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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
MrsMcJnr · 16/11/2006 09:59

Hello November ladies who's next to test then?

Big hello to Kyte and KitKat as not heard from you two for a while. Hope you are feeling ok Kyte - can you send that babydust sleigh over to us on Dec thread too please? I BELIEVE IN BABYDUST (and Santa)! KitKat - howz it going for you? Re Coggy, yes, we are all missing her, think she needed some time out .

RachelRose · 16/11/2006 10:07

Thanks for the congratulations and happy thoughts everyone!

Think we need a roll call of who is left to test and when, so the excitement can build up again.

So far its,

  • KitKat - 21st-ish
  • Cityangel - 24th
  • Greedy - End of Nov?

Any more?
KitKat30 · 16/11/2006 10:29

Oooh no ? am I first on the list?! Pressure!!!

I think I timed the BDing right this month ? had EWCM, ov pains and +opk. But have had NO pg symptoms whatsoever!! Just feeling the usual AF cramps . I know it ain?t over till the old witch shows up, but just not feeling it at all this month. Am hoping Dec is going to be lucky for me.

Am just catching up on all the old threads ? and I have to LOL at the Christmas emoticons thread!! Honestly! If you don?t like them, don?t use them!! Simple really.

MrsMcJ ? what?s happening on the job front?

Coggy ? if you?re out there, we?re thinking of you hon.

honeyapple · 16/11/2006 10:32

Yup, I'm end of november too- however got a slight dilemma- got a big party to go to on the 25th november- lots of drinking i imagine, and my AF will be due 2 days later...
what to do? Do i test early in case PG, or just say sod it and drink lots and not worry... but then if i am PG i might feel a bit bad about the booze... but if i test early and get a BFN then i'll be miserable!!!! any suggestions? cheers

BigCookLittleCook · 16/11/2006 11:48

Hmm, not much help honeyapple but when I was trying for DS I had a wedding and a party over one weekend, did a test on the Friday, negative, drank too much wine (to commiserate), then got a positive the following week. I was already over a week late when I got that negative... DS is fine though, no ill effects from the booze. I wouldn't go too overboard tho, just to be on the safe side..

greedyguzzler · 16/11/2006 11:54

tricky one honyapple! i drank lots during the 2ww with both of my previous pregnancies cos i was thinking ' if i dont drink, its like admitting that i think i am pg and thats tempting fate!' IYSWIM! both my kids are fine! my theory is that until a proper blood flow to the embryo is established then not too much alcohol can get to it to affect it can it! not a very sensible theory, i know, but its mine anyway!
makes me sound like a bit of an alcoholic doesnt it? whoops!
only you will know what you feel best doing, but i bet you end up testing early!

i would just like to flippin ovulate! do you think my egg is too stressed out to be released? anyone ever heard of stressed eggs before? i reckon it thinks it doesnt want to get released cos then there will be too much pressure on it to let a little swimmer in!
OMG! i am giving my eggs feelings.....what is wrong with me????????????????????

honeyapple · 16/11/2006 12:35

thanks- i probably wont test, unless i get some PG symptoms. I want to enjoy myself!
And i think that if you are v stressed it can delay OV... so get that whale music on your stereo and chill!

firststar · 16/11/2006 12:37

Message withdrawn

firststar · 16/11/2006 12:41

Message withdrawn

RachelRose · 16/11/2006 13:33

Honeyapple - I agree with Greedy in that it shouldn't matter - I've actually heard that blood flow argument before and it makes sense to me . With my first 2 pregnancies I was a lot more relaxed and wasn't really into counting days and didn't even know when my irregular AF was due to arrive - so I was definately drunk in between conception and getting a positive. But its what you feel most comfortable with.

Greedy, maybe your eggs are suffering from performance anxiety and are hiding seriously though hope you get a positve OPK soon. Although remember that there have been months when they haven't worked for loads of ladies on here. Doesn' necessarily mean you are not OV-ing this month.

conkertree · 16/11/2006 13:53

I'm lurking in the shadows a wee bit too - keeping up with everyones progress - congratulations to eveyone with a BFP so far this month. In my first month of ttc and have such irregular periods that I'm not too sure whether i've ov'd or not yet this month. On cd 23 though so probably have. But again, dont really know when to expect AF so don't really know when to test. Will probably test at end of month if no AF

sideways · 16/11/2006 14:06

Rachelrose - congratulations on your bfp

greedyguzzler · 16/11/2006 14:13

your temp should be higher if you have ov'd shouldnt it? mine hasnt gone up yet, although it is hard to do it at the same time every day cos i normally have one of the kids shouting 'MUMMY, MUMMY' at the top of their voices and i rush to them (obviously as fast as i can.....i never ever ever lie there thinking 'its too early go back to sleep'). so then it could be half an hour later by the time i remember and take it. so it tends to be a bit all over the place, a bit like me really!
fingers crossed conkertree!

