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April 2023 thread 8!

414 replies

Missgemini · 03/12/2022 20:06

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a new thread. Hoping I’m not doubling threads here!


And many more ladies (and gents) :)

OP posts:
Indianna2006 · 03/03/2023 20:05

@iloveburmese3 ooh that is a good tip. Thank you. My daughter loves blueberries so we will have them in!
I know it’s the safest best method for me medically this time.
@Melissa2023 I’m not sure reslly. Guess it’s just the unknown. Obv be nervous the the day and then the aftermath. Worried about pain and recovery after. Altho I had a horrid first birth and severe tear and forceps which was awful awful to recover from tbh.
but yeh that an what the scar will look like after and if I’ll hate it etc. but think that’s more part of all these changes in pregnancy happen and afterwards takes a while to feel you again doesn’t it.
so ready to be me 😂🙈🙈

cheekysausage · 03/03/2023 23:03

I’m not sure who’s still here from thread 1…but just sharing with you all I had my twin girls at 32+1 last Saturday. 4lb1 & 3lb5 💕💕 Spontaneous labour, just gas and air…feeling like an absolute trooper 💪🏼 Hope you are all well and looking forward to your babies!

Jexi · 03/03/2023 23:15

Congratulations @cheekysausage hope you and babies are well.

Margo34 · 04/03/2023 04:31

Oh wow@cheekysausage huge congratulations! I think yours might be the first babies here! Hope you are recovering from birth well and baby girls are settling in to the outside life well ❤️

Margo34 · 04/03/2023 04:49

@Indianna2006 yep I'm exhausted too...still! By this point in pregnancy last time (when I was pregnant with my now toddler) I had already stopped work and was spending everyday napping and sitting with my feet up at leisure! This time, I'm still working albeit only 2 days a week, work is mad busy, at home I can't sit because I'm chasing the toddler who've I've also started potty training and I can't nap because neither does the toddler 😩 I tried to stick toddler in nursery for an extra day but they're at capacity so can't accommodate - not even an adhoc half day.
Oh and pregnancy insomnia. I have at least booted the DH to the spare room although he crept back in to my/our bed last night so I only got about 2-2.5hrs broken sleep 🙈 love him but seriously dude, go away right now with your snoring and tossing turning and general proximity 😂

@iloveburmese3 all of the aches and pains here too. My lower back feels totally shot to pieces! I'm another one happiest in bed at the moment and usually very social too! Love the phrase grumpy sloth! I'll be 40 next year, maybe it's an age thing! Never felt it was that old before...until this pregnancy.

@Missgemini definitely counting down the days now!!

Gilm0reGirl · 04/03/2023 05:58

@cheekysausage congratulations!! 💖💖 such lovely news. I hope you’re all doing well and the girls are ok x

Missgemini · 04/03/2023 06:33

@cheekysausage oh congrats my dear! I hope you and your babies are doing well :) xx

OP posts:
SearchingTheSkies · 04/03/2023 06:40

Wow, congratulations @cheekysausage that's such lovely news! Hope you're recovering well.

I'm also feeling exhausted. I need to get the house cleaned and organised, bag packed etc, but I get so tired and out of breath. Also approaching 40 so could be a factor. Might be my toddler as well though. We're so close to the finish line now!!

Gilm0reGirl · 04/03/2023 07:25

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Margo34 · 04/03/2023 08:05

@SearchingTheSkies gahhh getting the bag packed! That's organised! I've actually still got to get the baby clothes out of storage first before I can pack a bag 😂

Borrowed a load of big things last time that had to be returned, so borrowing a load from another friend this time too and haven't picked them up yet so I feel like I have nothing and nothing is ready. Need to get a car seat too 🙈

Getting the house cleaned - same here, although attempting to train my DH how to clean too or at to vac the stairs and pour bleach down the lav 😂

xalexandra · 04/03/2023 08:54

@cheekysausage awwww congratulations!!!! Amazing ❤️ hope you and babies are doing well 🥰

Indianna2006 · 04/03/2023 08:55

@cheekysausage congratulations on your twins!

