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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
Babymad4num3 · 12/10/2006 08:50

Morning Ladies/cycle buddy's!
CD9 today temp back down, going to DB everyday once I'm off these tabs so still taking the temp but taking to with a pitch of salt. I've got back ache in my kidney area kept me awake all night, I have "chronic pyelonephritis" my consultant said I have kidneys of a 65 year old woman! I think that the tabs this new doctor has given me are too strong for my kidneys but only on them another 4 days! Hope everyone is fine and well, I'll catch up later!

n&t&b can you please update us soon, thinking of you always ((((((big hug))))) from me!

Frothycoffeegirl · 12/10/2006 10:40

Thanks Jess for your info, makes me feel better about missing an AF. But am really starting to worry that something is wrong. Does anyone think that at age 36, missing AF and ttc for three rounds of AF's means I should go and have some further investigations done? Or am I worrying FAR FAR too much...!

rubles · 12/10/2006 10:58

Oh, Babymad, poor you.

Chocolatepeanut - it sounds like you have probably covered it enough for this month.

Bodkin - do you often get the AF pains from so early on? I had that last month from 4 dpo for the first time, and like you it did give me a bit of hope. I don't know why it happened, I think it is my body having a laugh at my expense.

Frothycoffee - the doctors will say it is too early. 6 months is the guideline if you are over 35, and even then, from my experience they will still say it seems too early and try to convince you to wait a bit longer. At this stage it might be best to start looking at your fertile signs to ensure you are definitely doing it at the right time (if you aren't already).

Emz25 · 12/10/2006 11:30

hi evry1
lol bodkin! i was imaginin symptoms last mth too!
had myself convinced too even 1 day late and i'm always reg! ah well! maybe this mth. i've been tryin since mid august must be CD4 now then! god it feels like forever! i'm stressin about the gap too if it happens this mth there will be 2 yrs and 5 mths between my DD and baby. not to bad but i don't really want the gap to be much bigger! more babydust to us all for this mth!

Babymad4num3 · 12/10/2006 11:50

rubles how are your today?

Frothycoffeegirl · 12/10/2006 13:43

Thanks rubles, that's good advice. Trouble is, now I missed AF I have no idea about my cycle, will it start again and go on for 35 days or will it be late?!

The thing is, coz I've never missed an AF it immediately started me worrying. Grrrr. Come on AF, show yourself! She's being a bit cruel, I think!

Babymad, that sounds awful by the way, you poor thing.

Bodkin, it's addictive this MN isn't it. I just find myself spending more and more time on it, perhaps it's not really helping me stop thinking about it??!

JoeTwoTies · 12/10/2006 13:50

Wasn't sure whether to TTC, but thanks to another thread have decided to give it a whirl. I have 2 DS's (16 month gap) Am probably mad, but would love a third bambino!

MrsMcJnr · 12/10/2006 13:51

Afternoon ladies! How are you all?

FCG - hope you are feeling better today. Try not to worry, it's just sods law that worrying adds to our TTC issues isn't it?

Babymad - how are you? when do you finish those tablets? Worrying about your kidneys.

Well done Choc Peanut - sounds like you've done the very best you could this cycle!!

Bodkin, welcome!

Lots of positive vibes and babydust to all.....................

Babymad4num3 · 12/10/2006 16:32

MrsMcJur I'm fine backache went a few hours ago so I did some ironing, I finish them dam tablets on Monday in the morning, but I'm sure I'll be fine to BD a day or two before if i Ov, as implantation takes over a week away, so I'm pondering what to do! What do you think!?

Bodkin · 12/10/2006 16:44

Hi again all. V. boring day at work, and it is not the sort of job where i can sneakily check mn unfortunately, so just quickly catching up with everyone.

Rubles - this is the first month i have had pains from so early on - also had a bit of spotting which coincided (about 5-6 dpo) so you can imagine my excitement, as that was how it was with dd first time round. Now I'm thinking that maybe it is my period finally kicking in properly after coming off pill in May, as it has been really short and light since then, although regular. Will see how long af hangs around for this time.

Feeling more positive though and thanks for making me feel so welcome all of you.

Emz25 - know what you mean about age gap. DD is 2.9 and I was sort of hoping I might be blessed with the patter of tiny feet before the end of next august, so at least there would only be 3 school years between them, rather than 4! Know that is a bit unrealistic though, and of course any age gap would be great.

Minshu · 12/10/2006 18:02

Good afternoon ladies!

Thinking of trying a new strategy - booking a pg-unfriendly dive trip in December. So, if this month works, I'll have a week on a boat unable to dive, unable to take sea-legs and will have "wasted" lots or money. But, if AF arrives I will at least have a holiday to look forward to, and it should be the week running up to ov, which could help the December efforts.

Obviously, I have no direct experience with age gaps, but have one niece-nephew combo with nearly 3 yr diff and the other with 7.5 yr diff - and both sets get on really well and both sisters in law love the way things are between their kids.

Frothycoffeegirl · 12/10/2006 20:44

Yup MrsMcJnr, trying so so hard not to worry now. Must keep busy, not ponder too much... still, isn't it just like a pair of shoes that you really really want? I see families of two children everywhere, or babies everywhere, or preggers women everywhere...!

This weekend have to meet a friend of mine who is 3 months up the duff, so have to put on my 'I'm so happy for you and not at all jealous' face on specially. Of course, I am v. happy for her but also as green as can be!

It's so good to read about the age gap thing, it does make me feel oodles better that a 7.5 year age gap works really well! And of course, presumably ANY age gap is good...

Right, so strategy for all us November ttc's is 'keep busy, busy, busy'.

sideways · 12/10/2006 20:58

Posted this on the October thread but lots of people have already moved over here, so hope you don't mind if I ask here too:

Hi all, wonder if I could get some advice.

