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Due in June - Thread 8!!!!! Boy can we chat!

329 replies

Lua · 18/02/2005 16:40

All right, a brand new and fresh thread...

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 16:42

Lua, when are you guys going for your Spa Day?

Lua · 18/02/2005 16:47

February 27th, I think.... But is no longer a spa day... is a eating day now!
Are you going to join us?

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 16:50

Lol!! What happened to the Spa Day?? Although an eating day is better, probably a few things out of bounds during pregnancy.
I wasn't planning on coming. Where is it going to be? Sheffield? I'm not sure any of us 'Suvveners' are coming We are really going to have to have a joint meet-up at some point to eliminate this north, south divide!!

Lua · 18/02/2005 16:55

Unfortunately the spa was already fully booked for massages, which is the only thing we are allowed to do in spa apparently.
There was talk of organizing a second try, but since we all had that day reserved anyway we just decided to go for a country pub in the Peak district.
Scraggy is coming along! all the way from the "far south"... MAybe we should take pictures and give to her as our brave double spy to get across the north-south line....

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 16:58

Actually, it would be nice to have a picture! Scraggy lives in Swansea I believe? I know she travels a fair bit for her job, so I suppose she is used to it. I don't think I could face the drive both ways in one day at the moment. Am only just awake right now!!

Lua · 18/02/2005 17:01

I know what you mean... that's why I am in MN instead of actually doing work!
Going home now though... have a good weekend everybody!

OP posts:
katzguk · 18/02/2005 17:15

scraggy is booked into the hotel bit of the resturant we're going to, shes having a relaxing weekend with her DP.

another thread!

Tessiebear · 18/02/2005 17:25

Hope you all have a good weekend. I havnt been around much as we have had an action packed half term!!!! Tonight i am dressing up as a nun and going to the theatre for a "sing-along-a-sound-of-music" It is my first night "out" since i became pregnant (have been too tired to go anywhere) so i'll see how i go - LOL!

teabelly · 18/02/2005 18:24

Hello...managed to grab a few mins on the pc as dh just got home so he's put ds in the bath, and I find you've all run off on a new thread again's nice of you to pay so many compliments about my boobies but it really is aided alot by wonder/gel filled looks more impressive than it is...dh would tell you!! would the guys at work who asked one day 'what happened to your tits?!' when I forgot to put one on!

Lummox - good luck with the move...a friend of mine moved to Perpignon last summer and is really enjoying it - I'm very !

God you lot have only put on a stone!! I've put on 1st 8lbs hope that's coz I'm due before most of you and not coz I'm a big fat pig, he he he!

Better go - it's hairwash time and that's never a happy occasion! Hope you have a good weekend, catch up with you on Monday.

tribpot · 18/02/2005 18:50

Am I the only one who has no idea how much weight I've put on? The midwives help me in this ploy by not weighing me.

Lippy - returning to the sailing theme, the last time we went out it was in a Force 8 gale We had to don our "Ellen McArthurs" (as the waterproof gear was known on our boat) and hold on for dear life. Warm and calm it was not. Then one of the cabins started leaking and we had to lurch below and start chucking stuff into the galley, trying not to get concussion as we were flung from one side of the boat to another ..... happy days Note: I would not really contemplate going out with a baby in such weather!

Have a good weekend all, if I don't reappear on Monday it is because I have had to go to Stockholm unexpectedly. A very long story, not involving me being nominated for a Nobel Prize like Bono!

LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 19:23

Oh my God Trib, have you really been nominated for a nobel prize?!!!! Wow

LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 19:24

Ah, I must learn to actually read people's posts Got vey excited for you Trib and felt very lowly all at the same time!!

tribpot · 18/02/2005 19:34

Nope, no Nobel Prize for me, although it would be nice, esp the substantial prize money.

However, in a nutshell, I had a very upset phone call from a friend of mine in Stockholm. The father of her 2 month old ds is visiting this weekend with his girlfriend, the gf he was living with the entire time he was seeing my friend (we were all working in Sweden, great times) and needless to say, all the arrangements are getting v complicated and emotive on all sides. My friend is hoping I can speak to the dad in more rational tones, although rational and pregnant do not really go together. She burst into tears when she told me the gf had said she might not like the baby (quite reasonable when looked at from a certain light) - I was just completely devastated at the idea of anyone not liking a baby. Bizarre.