conkertree · 16/11/2006 17:45

i havent given taking my temperature a shot yet cause we did intend to be quite relaxed about it all and just hope it happened at some point - more stop trying to prevent it i suppose than really ttc, but since i am hooked on mn and reading everyones stories, and realising just how long each cycle actually is when you are thinking about it, i think if no BFP this month, i will be buying a thermometer on cd1. Any recommendations or do you just go to boots and pick one off the shelf?

greedyguzzler · 16/11/2006 18:04

i am not the best one to ask about thermometers! mine is hopeless! just dont go rectal!
oh to be relaxed about the whole thing like you! i have never been like that! far too anal!
hey....what is it with me and bumholes this message!!!!!!

ready4motherhood · 16/11/2006 18:52

conkertree, I got mine from boots, £12.50. It's a cute little thing, although it doesn't have a light so use the light of my alarm clock to read the figures it comes with a little booklet for charting, and a little black folder thing for it all. I was quite pleased

ready4motherhood · 16/11/2006 19:03

oh, and it's an oral thermometer

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 16/11/2006 19:43


I just wondered if anyone had a similiar experience?

I have been testing for ov since last Friday and nothing.Im using the el cheapo sticks off ebay (and its a good job as I am using about three a day }
I had the faint lines (which I know dont count) and now nothing.It should have happened last weekend and its my second month on clomid and I am very sore, swollen and it feels like a pressure cooker inside.
I had accupuncture last night and I hope that it gets things moving...

I had a m/c at 5 weeks last month but was thrilled to get pg after 18 months of ttc and on first month of clomid.As I had a normal bleed I took it as a late period and just started taking the clomid as per.My GP said it was ok but I have probably wasted a months supply as I prob wont have a mormal cycle this month (but she is so negative that I ignored her )

Babymad2DS · 16/11/2006 19:53

Sideways you okay?

Minshu · 16/11/2006 21:32

Congratulations RachelRose and Firststar!! Did you get round to mentioning this to DH yet, RR?

Greedy - hope your nipple has recovered [ouch]

cityangel · 16/11/2006 23:29

Hello chicks Happy nearly weekend

One confused ttc from London... how is it that my temp charts (don't get out of bed/ same time/ try hard ones) Are all over the place and read like textbook anovulation and yet this month I go 3 OPKs. There is no obvious cover line and they look like a crap rollercoaster ride! Can you get OPKs where your body is trying to OV but then doesn't and still get light 30 ish day periods?

Rambling/ Specific question I know so [no idea hugs] in reply are all good!

firststar · 17/11/2006 10:00

Message withdrawn

firststar · 17/11/2006 10:02

Message withdrawn

Chooster · 17/11/2006 10:30

Hi Ladies - This is RachelRose under my new name - I felt a change coming on.

I suddenly thought - God, in real life I don't know who is a MN-er and who isn't. And having your first name AND middle name as user ID is not very subtle - especially as I've just introduced myself on the antenatal thread - Rachel, live in Edinburgh, work in IT for big scottish bank...) Can you imagine if someone ever came up to you at the coffe machine and said "How's your CM today?" The embarassment!! Its funny enough when I meet MrsMcJ for coffee and we sit there talking about CM, BD, sore boobs etc...

Anyway - Cityangel, it may be worth joining the charting threads and see if someone will take a look? How long have you been temping for? When I started it looked all over the place but looking back it kind of made sense.

Ready - you've got the same thermometer as me with the little black folder from Boots - I founfd it really good as it doesn't beep loudly or anything, but no loght so I use my mobile phone. Alternatively it stores the last recorded temp so even if you don't want to look when you've just done it, you can look later on when you are up.

Conkertree - I only temped for a month but I found it really interesting and dead easy. DH never even knew I was doing it it was that quick!

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weeked! [smile

ready4motherhood · 17/11/2006 10:44

Woo, I've got the same thermometer as Chooster!! Hopefully I will not be far behind with the BFP!!?? Funny you should say about the memory, cos I just worked that out this morning... didn't have to jot the temp on my pad for putting into my book once the sleep was out of my eyes... I just rolled over and had a bit of a snooze!

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