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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
MrsMcJnr · 11/10/2006 12:10

Hello ladies where are you all? very quiet on here!

Babymad - are you cross with me? didn't mean to upset ypu. How is your face now you poor thing?

Rubles - When's your appointment? how are you feeling about it all?

Jess - How's the temping going?

Uki - How are you? what plans do you have for this cycle?

Choc nut - How are you feeling on the clomid? did you get all that BDing in?

Hello to everyone else, how are your TTC plans going this cycle so far? I keep orgetting to take the cough mixture

saf1 · 11/10/2006 12:55

Hi all, I've posted a few times on Oct thread but now after AF arriving this morning I'm going to join you all on this one.

Hope that's ok?

Feeling very pissed off which I shouldn't as I've only been off my pill since August, but conceived v.quickly with DD2.

Good luck to everyone. lol

saf1 · 11/10/2006 12:56

Sorry forgot to ask...which is the cough syrup to buy? And where do you get the pre-seed from?


MrsMcJnr · 11/10/2006 13:10

Hello Saf1 - welcome to Nov and sorry to hear about AF. It is SO frustrating isn't it?!

The active ingredient you need in the cough mixture is Guiffesin (spelt quite a few ways). There are many brands that have Guiffesin only mixtures (and that is important, no active ingredients needed) but you can go for any of them. I have a Boots own one at the mo.

You can buy pre-seed from the Access Diagnostics website. Very quick delivery too.

HTH How old are your DDs?

Babymad4num3 · 11/10/2006 13:32

Hi CD8 today still on tabs, and temp high, and a little cm not much!

MrsMcJur no i'm not cross with you why would i be? I'm fine feeling a bit under the weather today but i'll be fine!

desperate2bmum · 11/10/2006 13:51

sprinkling tonnes of babydust to everyone xxxx

im still on oct thread...but thought id say hi to u all.

mrsmcjnr - i kept forgetting to take the cough mixture too

cd16 today and bd'd 8,10,12,13,14,15 usng preseed onlast two...i need to ask a real real TMI question!!!

basically when dp squirts his magical stuff you get a certain amount of leakage(well i do) but last two nights when ive used pre-seed i havnt had any just been a little moist..has anyone else experienced this? i just wonder that if the pre-seed forms a barrier so the sperms cant escape?

ok well reading that back that sounds like such a stupic question...but ny ideas?

saf1 · 11/10/2006 14:03

Hi MrsMcJnr..thanks for that...bloody frustrating!!

Still I can't complain really as I have two beautiful DD's ages 3yrs and 21 mths..yes there really is only 20 months between them.

But just like babymad I am SO ready for number 3. Hi Babymad..see we're both still trying for #3

PLEASE can someone tell me where to get this pre-seed from...I've asked but no one will tell me..


desperate2bmum · 11/10/2006 14:05

desperate2bmum · 11/10/2006 14:08

if anyone wants cheering up and a bit of a laugh i hoghly reccomend getting a book called from here to maternity by mel giedroyc (she was a tv presenter did a lunch time programme called mel and sue) its absolutely hilarious i couldnt put the book down and read it in 2 days. its kind of like a diary of from when she finds out she is pregnant to birth. she has also done a follow up one called going gaga which i am getting at the weekend.

Natty1806 · 11/10/2006 14:11

D2M - i have that with the preseed as well.

saf1 · 11/10/2006 14:14

Thanks desperate

saf1 · 11/10/2006 14:17

Desperate..can't access website??


saf1 · 11/10/2006 14:20


MrsMcJnr · 11/10/2006 15:33

Babymad just being paranoid. Glad you are feeling positive, you will be better very soon!

D2M - that's a lot of BDing!! Hope it does the trick for you. Oh and, same as you and Natty with the pre-seed but it's not done the trick for me so far

Saf1 - we have all noticed on here that it does not matter if it is baby 1 or baby 10 you are TTC, the want and need is just the same! Bet your little gilrs are really cute!

desperate2bmum · 11/10/2006 16:30

isnt it strange thatthe pre-see dodes this? i wonder if it is supposed to...i might check out the leaflet that came with the sachets and look for a helpline?!
atleast i am not the only one...i just thought it was odd the first time...and even had to ask dp if he had "cum" ..was kinda doubting him tbh but the second time round i thought it odd add thought to myself..."il ask mumsnet"

