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Child mental health

Young Vibes. New company set up by the same people as Your Child Freedom Formula and Peaky Parents

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Hols12345 · 18/02/2022 06:38

Hello, if you're looking for information on child anxiety program, they are the same people as YCFF and Peaky Parents. They've set up under a new name.

See previous thread for discussion:

OP posts:
TeenPlusCat · 19/02/2022 07:33

Just sort of placemarking.

If you are new, the summary of previous threads is (politely): be very very cautious before committing time and money and your DC's MH into their hands.

Do they have 'as featured on radio 4' on their website? Thought not.

annwea12 · 26/02/2022 13:15

Set up numerous names, Impossible to track them all down.
Be warned.

Youjustneverknow · 17/03/2022 10:29

Seems that they are really pushing on facebook under the name Anxiety, just wanted to highlight

annwea12 · 18/03/2022 08:21

What is it called ?

ConcernedObserver · 18/03/2022 13:41


What is it called ?

Probably this one, simply called Anxiety :

That page was running adverts promoting :

So many throwaway faceless Facebook pages and websites, what sort of businesses tend to operate in such a fashion?

They've just started running adverts on the "Young Vibes" Facebook page

I really hope that anyone who gets fed their adverts does a bit of independent research & comes to an informed decision before handing over their cash.
ConcernedObserver · 18/03/2022 21:25

Oh and another new one "Our Formula" -

Hols12345 · 20/03/2022 15:54


Young Vibes. New company set up by the same people as Your Child Freedom Formula and Peaky Parents
OP posts:
LittleSnakes · 20/03/2022 15:57

More?? Why am I still surprised?! I guess they’re going for a scattergun approach with new companies. Just get as many out there as possible, hoping that each one gets a few customers before the bad rep and reviews get associated with it.

TeenPlusCat · 20/03/2022 16:02

And the statements again 'we fully recover children...'

LittleSnakes · 20/03/2022 16:28

Yep. They’re just full of shit. I don’t care about being rude about them anymore. This has gone on for so long and they just keep coming up with new names to lure people in.

Elbex21 · 07/04/2022 18:35

@moomick how is your child?

Parent1972 · 10/05/2022 17:43

Does anyone have a link or a title to search on for the radio programme please?

PlantingTrees · 10/05/2022 18:41

Here it is It’s called Mental Health Profiteers. It was good although I wished it was longer. Special thanks to two for sharing her story and others for contributing. The sale script was particularly grim reading.

Parent1972 · 11/05/2022 08:49

Thanks for that. Having listened I completely agree. If anyone is happy handing over the mental health of their child or young person after hearing that I’d be very concerned. So glad I found these threads so I can keep spreading awareness! 🙌🏻

Parent1972 · 11/05/2022 08:51

On a positive note, if any parents on here would like to find local support from parents who have been or are going through the isolating and worrying time of caring for a child with poor mental health I’d recommend looking on the Charlie Waller Trust website for their PLACE network. It lists groups across the UK created by and for parents and there is NO charge 😊

PlantingTrees · 11/05/2022 16:57

I think the problem is, not everyone will have heard it. Also, all the name changes make it hard to keep up. They’re like a slippery eel. They probably lure in enough parents to make it worth keeping on going.

TeenPlusCat · 12/05/2022 15:53

They have clearly had a blitz in last month inviting people to post reviews on trustpilot.
All very glowing.

PlantingTrees · 12/05/2022 18:18

Haven’t seen that. They’re despicable

3xteens · 22/07/2022 13:57

Hi has anybody experienced how this company does/does not deal with autistic young people struggling with anxiety?

TeenPlusCat · 22/07/2022 14:45

@3xteens I haven't dealt with them personally, but having read this and previously linked threads I personally wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

My DD is in recovery now thanks to meds (private psychiatrist), equine assisted therapy followed by CBT-like therapy, and time.

However I know that lots of autistic teens also suffer from anxiety so I'd want an autism specialist and certainly not this bunch of non / hardly qualified people.

Please before using them at least read the threads and listen to the radio 4 programme about them before committing yourself.

BruisedSkies · 29/07/2022 11:48

I haven’t had personal experience of them but they have certainly don’t have any integrity. The owner of the company has lied and pretended to be other people on previous threads. So I’d question using a service where the owners don’t have good morals.

Perfectstorm72 · 29/07/2022 14:33

Had an email from them AGAIN this morning - apparently now they are branching in to school attendance and liasing with your child's school whilst they are "working" with the child! Shocking!

Define has a fantastic free guide around school attendance barriers so I would recommend parents look there instead!

lu9months · 29/07/2022 16:11

theyre back to advertising on my fb feed as ' anxiety' - impossible to keep an eye on them or warn others- hundreds have replied to their fb ad asking for help

BruisedSkies · 29/07/2022 18:11

perfectstorm wtf? ANOTHER rebrand. They’re so nebulous and slippery.

Perfectstorm72 · 29/07/2022 18:13

Completely agree! Have done so before and then was trolled to my messenger account. So many vulnerable being taken in when there is lots of free support across the UK 😞

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