Anyway, the dad has agreed to have a phone call with me tomorrow afternoon, not sure what on earth I can say but I will give it a go.

I think maybe I should be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

LipstickMum · 18/02/2005 19:36

Yes, I think you should We can go some lengths for friendship, it's almost always worth it. Damn, and I thought you were going to be hobnobbing with Bono

tribpot · 18/02/2005 20:02

Actually I'm not sure friendship is nearly always worth it. But then I was badly burnt last year by another couple of 'friends' who were having an affair whilst married (their wife and husband also being friends of mine) and asked me to go on holiday with them to help provide a convincing cover story that they were "just mates". The whole thing got very bitter and divisive and I'm not entirely convinced that this Sweden situation isn't going to blow up in my face at some point. However, as I'm not there any more and likely to be keeping a low profile in the coming months anyway, I can't see a downside for me personally in making this phonecall for my friend.

Anyway, that's probably enough philosophising for a Friday night! Suffice to say I have got a lot more self-defensive about friendship in the last year. I still have friends who I believe in 100% but that number has shrunk significantly.

LipstickMum · 19/02/2005 11:48

Shame Trib, I did say 'almost always', those kinds of friends are not worth having if they put you in difficult situations imo.

Doesn't it go quiet at the w/e? Dd is at her Gma's for the day, so I have a whole day to myself, with dp of course. We're going to potter around and do minor DIY jobs, choose paint etc. stuff that is impossible to do with a toddler around!

Hope you all have good weekends, it's gorgeous weather here too, clear blus sky and sunny, but cold, cold wind.

megi · 19/02/2005 12:11

Hello! I've not posted for AGES! Sorry - very busy half term for me too! Been to Manchester to see BIL and SIL - very nice!
I have resolved my pram buying hell at last! I am now the proud owner of a Bugaboo! It was so hard to chose between the Jane and the Bugaboo - but I hardly ever go walking - although I should - so the Bugaboo was a tad more practical for me. I am sooo excited!
Was really interested to read all the posts about moving abroad. We have been talking about moving to Canada at some point - love the idea of all the space. We have even been for initial interviews with relocators - and apparantly we do have enough points to get in. The idea has been put on hold until baby arrives - but I reckon we will go for it at some point! Has anyone ever lived in Canada?
Am off now - popping into town without screaming toddler - might even treat myself some more!

Cooperoo · 19/02/2005 13:34

I have only posted on the message for our dates so far and just wanted to say hello. I don't seem to be on line often enough as every time I track June threads down there are so many posts I can't catch up! Therefore I am trying to join in now at the start of a new one hee hee. I am living in Cyprus at the moment which is great but only because I know it is a temporary situation. I have been here 18 mths and have loved it and made the most of it. We have another year which will be great but I love the UK and miss people too much to ever consider a permanent move abroad. We have done it the easy way too as dh is in the RAF so we are provided with house and loads of help etc. I understand it is freezing in the UK today so you have my sympathy. It is T-shirt weather here and I have already managed to dry three loads of washing. Don't be jealous though as it is going to rain tomorrow and think of all my ironing . I am nearly 24 wks pregnant now and excited about this new baby apart from the prospect of childbirth in a Cypriot hospital that doesn't offer gas and air or epidurals. Arrgh! The military hospital is currently out of action so we are having to contend with emergency measures ie delivering in Limassol and coping with what are termed as cultural differences. Anyway that is a whole other story and I have written enough. Hope to chat later. Time to wake dd1 up.

Franniban · 19/02/2005 14:46

Afternoon girls, how is everyone? I'm not having a great weekend, got a meeting with the boss on Monday and got a horrible feeling that they are going to make me redundant. Good timing hey! So, trying not to think about it, but of course it's the only thing that I am thinking about.
Still, just think I'll have loads of time to check the thread out if I am kick out!