Frothycoffeegirl · 11/10/2006 16:32

Well I'm a bit of a MN virgin, only posted a couple of times on another thread, but just reading your chats has helped me a lot. Anyway, just wondered if I could join your thread... I actually missed a period which should have come last week (has that happened to anyone else?! Bit cruel of my body...) and done an amazing amount of pregnancy tests since, all negative. So, presume it's 'roll on November'! This will only be my 3rd round of trying, but so desperate for no. 2. Just keep thinking that the gap between DD1 and next growing larger by the day, and there's nothing I can do about it... have 35 days between AF's, tried ov. kits last month but got no + (presumably hence no AF) Given up on the ov. kit coz it's just too disappointing when I get no +. V. v. v. frustrated. What do you do to take your mind off ttc? Sorry for long msg! Babydust to you all...

Natty1806 · 11/10/2006 16:32

LOL - that is what i did, i was sat on the toilet 30 mins later thinking 'did he cum' then in the end i just asked him

MrsMcJnr · 11/10/2006 16:42

Welcome FrothyCoffeegirl - love the name Glad all our ramblings have helped you.

I can't empathise about the gap between children thing as I am hoping (truly, madly and deeply) for my first but I know it is something that worries a lot of MNetters. As you say though, there is nothing you can do about it so try not to worry as you are just putting more pressure on yourself.

If you do find something that takes your mind off TTC, let us know! we could all do with something

Natty1806 · 11/10/2006 16:43

i don't seem to be able to take my mind off ttc but find the gym helps and trying to lose an extra few pounds takes my mind off it for about 2 minutes a day.

Frothycoffeegirl · 11/10/2006 16:59

Thanks MrsMcJnr, I wanted a bit of an original name! You are right about trying not to worry, I'm really really trying but now I'm ill (autumn virus I think) so horribly I can't even do anything to get my mind off it because all I want to do is collapse on the sofa! I really hope your first is just round the corner... (((babydust)) . Thanks Natty, I've just taken new membership at a nearby gym and once I'm better plan to go regularly... we'll see if it helps! Has anyone just missed an AF for no apparent reason? Presume it could be because I'm stressing about this a bit too much. Bummer.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 11/10/2006 20:43


got 1st pos ov on sunday afternoon and did not bd sun night as hubby works shifts but managed it v early mon morning (he woke me up!!)then got another pos ov on mon night and again missed mon night but he grabbed me again last night

wondering if i should seduce him tonight? i got 2nd pos mon night and its says to bd 24-48 hrs

i am knackered though

jess1996 · 11/10/2006 20:44

Hello all, hope you're all doing well.

Frothycoffeegirl - my AF was 2 weeks late this month. I got lots of BFN and had given up hope when it arrived suddenly. I used to have regular cycles until TTC. I'm putting it down to obsessing about TTC.

This is my 3rd month of TTC. I'm temp'ing now as I hope it will give me a bit more control, ie knowing if I OV late. This morning was a big temp rise from 35.9 to 36.4 (only on CD6), but I slept badly last night.

Minshu · 11/10/2006 22:43

Hi all,

This is now 13th or 14th month of ttc for number 1. Now on CD3 and DH is going to provide a sample of his "magical stuff" for analysis on Friday morning (I love the restricted opening hours for the labs round here - 9.30 to 11.30 Mon, Wed, Fri and it has to be less than 90 mins old).

This month we are mostly going to be BDing (at least every other day until well after ov whether DH likes it or not). It's our anniversay next week, so it shouldn't be too hard to get in the mood.

I'm also temping for the first time and will be drinking plenty of grapefruit juice.

Sorry - no ideas about how to take our minds off this ttc thing. Anyone else come up with anything?

Bodkin · 12/10/2006 07:59

Morning all. Been lurking and in denial for a while, but AF arrived this morning again, so have decided to embrace my obsession of TTC and join all you lovely ladies on this crazy rollercoaster ride.

Gutted about AF - was hoping those griping crampy pains I've been having since about 6 dpo were a good sign, but no, just good old AF on her way with all the slides from her holiday...

Anyone else on CD1 today?

My stats are:

Me 33
DP 41
DD 2.9
TTC since coming off pill at end of May 06

Good luck to everyone for this month!

Bodkin · 12/10/2006 08:04

Minshu - about trying to take your mind off it, haven't got any suggestions yet, but am trying to think of some strategies to get me through that boring bit at the beginning of the cycle and the dreaded 2ww. Have got loads of interesting work on that I should be concentrating on , but keep finding myself either on MN or dreaming up imaginary pg symptons

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