Now on cd8, af was a day late but otherwise pretty normal, but I now have some bleeding which I have never had before outside af.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

Feedmenow - so sorry your dh doesn't want to ttc. I hope you can both have a good chat and clarify what happens now and how you both feel about things.

MrsMcJnr · 13/10/2006 00:23

Hey ladies, anyone up?

Welcome to all the newbies - nice to have you with us! Hello JoeTwoTies - I'm one of 3, it's fab! Hope you get your BPF soon and being well versed in this stuff, you can help the rest of us pg spot!

Sideways - sorry chick, no experience of that. Wish I could help .

Frothycoffeegirl - I know what you mean, I see lovely bumps everywhere and just wonder why I can't have one.

Minshu - I like your thinking! I was thinking of getting a gym membership as sod's law would dictate that I'd get pg the first month of a 12 month contract!

Bodkin - don't worry, stick with us.

Babymad - I agree with Trace, I think the danger from the tabs would be minimal. Keep yourself happy now xx

Bodkin · 13/10/2006 08:04

Check out night owl Mrs McJ! Blimey, night on the tiles, or just can't sleep?

Well, am going to join the "busy busy busy" mantra and knuckle down and concentrate on the shedload of work I've got to do (she says, pottering around on MN instead of getting DD ready for playgroup). Can't do much about ttc while AF is in town anyway.

Tried grapefruit juice last month, but tbh, it almost worked too well - so much cm from the begininng I couldn't tell when I was really ovulating and got a bit confused. Plus it's foul!

Kyte · 13/10/2006 09:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emz25 · 13/10/2006 10:24

hi every1 hope ur all ok!

sorry to hear that kyte - lots of babydust for this mth!

bodkin - there is 2.4 yrs between my eldest 2 both at sch! DD9, DS6 & DD 20mths. the little 1 gets left quite alot if there r at sch or after sch clubs so i wanted a similar age gap with the younger 2! this gap will be bigger.
hopefully though if it happens this mth, will only be 2.5 yr gap. they do all get on well together but i do think a smaller gap is better the older 2 are defo more closer they do everything together!

saf1 · 13/10/2006 13:37

Hi all,

Haven't been able to get on recently as too busy.

My preseed arrived this morning so can't wait to start B'ding again and try this stuff..I've read some very positive feedback about it.

I bought some cough mixture but just couldn't bring myself to take any especially now that my cough has gone

Taking EPO and vitamin B supplements as I always do.

I'm seeing homeopath Monday anyway and might ask for some suggestions from her or even a remedy.?

I hope everyone keeps well and stay as positive as poss during this month


Minshu · 13/10/2006 13:38

One good thing about autumn being here - bumps are less obvious when women are wearing coats and big jumpers. It always amazes me every spring when skimpier clothes come out just how many people seem to be pg...

Thanks for the warning about the grapefruit juice, Bodkin. I'll try it this month anyway, but I love the taste of it. The plan is to keep BDing as much as poss, so it doesn't matter if we miss ov.

Kyte - I've heard of cycles being linked to the moon - a friend of mine always knows when she is due by the moon (she's not interested in having a baby, though). I'm sure I read something, somewhere about such women generally getting the BFP quicker. The more I want to be pg, the later AF is, so it might be the same for you...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. DH and I are off to the lakes courtesy of wonderful MIL If AF clears up, we'll be able to get started on my cunning plan, but worried about messing up B&B's sheets (eugh!!)

saf1 · 13/10/2006 13:48

Nice Minshu

You lucky thing have a lovely w'end relax and enjoy

MrsMcJnr · 13/10/2006 14:15

Afternoon ladies! Bodkin - it was a combination of being a bit hyper after a girls' night in, the fact that DH is away on a stag and I am on holiday today! Got up quite late after my midnight visit to Mumsnet. Have woken up with a cold too my temps were really high this morning as a result (only CD8) I just love grapefruit juice, I have to limit myself to my morning glass or else god knows what it would do!

Welcome Kyte I had never heard of the link between AF and a full moon before. Happy birthday for next week!

Hello Emz25 - I always wanted to have 4 kids but think that might be a bit optimistic now given that I am 33 soon and still trying for no 1, that said, we do have a history of twins in my family Hope you get your BFP soon.

Hi Saf1 - hope you find the preseed good. I think it is really easy to use and neither of us noticed anything different from normal (which is a good thing!) We are only using it as an aid to TTC not for it's real purpose!

Let us know how you get on with the homeopath. always interested in that kind of stuff. I was at an aloe vera party last night and thought I'd buy some royal jelly and some of the aloe vera gel drink, it is meant to have all sorts of great health properties - anyone else tried it?

Hi Minshu - have a fabby weekend!

Natty1806 · 13/10/2006 14:21

Hi Mrs - should i start drinking my grapefruit juice now CD4 or wait a few days? Oved on CD17/18


MrsMcJnr · 13/10/2006 14:34

Hi Natty. My understanding was that the earlier you started the CM improving stuff, the better it would be. I take mine from CD1 but then again, I am still not getting EW so need it I guess. Anyone else heard anything different? I am considering only using the cough mixture around Ov next cycle (though hope I won't have one) as not only does the cost add up but I am not keen on taking it when I don't have a cough!

Kyte · 13/10/2006 15:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babymad4num3 · 13/10/2006 17:15

Afternoon Ladies! CD10 today, nothing much to report, been resting, DH said no to BDing last night lost the touch he said it's because I'm on the tabs so we cant! oh well he can save be his energy for when I'm not and make him my sex slave Hope everyone is fine and well, so glad N&T&B is okay!

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