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April 2023 thread 8!

409 replies

Missgemini · 03/12/2022 20:06

Hey everyone,

I can’t find a new thread. Hoping I’m not doubling threads here!


And many more ladies (and gents) :)

OP posts:
Tubbytele · 04/12/2022 06:44

Checking in

ancienthouse · 04/12/2022 07:09

just checking in, hope everyone is doing OK.

Hannah223344 · 04/12/2022 07:50

@AliceinSlumberland that's such a cute tree decoration, I might do the same, you've inspired me! 💙😍

ancienthouse · 04/12/2022 08:31

@xalexandra just relying to your post in the last thread. cute waving pic!
I think it depends on the sonographer how much detail they go into and how chatty they are. With my first, they just said things like that's the brain, that's the heart etc.
This time, the sonographer talked me through everything and I learnt stuff I didn't know last time! She was very detailed and said things like what the cerebellum measurement should be and what my baby's was, and explained all the vessels in the heart she could see etc.

LauraA31 · 04/12/2022 08:41

@AliceinSlumberland that is so cute!! 😅

Is anybody else finding the pregnancy dreams are getting stranger? Every night i dream something daft but last night it was that my dog stole my car and crashed it after taking her friends out whilst a massive bug was trying to eat me and my house 🤦🏼‍♀️ like whaaaaat on earth?!

Hope that everybody is feeling ok! counting down the days until my 20 week scan, it feels crazy that im halfway on Wednesday!!

Peachesthecat · 04/12/2022 09:08

Thanks for all the replies to my desperate message last night! I didn’t use it but was so tempted! Feel awful and havnt slept in 3 days because of my nose being so blocked. Getting desperate! Off to boots for anything at all!

Skylark1990 · 04/12/2022 09:35

Hey all, thanks for the new thread @Missgemini !

Sorry to hear some of you are ill. For congestion I would really recommend this sea salt spray... It's honestly amazing and if you get the one that's just sea water it's fine in pregnancy. It really helps me when I get congested!

Sounds like lots of nasty colds around ATM 😥 I am praying I can avoid as I've had such horrible symptoms all pregnancy I'm just starting to feel a little healthier and really do r want something else 😅

@LauraA31 I have such crazy weird disturbing dreams too! Often they're like super weird and not nice but have had some interesting funny ones. It's crazy what the hormones do to us!! That dream sounds insane. Of the same ilk to a dream I had years and years ago that my belly button was a hamster and talking to me 😂😂 🐹🐹

LauraA31 · 04/12/2022 10:21

@Skylark1990 😂😂 that dream is amazing, i would have been disturbed by a talking hamster belly button haha! I woke up in a terrible mood with the dog until i realised there was no way the poor animal could have taken my car 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Pommy1 · 04/12/2022 11:50

@AliceinSlumberland i think the breathlessness returns and fatigue along with it can return around now as changes to bloods thickness/hormones returns. I’m usually super chill and I can feel myself giddying folk along at work so I can get onto less intense stuff.

i picked up a silver Cross special edition get up with a car seat for under £540 reduced from £1450 so I’m expecting the order to be cancelled 🤣 I went for a Moses basket on a rocker but looking forward to refreshing things more when I’m home. 😀

Pommy1 · 04/12/2022 11:55

Were we going to start a WhatsApp group around now? Or was it 3rd trimester? i can blame baby brain at this point as I can’t remember 🤣

i can’t wait to have a group! Although all my WhatsApp groups involve naked women (true story!) so I’m fully expecting everyone to join in 🤣

Chocolat · 04/12/2022 12:00

Checking in thanks for the new thread :)
yes WhatsApp group sounds good!
im finally convinced it feeling movement, and at 23 weeks tomorrow I’m glad!
it’s been getting more frequent and the movements are getting bigger, felt a bit of a thump yesterday 😅. I have an anterior placenta so can’t feel them from the outside yet, so DH can’t feel them which is a bit sad.

