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Hoping for a positive November!

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BBWBabeLisa · 04/10/2006 18:25

AF arrived this morning, CD34. Probably won't be a +ive november for me either as DH is going away for 2 months sometime later this month, so he probably won't be here for my fertile window, but ya never know (in the army the dates for things change all the time, so gotta keep hoping). Will keep using my Persona this month just in case we can fit one or two BDs in at the right time.

OP posts:
Babymad4num3 · 15/10/2006 23:47

Sideways yes that sounds like a good plan, i did the same thing but useing temps, i dont think i've ov-ed just yet but you never know do you, my tabs (finsh them tomorrow yippee) have messed everything up this cycle but we'll see, fingers crossed!

jess1996 · 16/10/2006 07:50

I'm a bit fedup this morning. I've been carefully taking my temp every morning for the last 11 days and it's all over the place - it jumps from 35.9 to 36.4 then 36.8 then back down to 36.4. Then this morning I decided to take my temp twice. First time I held the thermometer directly under my tongue (36.4) then I held it under my tongue, but more behind my lower jaw (as I probably do when I'm half asleep), this gave a reading of 36.8. So it seems Boots thermometers depend on exactly where you put it in your mouth, so all my previous readings are probably dodgy. Also my boobs are sore and it's only CD11.

This TTC is playing havoc with my body. I've gone from having very regular 28-30 day cycles to 34 days, then 40 days, now I've no idea. Does anyone know if my 40 day cycle was anovulatory then how would this affect the next cycle?

Anyway sorry to rant. I'm just feeling sorry for myself this morning.

MrsMcJnr · 16/10/2006 09:49

Morning ladies. Oh Jess, try not to worry. It really is seeing the wood and not the trees process with temps. Mine always looks erratic at the beginning of the cycle but towards the end, you can see a pattern. As for the readings changing depending on where you put it, as long as it is the same place each day, you should get a good idea of what the situation is, chin up

Babymad4num3 · 16/10/2006 10:07

Morning MrsMcJur how are you?

Bodkin · 16/10/2006 10:14

PMSL at smear test "me time" MrsMcJnr!!! I didn't mean it like that! In fact, this weekend I am going to London to stay with one of my best girlfriends who is single and childless and fabulous, so that should take my mind of ttc, and compensate for not falling pg last month as otherwise it would have been a rather sober weekend!

How's everyone else today?

chickenpiescheeky · 16/10/2006 11:06

can i join u all i was due af on 29th sept but after numerous tests i saw af on fri 13th bout rite 13 days late so im gonna stsrt all ova again so im not on day 4
baby dust n sticky stuff to all
hope we all get our bfp's soon

ready4motherhood · 16/10/2006 11:12

Thanks sideways What is the deal with grapefruit juice? I've read that a couple of times that people are drinking it despite hating the taste?? Is it any citrus juice or just grapefruit?

I'm feeling more positive today, this cycle will be our second try (cd2 today)... although DH being his ultra upbeat self said "technically we should say it's our first go, now that you found out from your mumsnet that KY is bad for the boys - and we didn't know that before so last time was just a practice" bless him.

How can you fail to feel positive with support like that?

Hope everyone is feeling positive too. xx

chickenpiescheeky · 16/10/2006 11:21

lol ready for motherhood didnt no that bout ky is it the same with the durex one ?

sending loadsa baby dust to us all

MrsMcJnr · 16/10/2006 11:26

Babymad - I'm fine thanks am CD11 so just coming up to the time that can make or break the cycle - get quite nervous and excited all at the same time. Are you off the tabs now and better?!

Bodkin - sounds like you need that fab weekend - much better quality "me" time if you ask me!!

Ready4motherhood - The grapefruit juice is meant to help make you CM more fertile, can't remember why or how anymore! Don't think OJ has the same effect. Us all drinking it is a bit like typing in the numbers on "Lost" we don't know why but know we must!! PMSL at your DH! Sounds a bit like mine. He has had a bad back for about 2 months now and has been guzzling ibrufen like smarties and I read last night that it can kill sperm and his comment was that there was nothing wrong with his volumes to which I retorted that it was the old addage of quality not quantity!!

Hello to all!

ready4motherhood · 16/10/2006 12:03

MrsMcJnr - Right... best get me some grapefruit juice then (4-8-15-16-23-42-EXECUTE!!!)
Chuckling away at the quality not quantity comment... tee hee!!

Chickenpiescheeky - I have read so many interesting things on here that I didn't know before! Apparently lubricants can act as a barrier to the sperm... there's something called pre-seed that some MNers have mentioned that is good, has details. I don't need lubrication but used KY for fun but won't be using it whilst TTC! I presume that Durex PLAY would be the same, but wouldn't like to swear by it.

Babydust to all x

endlesslove · 16/10/2006 13:36

Hello all. I am CD14 today but do not ovulate until around CD18. I am worried as only managed bd so far on CD10 and CD12.

Also quite concerned as I read on another thread that if your cycles are irregular then you are probs not ovulating. My cycles over the last few months have been CD34, CD32 and CD35. Do you think I am irregular??? I am so worried.

Babydust to all!


