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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
Bodkin · 15/11/2006 15:07

Don't worry. I thought it was great. Am thinking of changing to it permanently!

By the way, I have just entered into the Emoticons debate. Shit. might have stirred things up a bit....

ready4motherhood · 15/11/2006 15:16

It's good that I am not the only one!! watch out for MrsMc though, she'll cyberslap you!!!

firststar · 15/11/2006 15:16

Message withdrawn

firststar · 15/11/2006 15:18

Message withdrawn

RachelRose · 15/11/2006 15:38

Your post on the emoticons thread was fab Bodkin!!! Loved the bit about halloween names! I've been watching that thread all day but had to post when I saw yours - it really made me smile.

Thanks for the congratulations BBWBabeLisa!!!

RachelRose · 15/11/2006 15:40

just had the realisation that probably about 20 women on MN know I'm pregnant, but neither my RL friends, parents, PIL... um, or DH know yet

ready4motherhood · 15/11/2006 15:49
firststar · 15/11/2006 15:51

Message withdrawn

RachelRose · 15/11/2006 16:05

I didn't mean that in a bad way guys!!! I just meant that having told all of you, I've kind of forgotten I need to tell other people too! You were the only ones that knew I was on the verge of testing so it made perfect sense to tell you all first.

{Rachel writes on hand "Must tell DH I'm pregnant"}

Hi Firststar - He feels a wee bit better about it all as the company confirmed yesterday that redundancy packages would be provided or a possible transfer to other posts in the company. So we'll see... The only thing that concerns DH is that he is in a really specialist field and there may not be many jobs available to suit his skills.

firststar · 15/11/2006 16:10

Message withdrawn

RachelRose · 15/11/2006 16:32

Hi Firststar - you are so right about redundancy. I was made redundant last December and have managed to land a better paid job which is more enjoyable - It happens to a lot of people.

Yes, he has put his CV together and we'll see what comes of it, but his experience is all in the airline industry and there are only so many of those up here! But, he's really started to look at it as way of making a fresh start, so thats great.

firststar · 15/11/2006 16:48

Message withdrawn

greedyguzzler · 15/11/2006 17:04

congrats RR! already said it to you firststar so i'm NOT saying it again.......oh go on then.....congrats again firststar! i am so happy and really really jealous of all of you with BFPs. what will your due dates be in july? my 1st born was a july baby and its a lovely time of year to have a baby i reckon!
i still have no +ve OPK, does anyone else do ov strips more than just once a day? i have done 2 today just to check and im starting to feel a bit obsessed!
bodking - i like it!!!!! better than bodkin !!!!! i am going to always call you that! not that i will need to much, seeing as you no longer need this thread!
i am going to check out the emoticons thread now and see what all this fuss is about!

greedyguzzler · 15/11/2006 17:11

ok......i cant waste anymore do i find this emoticons thread?

greedyguzzler · 15/11/2006 17:14

phew! feel better.....might not be able to find the emoticons thread but at least i have deleted my 'history'! thanks king of bods!

ready4motherhood · 15/11/2006 17:28

the emoticons thread for greedy

all a bit of friendly banter!

Kyte · 15/11/2006 20:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bodkin · 15/11/2006 20:59

RR - my first thoughts on getting LFP were getting on here asap. We had a houseful of guests at the time though (yes, I really did test with a houseful of guests munching on bacon sarnies downstairs, then sauntered down all casual to trough mine!)

Hope things work out ok for DH's job.

Greedy - just keep on wooing DH with your seductive one-liners and don't worry about -OPKs.

greedyguzzler · 15/11/2006 21:04

hey hey king of bods - i have just done that very thing!!!!! i am now waiting for dinner to cook whilst frantically clenching everything! i get bored of lying on the bed with a pillow under my bum! All my BDing so far this month seems to have some kind of drama attached! at least tonight it was only a partially severed nipple (mine, not his!) and i can cope with that! he is taking his watch off tomorrow night before we start! i have only got 2 you know (mind you, they are the size of saucers!) and they are quite precious to me!

Kyte · 15/11/2006 21:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greedyguzzler · 15/11/2006 21:19

just about! i was convinced there would be blood all over the sheets, but i was just being a drama queen! no blood = not much sympathy! i think my nips are a bit freakishly big anyway, so losing half of one is not a bad thing! ( being melodramatic again!)

cityangel · 15/11/2006 21:34

Hello everyone

Greedy that sounds really painful! Yours are big Watch out! Maybe you should get tassles!

2 weeks to go on the November thread...
Who is next to test? How many of us are left?
We have lots of babydust and BFPs this month so fingers crossed!

Bye RachelRose and Firststar come back with the dust for Christmas!

For me AF is a week tomorrow anyone else due the same time?

KitKat30 · 16/11/2006 08:28

Hi all - sorry havent posted for ages, but have been lurking and reading all the great news about BFPs!! Congrats you lukcy people!

City angel - I'm due Mon or Tues next week, so a similar time to you. Definitely not testing until I'm a few days late though.

Greedy - ouch!!! that sounds so painful!!

MrsMcJ - havent chatted to you in a while! Hope you're OK hon. Bit worried about Coggy - she's disappeared from our Clearblue thread. Anyone heard from her?

KitKat30 · 16/11/2006 08:29

doh! I do know how to spell the word 'lucky' really... blame it on early morning typing!

greedyguzzler · 16/11/2006 08:42

good qu. cityangel! who is left? am i going to be the last to test? i still havent ov'd and i am now on CD19. i am starting to think i wont or that somehting odd is going on. maybe i have gone back to having a super long cycle like i used to! who knows? not me, thats for sure!

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