Lua · 19/02/2005 15:36

Coopero wellcome to the new,and yet small thread.
Cyprus? That sounds great! Don'tworry too much about the lack ofpain relievers. I know it is not your choice but if you make your mind that it is ok, it really is! I did it without it. The thing to remember is when things get really though, is time to push - and baby will be with you very soon!

Franni - sorry aboput your job worries. Hopefully it is just a false alarm!

Lippy - What colors are you going for? I am trying todecide what can buid the bridge between alight green kitchen and a yellow living room....Don't want to repaint the living room,but we are extending it to be continuous with the kitchen and making a dining room. Any ideas?

Had the builders in the house today. They promise they would startno laterthan mid-may . I am sure baby willcome the day they decide to start tearing the chimney breast off!

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 19/02/2005 16:16

Hi Lua, they painting I'm doing today is dd's furniture. I'm re-painting her drawers white and some wooden pegs, for coats and things. They were blue, which isn't going to go in her new bedroom. Not decorating rooms yet. Although when the loft is finished loads is going to need doing!

Not sure what to suggest for you. Are the builders you talked about building the new dining room which will link the living room and kitchen? I would continue the yellow from the living room through. Using the same colour tends to make space look bigger I have heard. I think because there are no abrupt stops between colours, important in open plan spaces, which yours sounds like it will sort of be?? Perhaps linked by an archway or something?

We have such a big task ahead of us, getting the upstairs back to normal again once the builders are finished, it's really daunting, particularly as I get more pregnant. But today I just knew I needed to tackle something on the list instead of just procrastinating!

WElcome (back??) Copperoo, v jealous of your exotic location, even though it's a gorgeous, sunny day here too, not quite the same temp I think.

charleypops · 19/02/2005 20:29

Hi everyone!

Gosh - looks like we're going to be a very international thread within a few years - Cyprus, Canada, France, Australia, USA ....!

Lovely to see those of you posting who haven't posted for ages!

Well done Megi for buying a pram - I'm sure you'll be very happy with you Bugaboo! I'd have probably had one of those were it not for my off road requirements.

Cooperoo - no gas and air or epi's! Good luck!! Can you have a waterbirth at least? However, I am jealous of you living in Cyprus, rain tomorrow or not!

Franni - let us know about your work - hope it's not too stressful. Maybe redundancy now might be a blessing??

Lippy - I hope you're not doing too much!

It's my birthday today. I'm only 22 you know

charleypops · 19/02/2005 20:34

By the way, I got those Seven jeans through Ebay in the USA and they're FAB Saved myself (well, dp) nearly a £100!

Uwila · 19/02/2005 20:55

BLoody chatter box thread this is. Everytime I've attempted to catch up in the past few days, I've gotten half way throught the reading, and had to go. So obviously never got t posting anything. And I've had ANOTHER bloody migraine. I hate them. They suck. But, it;s over now, so all is well.

On the pram debate, if I were buying a travel system, I'd go for the Silver Cross three wheeler (which is actually 4 wheel but front two are close together). But, I've decided to just buy a pram that I will still want in 4 months time. I think my nanny disapproves, which kind of pissed me off. It's MY choice. Okay, she has to push it around, but I still get to pick it. So it's a MAclaren techno classic and lovely buggyboard for us.

PinkArjuna · 19/02/2005 22:56

Lippy - NCT classes yup. However I'll do the GP's ones too as I don't know many people in the area and then I'll be as prepared as possible considering I'll be mostly alone and want to get as much info as possible.

Oh I want tickets for the tori amos concert in May soooo badly. I am prepared to kill for them and risk accidentally having the baby in London She hasn't got the dates up yet and the last concert sold out so fast. I haven't seen her live since 1997 That is my biggest pregnancy worry at the minute

Hope everyone is ok. Not too sure about the pram debate - got a Graco travel system for a reduced price; over and above I don't really give a damn. Though I realise after a while I am likely to want to trade it in for a Maclaren pushchair. It seems everyone likes the maclaren pushchairs. Not to mention I saw Bunni carrying hers up the stairs at Cribbs the other day and I can't quite imagine shouldering a Graco if I couldn't be bothered to walk a mile to find the lifts.

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