But it’s the most lovely thing 🥰

Erber · 04/12/2022 12:15

I had my 22 week appointment with the midwife on Friday and we got to listen to the hearbeat. I also got my mat b1 form so I'll need to seriously start thinking about when to go off work! I like to leave it as late as possible so I get more time with baby once they're here but previous babies born at 35 and 38 weeks make it difficult to judge! I have a growth scan booked on 12th Jan at 28 weeks and the midwife said I should have another at 32 weeks, so I won't actually be seeing the community midwives again until 34 weeks. She couldn't even book the appointment in yet as its so far ahead. It just seems to be going in so quickly now! Once Christmas is out of the way I'll be nearing the 3rd trimester.

lj2022 · 04/12/2022 12:54

On top of being ill I had a small bleed last night and because in Rhesus Negative I was up at the hospital until 4 am getting checked out. It's been some week with all these worries but thankfully everything is okay. Hopefully no more scares 🤞

xalexandra · 04/12/2022 12:55

@lj2022 oh no! That's scary and worrying but glad everything is ok! Relax xxx

MamaMenna · 04/12/2022 13:26

@lj2022 I'm rhesus negative too, did they just give you an anti d shot? That's what I had when I bled at 7 weeks, but that was a lot earlier. Hope the scare is over for you now.
@Pommy1 welcome back!!

Hope everyone who is feeling poorly feels better soon x

lj2022 · 04/12/2022 13:29

@xalexandra Thankyou definitely taking it easy this week!

@MamaMenna yes I'm going in for my anti d today. I didn't get it at my bleed at 8 weeks because I hadn't been screened for rhesus yet but they aren't concerned about me not getting it at that point. Is this your first pregnancy or did you know you were rhesus neg from a previous pregnancy ?

OttilieKnackered · 04/12/2022 13:53

Checking in.

Biscuitsplease · 04/12/2022 14:30

Is anyone else just feeling totally bleurgh and knackered?! I was hoping the second trimester energy would have kicked in long before now. Everything feels like an effort, I feel tired all the time and even moving around the house feels tiring. I've got two labs and now re pregnancy my favourite thing in the world was walking them, I love walking and hiking and just struggling with energy and aches and pains! The thought of this gradually getting worse over the next 4 months is rather depressing!!

Tubbytele · 04/12/2022 14:54

@Biscuitsplease yes, I'm all the time tired! I don't know if it's all pregnancy, the low iron or now having a toddler, but I'm forever wanting to sleep. I'm so wiped out after work. Sorry you're feeling the same too.

DBS94 · 04/12/2022 14:56

Place marking x

MamaMenna · 04/12/2022 14:59

@lj2022 this is my second pregnancy, which I think made it more important to have the anti d following the 8 week bleed. I knew my blood type prior to my first pregnancy.

I'm also tired all the time, just going up the stairs has me out of puff and doing basic housework. I have been really inactive so I'm glad it sounds like it's pregnancy and not complete lack of fitness. I always feel like a slug at this time of year so there is probably that going on too. When the babies arrive we will get fitter again.

simplythequest · 04/12/2022 15:01

@Biscuitsplease I'm knackered too! Never got any hint of the second trimester boost, sadly. Sad thing is, because I'm so tired and moving less, I'm also stiffening up in my lower back, so feel like an old woman hobbling round! It's only going to get harder, I suppose...

xalexandra · 04/12/2022 15:18

I'm 20+3 and even though it's my first pregnancy so was expecting a little later on, the baby girl is sooo active and I feel her so much. Only started about 4 days ago, and I wasn't 100% at first that what I was feeling was her moving/kicking but everyday I feel her kicking! Mainly in the evenings but it's very noticeable! 😍

Margo34 · 04/12/2022 15:24

I'm another one knackered 😔 I went for a swim this morning, a gentle slow lane barely 20 lengths type of swim, and it totally wiped me out! I came home and had a nap with my toddler 😂 just so exhausted!

allfurcoatnoknickers · 04/12/2022 15:45

Checking in. Scan on Wednesday - I think I might be the last one to have one?! They weigh you at every appointment here and I am DREADING it.

My last group was June and we have a FB group, but Whatsapp sounds good too.

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