Babymad2DS · 16/10/2006 14:06

MrsMcJur yes that active time in your cycle that you wait for, and then the 2 weeks wait I hate that part but no going around it lol. I don't know weather I'm coming or going CM say's I haven't OVed and are about to and then Temps say I have Ovid and not going to again sort of thing hopefully in a few days I know more batter. DH finally able to go for a S-test and is on Sunday 10am heheheh, and I have a scan and x-ray coming up in about 3 weeks so make or break time for us! At least I know and know in time for the break that we are having after Christmas at least by that time we'll know more, and where we can go from there! Do you like the ID change? I'm 13 today i just hope i haven't OVed and are going to i the next day or two!

desperate2bmum · 16/10/2006 18:36

heloo ladies just thought id pop in and say hi to you all. (((((bucket loads of babydust))))

some of the comments you girls make have me in hysterics "bad for the boys" lol thats so bloody man like!!

6 days to go for me and its make or break no doubt will be joining the november crew!

ooodles of luck to you all

Minshu · 16/10/2006 22:01

Found some info about the grapefruit juice, and also the cough medicine in here . Basically, these things make the CM thinner and better for fertility by aiding the progress of the swimmers. Conversely, one should cut down on dairy products (guess who's just had a nice glass of milk, d'oh!?!) which thicken it. There's also something in here about pre-seed compared with other lubricants.

OK now on CD8 and expect to ov in around a week - no more milk at bedtime for me, then . Just lots of BD instead .

Just heard that the sister of a friend got pg on her honeymoon - taken by surprise as she didn't expect it to happen so soon. Very pleased for her, of course, but, well, you know...

Wishing her kind of luck to all of us on here!

DD1ofcolandgerry · 17/10/2006 08:21

Well af arrived yesterday, so I suppose I belong to this thread now. I was so busy yesterday at work that I didnt get time to be depressed at its arrival. Im actually a bit pleased as it means that when we go on the citybreak next week, I can drink as much wine as I want!!

So Im now cd2 on 4th month of clomid.

Hows everyone else doing...Natty, Mrsmcjnr, coggy, endless, desperate2bmum???

babydust to all


Natty1806 · 17/10/2006 10:14

Hi DD1

On CD8 so nothing to report just waiting for ovulation. x

chickenpiescheeky · 17/10/2006 10:16

think im gonna be trying grapefruit juice (tmi do u get wet moist wen ur due to ov as somtimes im like dry toast n others its like a ski slope ? sorry for the tmi)
lol im sure ul be giggling at mi descriptions thou lol
cheers baby dust n sticky stuff to all
does any one use angus cactus as i have heard it is gd ?

AnguaVonUberwald · 17/10/2006 10:29

Hi, totally new to this thread, want to start TTC, but havn't had AF since came off contraceptive implant (and a month of the pill afterwards).

ITs only been three weeks, but I was told my system should return to normal straight away and it hasn't. Anyone else had the implant?

Am I being completely silly to worry about this? the thing is, we have finally decided to go for it, and I want to start straight away.
(I presume if I am not having an AF then I am not ovulating)

Bodkin · 17/10/2006 10:32

Quick hello to everyone.

Sorry to hear AF came DD1ofCol&Gerry, but like you say, every cloud has a silver lining! Think I should plan something exciting and involving alcohol every month to have something to look forward to if AF arrives, it has certainly worked in cheering me up this month (decadent weekend in London with single galpal - roll on Friday)!

Thanks for the link Minshu, that has answered a few questions. I had a queory about grapefruit juice - the little swimmers need a fairly alkaline environment to survive, but could guzzling grapefruit juice everyday affect the overall ph balance of your body, and therefore make things a bit less hospitable for the boys?

Baby dust to all

Bodkin · 17/10/2006 10:38

chickenpiescheeky - that just cracked me up!

Hi AVU (sorry, too long to type) If you have just come off Pill, then maybe it will be another week or so before AF arrives - wouldn't worry yet. Don't know about the implant though, I only ever used the pill.

AnguaVonUberwald · 17/10/2006 10:41

Thanks bodkin. I know I am silly to be worrying, but somehow just expected it to start, and now feel like I don't know what my body is starting, especially as I have felt premenstrual for the last 3 weeks!

AnguaVonUberwald · 17/10/2006 10:44

Sorry: Meant "feel like I don't know what my body is "Doing""

endlesslove · 17/10/2006 13:27

Hi girls

DD1ofcolandgerry - Sorry your af has arrived but you have lots of support on the November thread. Wishing you luck that this month is a winner for you.

Natty1806 - Happy baby dancing whilst waiting for ovulation!

Chickenpiecheeky - PMSL at toast and ski slope!

AnguaVonUberWald - Welcome!

How is everyone else doing - you ok MrsMcJnr? Not seen you around.

I am on CD15 - had a sneeky bd session this morning!

Wishing you all lots and lots and lots of babydust xxx

Natty1806 · 17/10/2006 14:02

A sneaky bd session

Does anyone else worry that they are not bding enough. It just every month I try for everyother day but i struggle as OH goes out 2/3 times a week and i have to get up for the gym really early 3/4 times a week. We manage it around 3/4 times a week but is this enough and what happens if most of the sessions are together and then a 2/3 day gap?

...sorry i am in a ranting worring mood today. x

AnguaVonUberwald · 17/10/2006 14:53

Should I start a new thread or do I ask here?Plan to start trying to concieve as soon as AFs start again (after coming off contraception). Apart from Folic acid. What should I be doing/not doing?

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