behind!

Natty1806 · 13/10/2006 21:59

Yey a cycle buddie. Hello Emz.

RachelRose · 13/10/2006 22:25

Hi everyone - I hopping over from the October thread as my AF finally arrived today - 7 days late. I thought it'd never get here! Am actually fairly pleased because I knew I wasn't pregnant and the longer it took to arrive the more worried I got!.

I haven't had a chance to read much of the the thread - you've all been fairly chatty!!

I'll just give you a little about me - I'm 34, I've got one DS who is 2.6yrs and we've been trying for 4 months. I was pregnant last year but lost the baby at 21wks in Dec 05.

After a couple of months of just BD'ing around what I thought was the right time, I got into OV tests last month which said I didn't OV (may be why AF late?) - Gonna try pre-seed, Evening Primrose Oil and temps this month.

Fingers crossed for everyone!

Bodkin · 14/10/2006 08:14

Hi to everyone - Kyte, I'm on CD3 now - are we cycle buddies? Like the BD plan - think that's the way I'll go this month. Last month DP was working to finish some projects to a deadline, and trying to get some action out of him was hard work!!! Hope he'll be a bit less stressed and knackered this month so we can really give this a shot.

Mrs McJnr - hope you had a nice day off and got some peace from the boss in the end.

RachelRose - we haven't chatted before but your situation sounds quite similar to mine (sorry to hear of your loss last year, that must have been awful for you) We have been trying for a sibling for DD (2.9) for about 5 months. How frustrating to be 7 days late. I'd have been climbing the walls!

One good thing about this ttc lark is that it does put you back in touch with your body and concentrate on yourself a bit more, especially if you have kids already. Also, it's prompted me to go and arrange a very overdue smear test, just in case I do get pregnant and then have to wait another god knows how long!

saf1 · 14/10/2006 09:27

Mornin all

As a newbie I'm not sure what CD is and how to calculate it so I'm v.confused

Can someone shed some light for me



Natty1806 · 14/10/2006 10:26

CD is your cycle day and day 1 is the first full day bleed, then you just keep counting.


Babymad4num3 · 14/10/2006 12:08

Morning Ladies and fellow cycle bud's!
CD11 today started getting wet CM so Ov soon, i hope it will hold off for a day or two, but i keep getting a crampping feeling on one side so i dont think it will, hold off that is!

How is everyone?

Sideways how long is your cycle?

saf1 · 14/10/2006 12:53


Kyte · 14/10/2006 14:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:08

hi everybody, im new to this threedand would like to join as i have been ttc for six months and still no luck also periods havinf ben all over the place and just came on today after three months so im hoping for a positive in november? any tips on ov kits.the only thing is my cycle is eregler

vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:18


vvvvvvv · 14/10/2006 15:18


Natty1806 · 14/10/2006 17:46


Sorry no one was on early to talk to you. You say you you have been trying 6 months and your periods are all over the place.

When i finished the pill last July mine were like this varing between 35 days and 70 days averaging out at 48/50ish. After 6 months i was persuaded to go to my gp by my mum, gp said that it was more than likely i was not ovulating so he did a few blood tests to confirm this, i am now on a drug called clomid which has helped my body to ovulate.

This might not be the case for you but as our periods are irregular i do suggest a visit to gp for a chat and maybe start temp charting to see if you do have a pattern even though dates vary.

Would not recommend OPK's if you are irregular as it will be hard to work out when you ovulate and yo will end up using 20+ of them which to be honest in my experience is disappointing when everytime you pee on it it is -.

Sorry if i have rambled and hope i have helped and not scared you.


sideways · 14/10/2006 23:33

Babymad, my cycle is usually pretty regular at 27-28 days.

vvv - welcome

Natty1806 · 15/10/2006 10:19

Tried grapefruit juice this morning, can't drink it, it is foul.

Going to start cough med instead.

ready4motherhood · 15/10/2006 10:30

Hi everyone. Just moved over from the October thread
It's our first month of trying, and I am more upset than I thought I would be at the arrival of AF. I had felt her coming, but wanted it to be pregnancy pains
Any advice for not going through this disappointment every month between now and conception????

Good luck to everyone for a BFP in November xx

Babymad4num3 · 15/10/2006 11:42

Morning Ladies!
CD12 today, off you tabs tomorrow cant wait, we BDed yesterday (hopefully again today) but my temps are not right so I don't know if I've OVed OR OVing, so don't know, got a bit of wet CM so just going by that, not doing the Ov-test anymore till I know weather I have PCOS or not, because alot of websites say that ov-test give out false reading for ladies with PCOS! Hope everyone is fine and well.

Sideways I have a 26-28 days cycles, when in your cycle do you OVed?

MrsMcJnr · 15/10/2006 14:47

Bodkin - I can think of preferable "me" time to having a smear but very sensible!

RachelRose - and [happy] for you, as you say, at least you know where you are now and it's nice to have you with us!

Babymad - glad the tabs are nearly finished, hope you are feeling better

Hello to all - more from me tomorrow!

Frothycoffeegirl · 15/10/2006 19:59

Natty, I think I'm pretty irregular now too - was due my AF just under 2 weeks, and still nothing.

First time I've been soooo late, usually every 35ish days. Coincidentally I was using the OPK's last month, thinking oh this will be easy, it can tell me when and bingo... but then just -ves, even had to buy a 2nd load of sticks and still nothing... and now I see why! AF has decided to take a long holiday.

I'm a little worried, but trying to keep busy. If I don't get it again this month then I'll go back to GP. Already went to GP when missed this AF but she said 'sometimes it happens'...

Of course, for at least 2 weeks I thought I was pregnant, and extremely cruelly at the same time also came down with a virus that made me feel nauseous and bloated. Somebody up there is trying to test me.

As part of my plan to keep busy am off to gym tomorrow, hurrah!

sideways · 15/10/2006 20:51

Yes, grapefruit juice is foul, I just hold my nose and swig it back

Ready4, sorry about af

Babymad - I think I ov cd10. I meant to do a test this morning but was really busy and forgot. May do one next time I go to the loo! I really want to find out for definite if I do ov so early.

Kyte · 15/10/2006 21:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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