@Margo34 yes deffo get teaching DH that. Mine will step up after I have surgery but I’m sure their brains don’t work like ours. His level of cleanliness is just not the same as mine 😂

Also don’t know if it’s second baby thing. As I don’t remember this much first time but perhaps cos pelvis floor is stronger and you’ve not given birth.
but the weight of the baby. Either in my bladder or just in general. Some days she must have moved and it’s not so bad. And other days I imagine her head must be right there and I swear I spend the whole day needing the toilet and such heavy pressure down below. Like bowling ball between my legs gonna come out 😂😂
been religiously doing my pelvic floors but I think it’s just the baby. I don’t like the feeling though as I never had it last time!!

Margo34 · 04/03/2023 09:26

@Indianna2006 my MW said second babies tend to 'bob in and out' of being head engaged in the pelvis which can cause that feeling, apparently a bit like muscle memory where your body knows because it has done it all before - I've been having it too! Some days baby feels really heavy and low and I'm either running to the loo every 20mins and feel like I'm walking like John Wayne whilst trying to keep legs closed to hold baby in 🙈, other days feel much more comfortable!
I've been terrible this time at doing pelvic floor exercises, thank you for the reminder!

Indianna2006 · 04/03/2023 11:27

@Margo34 I think that is what I’m feeling the boobing in and out. As some days the pressure feels way more like it’s gonna fall out.
man the constant peeing is very annoying. I never got this last time!! Obv had abs and pelvic floor of steak and it’s prob all now shot to pieces 😂🙈

yes get doing them Pelvic floors!

LauraA31 · 04/03/2023 12:40

@cheekysausage congratulations 🥳🎉♥️

bluebubbles12 · 04/03/2023 13:18

@cheekysausage congratulations on your twin girls! 💖💖 such lovely news. I hope you're all keeping well x

iloveburmese3 · 04/03/2023 13:48

cheekysausage · 03/03/2023 23:03

I’m not sure who’s still here from thread 1…but just sharing with you all I had my twin girls at 32+1 last Saturday. 4lb1 & 3lb5 💕💕 Spontaneous labour, just gas and air…feeling like an absolute trooper 💪🏼 Hope you are all well and looking forward to your babies!

Wow huge congratulations that's such magical news! How are you feeling today x

ancienthouse · 04/03/2023 15:23

@cheekysausage congratulations!! that's amazing. hope you're all doing well.

Hannah223344 · 04/03/2023 19:29

@cheekysausage so many congratulations 💖💖 hope you and the twins are doing well!

Margo34 · 21/03/2023 12:10

How is everyone doing?

My colleague came into work last week with her tiny 10w old and I realised I'm more pregnant now than she was when she had her baby 🤯 then I caught sight of myself in the background of a photo that my TA took and thought wow I'm huge "...I'm really pregnant, aren't it?" "YES!!" 😂

So I've just started sorting the baby clothes then I'll wash them in the next couple of days and start to pack a bag I suppose... 🤭

Where is everyone else at with prep?

iloveburmese3 · 21/03/2023 12:14

Hi Margo! Not long for all of us now! My C section is April 4th, I'm ready now. Bag packed, bikini line waxed 😂 exhausted and sore all the time - convinced the baby will come before

Indianna2006 · 21/03/2023 17:12

@Margo34 😂😂 yes deffo pregnant a baby is for sure coming. I’m pretty much sorted. Got all the baby stuff we need. Baby bag is packed. Semi chucked some things in a small case for me but need to still grab some items.
35+3 today for me so I got some time. but having c section bit earlier at 38*6 so not as much as natural prob. Least I have a countdown date as such!

@iloveburmese3 ooohh so close! Mine is scheduled for 14th!

Margo34 · 21/03/2023 19:16

@Indianna2006 so I'm a week further ahead than you but you are way more organised than me 🙈 I've managed to borrow a load of baby stuff (borrowed for baby 1 but had to return it all) and only collected it last night. I have got a bag out the cupboard just haven't packed it yet...except for a cheapo pair of slippers for me!

Margo34 · 21/03/2023 19:17

@iloveburmese3 I attempted to shave my bikin line did not go well! 🙈 I'm defo exhausted and sore too!

SearchingTheSkies · 22/03/2023 06:28

Can't believe how close we are now! My c sec is on March 30th so really not long!! My bag is about 75% packed and I'm trying to clean the house and declutter. I've washed the baby clothes but they all need organising. Very much in nesting mode but being so big and tired is not helping. So excited for us all though.

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