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April 2023 thread 8!

414 replies

Missgemini · 03/12/2022 20:06

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a new thread. Hoping I’m not doubling threads here!


And many more ladies (and gents) :)

OP posts:
Katrina1989 · 03/01/2023 22:09

Hi everyone new here I'm due April 15th with twin boys 😁

Margo34 · 04/01/2023 20:25

Welcome to the gang @Katrina1989 Twins! Congratulations! 😍 Hope you've been feeling OK!

Katrina1989 · 04/01/2023 20:42

Thanks yeah I'm ok just getting big now🙈😂 how are you?

Margo34 · 04/01/2023 20:48

@Katrina1989 Tired but hard to know how much of that I can blame on chasing my toddler! 😂

Katrina1989 · 04/01/2023 20:56

Haha I don't know anything else any more always tired seems like since I got pregnant 8 years ago iv never had great sleep lol

Margo34 · 04/01/2023 21:08

@Katrina1989 😩

Katrina1989 · 04/01/2023 21:12

So how many do you have?

Margo34 · 04/01/2023 21:19

@Katrina1989 Only one who will be 2.5y when this baby arrives. How about you?

Katrina1989 · 05/01/2023 10:23

I have scarlet who's 7 and lucas who's 5 scarlet will be 8 by the time they come well I think lol mine and her birthday in march lol 2.5 is good that's how much there was between my 2 and worked out just right I think any younger I wouldn't of coped very well lol Smile

Lid88 · 10/01/2023 11:12

Hi all

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year? Mine was lovely - my DD who is 2.5 years really grasped it this year and honestly the joy I felt watching her face was pure magic.

27 weeks here and still being sick although not every day at the moment, and I've FINALLY shifted the cough I had for a solid 10+ weeks. I thought "yay now I might catch a break" but NO! over Christmas I developed an insanely itchy rash on my stomach, thighs, arms and back and it's driving me insane. I've had my liver tests done and all normal which I'm very relieved for as I had gallbladder issues in my last pregnancy which resulted it being removed. But all doctors can say is it might be PUPPP (a weird pregnancy rash) or pregnancy eczema. Either way, apparently it's likely I'm stuck with it until I give birth. I'm so shattered from not sleeping because of the itch and I've spent way too much time in the shower scrubbing with grandpas pine tar soap and having oat baths - nothing works!

I think I'm just not made to be pregnant lol.

How is everyone?

Missgemini · 10/01/2023 15:20

@Lid88 aww lovely to hear you had a lovely Christmas. We did too! I also have a 2.5 year old and he loved all things Christmas.
When he went back to nursery, the first thing he said was “where’s Christmas tree?”. They had removed it and he was so sad about it haha

So sorry to hear about the rash. Sounds horrible.
I’m 25 weeks and I’m absolutely knackered!
Counting down the days to freedom :)
Good luck :)

OP posts:
JG24 · 10/01/2023 21:23

@Lid88 I had horrific Itching from about week 14 to 24 and it was awful. Same as you that my tests showed nothing serious but I begged the doctors to prescribe something as it was driving me mad. my legs were bruised and bleeding from the itching.
Got told to take piriton which was useless but I also got some menthol cream prescribed which was slightly helpful, it at least cooled my legs and distracted me from the itching
I'm at 27 weeks now and it just completely stopped out of the blue before Xmas
Good luck and I sympathise massively!

Lid88 · 10/01/2023 21:29

@JG24 gosh I pray mine disappears! It’s been around 3 weeks now and it just keeps spreading and I’m exhausted from the lack of sleep.

Do you remember the name of the menthol cream? I’ll try anything. Piriton might as well be taking tic tacs at this rate! X

JG24 · 10/01/2023 21:59

@Lid88 arjun cream 2%. Make sure they give you a giant tub. The pharmacist substituted out 1000g tub for 100g which lasted me all of 1 day!

Margo34 · 10/01/2023 22:09

@Missgemini My 2yo keeps asking to put our "beautiful tree" back up, sings jingle bells every other day and says "Santa's been!" almost daily still too 😆 Christmas was lovely but when does it wear off?!

A little over 26w here and absolutely shattered, walked 40m to/around/back from a supermarket this afternoon and it wiped me out!

Sorry to hear about pregnancy rashes @Lid88 @JG24 hope you get some respite soon 🤞

Missgemini · 11/01/2023 07:22

@Margo34 It is so lovely seeing their little faces. Next Christmas will be so exciting for them!

When will the tiredness improve? I’m so fed up of being tired. Walked up a flight of stairs at work yesterday and my colleague was worried I was about to die haha

OP posts:
Emeal123 · 11/01/2023 20:15

Hi everyone. I’ve not been on a thread for a few weeks but wanted to join back on! Found this one which looks like the up to date thread :) hope everyone is doing ok I’ve not managed to catch up 💕
I started pregnancy yoga last week (with mama baby bliss) and I’m loving it I really recommend, also have booked onto a few free online sessions for preparing for birth and baby which look like they might be quite useful. Has anyone else done any of these? I have booked them through thebabyacademyuk Instagram page xx

Margo34 · 14/01/2023 22:21

I haven't done any birth prep sessions @Emeal123 but they sound good! Is this your first baby? I did NCT with my first but not intending to do any this time really. Are you doing NCT or not bothering?

I did pregnancy pilates with my first too which I loved - but it was all online as it was lockdown and this time the instructor has all her classes live again but nowhere local to me unfortunately. I've been going swimming once a week instead but I'm all of a sudden a lot slower in the water it seems and it frustrates me somewhat!!

Margo34 · 14/01/2023 22:27

I've just handed back the baby things I borrowed from my friend and used for my first baby, and realised this evening there's a lot of gear I need to buy or acquire in the next couple of months!

Has anyone bought sleeping/ swaddle bags or the like yet? Which ones have you gone for?

Margo34 · 20/01/2023 14:43

Happy 3rd trimester ladies. I'm celebrating with covid 😩

xalexandra · 20/01/2023 18:11

@Margo34 oh no! It's rife at the moment. Hope you feel better soon 🥰

Missgemini · 20/01/2023 20:18

@Margo34 oh noo! That’s really rubbish. Hope you feel better soon.
Oh gosh! 3rd trimester. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been so tired in this pregnancy.

OP posts:
Margo34 · 23/01/2023 12:11

@Missgemini the last couple of months are going to fly by! I'm so not prepared.

alwaysseeingstars · 23/01/2023 15:41

@Margo34 sorry to hear about the Covid, hope you're feeling ok?
I'm most definitely not prepared either, we've bought basically nothing 😣

Margo34 · 23/01/2023 16:31

@alwaysseeingstars I feel like I have a very heavy and lingering cold, and I'm exhausted but how much of that exhaustion is down to the bump or full 9f beans toddler though is hard to tell. 🤷

I've bought 1 little outfit (well, hooded baby jumper thing) in the sale and that is it. I returned everything we borrowed last time for DC1 to my friend a couple of weeks ago, too! Need to get a Next2me, infant carrier carseat, sleeping bags, sling/stretchy clothes and muzzies and reuseable nappies from DC1 at least so good to go in those areas 😂

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