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Trying to conceive thread Number 2

242 replies

dejags · 16/12/2003 09:09

Hi Girls,

I thought I'd start a new thread the old one was getting a bit long.

I am feeling a lot more relaxed this month. We have been BD'ing but more for the fun of it than for babymaking. DH (bless him) has bought me a separate present for each the 12 days of Xmas - one a day. He has bought me some lovely things - which are very useful in "getting us in the mood"...

I am such a lucky girl!

Here's hoping Santa is kind to us all...

OP posts:

M2T · 16/12/2003 09:28

Here's some lucky sprinkles from the fertile thread....

.·´ ¸.·´¨ ¸.·¨
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´
( ¸.´¯</strong>·´¯·

Good luck everyone. Dejags - You ARE a lucky girl...


M2T · 16/12/2003 09:29

Where the f**k did all those winky faces appear from???!


bunny2 · 16/12/2003 09:36

Oooh, Dejags, a thoughtful and romantic dh, you lucky thing! I've bought my own presents this year as dh is crap at present-buying. .

M2T, how did you do that?

Well, I wont officially be joining this thread till I have had my tests done but good luck to everyone.


M2T · 16/12/2003 09:40


Brunhilda · 16/12/2003 22:23

I'm defo up for this thread


jacksmumto1 · 16/12/2003 23:29

Yes I'll join!!! I don't think this month will be THE month somehow - just that 'feeling' but we'll sure have fun trying!!!


hana · 17/12/2003 00:14

would love to be successful this month ( will post a message on recurrent m/c as not to depress everyone here...) am so upset that I'm NOT pregnant (and have even been told to wait for blood test results before trying) when everyone around me is.But!!!!! This thread and others like it have been rather fertile so there is always hope......I HATE the expression babydust but I hope there is lots out there for everyone ttc right now!
love hana


futurity · 17/12/2003 07:42

I am joining..lots of bd'ing at xmas for us


fisil · 17/12/2003 08:25

And we'll be having a bonking new year!


MUM2ELA · 17/12/2003 20:38

HI everyone!

Will join this new thread too please.

This is me: DD 15 months, trying for no.2 (since sept). Bought an OPK today so am hoping to figure out when ov'ing.

Good luck everyone!

(Dejags - your DH really is a darling! )


futurity · 18/12/2003 18:13

Found out yesterday that my friend is 3 months pregnant! So jealous! Thought I was the only one out of our "group" who was trying for 2nd baby..oh well..hopefully I will join her soon


bluestar · 18/12/2003 20:30

I know what you mean about jealousy. At one point, I knew 12 people that were pregnant, some now have 'real' babies to speak of and we are still trying - I'm now in the 2ww, again with feelings that I could be but then you get to the point where everything your body is doing is a 'sign' of some sorts! Let's hope the new year brings us all some good luck.


Slink · 18/12/2003 21:12

Can i join in i have been trying for a while ( if you remember me i'm the one with the DH who things they come from a stork) and again today had my period feeling very sad just ate chocs i had put aside for xmas.............

M2T loving that sprinkle though. Here's hoping for next month.


pollingfold · 19/12/2003 16:45

I'd like to join in too. I've been coming back and forth to mumsnet for a few months now. Historywise I'm 28 and have been TTC for nearly a year and suffered a m/c in Nov whcih showed I have PCOS. Have now got a referal to the fertility consultant in Jan.

I have a DS who has just taken his first steps and wishing I could give him a sibling to play with. OK thats wishful thinking that they might actually play together rather than bash each other, their toys and the house up, but one can only dream.

Hoping we can help each other in this emotional roller coaster ride, have a few laughs and provide hugs when needed.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and some fantastic Bd'ing. Lets hope 2004 brings morning sickness, plentiful peeing and stretch marks!!!!!


Slink · 19/12/2003 19:46


Yep you can have a hug from me, sorry to hear your news. Iam 32 and think is time running out i have been married 10yrs and have DD2.7yrs late starter.

New year is my ovulating date but i am tempted to get those test as i am not sure i am guessing it right??????????


XmasQuackers · 19/12/2003 20:04

Hiya to all and very best of Xmas bonking success!!!
Pollingfold, it's lovely to see you back with a vengeance, I think it's great you have that referral!! Will they give you Clomid to help conceive?


twiglett · 19/12/2003 21:30

message withdrawn


dejags · 21/12/2003 09:46

Hi All,

Well officially into the two week wait. Been bd'ing for england and the world - but I am not holding my breath.

Mum2Ela - how are things going?

OP posts:

steppemum · 21/12/2003 14:27

hello, can I join this thread? Ds just had his first birthday, and we've rather recklessly decided to abandon all contraception and try for another one. Only problem is I definitely DO NOT want another one near Christmas, so we'll try for a couple of months and then hold on for a couple!!

Slink 32 is positively young!! Do a search on some of the older mums threads, there's loads around who had theirs at 40 plus, never mind 30 plus. I was 35 when ds was born, and will be at least 37 with the next one.

I feel a bit naughty joining this thread actually as non of my friends know we're trying, and I have no idea if any of them are mumsnetters and know me!!


Slink · 21/12/2003 18:44

Thanks Twigglwt and Steppemum.

I guess i just fell god why is it taking that long.... Well i know why i have a DH with a very low Libido..... he wants another too. Anyway just been on another site about ovulating and will see how we go this month. I just don't think i am timing it right????Anyway need to bonk away before mother in law gets back from her hols(she lives with us) i can make lots of noise then haha ..

Good luck to all and if i don't get back on this thread merry christmas to you allxxxxxxxx


festivisil · 21/12/2003 19:05

Feeling really down about ttc today. Only been trying 4 months, so don't have much to complain about. Just had a pg NCT friend round yesterday, and managed to get jealous about her aching back, pains etc.

I just want to never be pg again! Oh, and to have a baby.

Think I'll try the pissy sticks this month so we know the best time to do it - Slink, I think I'm the best time as you!


festivisil · 21/12/2003 19:06

I mean the same time as you, Slink. Too much "at least I'm not pg at Xmas" juice this pm!


TwinkleSparkle · 21/12/2003 21:07

Evening all!

oops, should say 'TwinkleSparkle' formally known as mum2ela!

Just catching up to see how everyone is doing.

Pollingfold - welcome! Sorry to hear about your m/c. Hope things are better for you next year. When in January is your referral?

Dejags - nightmare, 2ww! I have been using an OPK this month which is telling me I am yet to ovulate. Looks like its back to irregular cycles BUt perhaps will OV over the next couple of days, hopefully not Tuesday though as DH is in Scotland that day, and I am sure that me being in Wales and him there will not get us preggers!

Steppemum - welcome! I wish none of my friends knew I was ttc, every month they ask if there is any news. Think its putting pressure on me. Next time think I will keep it a secret!

Happy Xmas BD'ing everyone!!!



sHANtA · 22/12/2003 00:42

hello all! Am up at this ridiculous hour - my friend who is expecting twins is at the hospital!!! So here I am, cuppa in hand catching up. (am at her place...)Period due middle of week but not really expecting good news. Hasn't been any positive sticks for a while so someone MUST be pregnant soon!!

love everyone's names makes me giggle


Chandra · 22/12/2003 00:51

Hi Shanta, is god to see I'm not the only person awake, how is your friend doing?

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