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November 2022 babies Thread 5

283 replies

NotAdultingToday · 24/11/2022 04:20

1st - @Eryr22
2nd - @KDerbs @Kathno4
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit @SareBear87
4th - @Elle1709

5th - @readytoglowx
6th - @Bramblecrumble21 @1mel90
7th - @starflake
8th - @LittleJumpingBean
9th -@circe22 @TFMinx
10th - @ALittleBitofVitriol
11th - @amyrose223
13th- @CurlsnLipstick
14th- @Grgs @roobearbaby
15th - @KatieP8
16th -
17th - @Kez152
18th - @NotAdultingToday @cocobeau @FishyBaby @bubbano2 @WandaVon @Ccatalina @Beanniebaby22 @tigger2022

19th - @tb4122 @StrongUsernameHere @OtiMama

20th - @JanuaryBirthdays @Bubblegum20
21st -@GeorgieEm

22nd -@arianasky @smiles39
23rd -
24th - @CurlyNo2
25th - @sarahj878 @jordini @curlywurly10
26th - @dreamcatchmee
27th -
28th - @greenerfingers
29th - @teddy2806
30th - @rickandmorts

OP posts:
CurlyNo2 · 04/12/2022 02:25

I’m so relieved to hear that it’s not just us who are suffering from a baby who just doesn’t settle at night, you always think (and hear) that everyone else’s babies are great and sleeps and eats with no problem! But hearing that others are in the same position really comforts me during these long night times.

NotAdultingToday · 04/12/2022 09:48

@CurlyNo2 it makes it so much easier doesnt it?! You feel less alone
Ds1 was a terrible sleeper he didnt sleep through properly until 18 months 🤦🏼‍♀️ and so far ds2 is similar sleeping wise so at least im a little prepared

OP posts:
greenerfingers · 04/12/2022 10:05

My first didn't sleep through till 22 months and even then it was about 4/5 hours straight. Felt amazing. He used to rise hourly. I've mentally prepared myself for the same with this one so feel a bit better about it, and when he does get to 2 hours I'm partying 😅.

Anyone else get any tearing/grazing during labour? I tore similar to my first but I've got such a nasty graze I can't sit up on chairs or walk too long. Really bugging me as I want to be a bit more mobile now. It hurts far far more than my tearing. It doesn't feel like it's healing too much just yet either. I know I'm being impatient as I'm only one week post-partum but I remember being up and about by now the first time.

Eryr22 · 04/12/2022 12:42

@tb4122 it is good to know that I'm not the only person who calls my baby a terrorist 😂 thank you!

@greenerfingers I also had grazes and they were so, so sore! I wasn't sure if they were from the delivery or if they were from me having an allergic reaction to the witch hazel on my pads! I can't remember when they got better but I'm 3 weeks and 2 days post partum now and they're gone!

HOWEVER, I almost had a meltdown last night because my vagina looks like a butcher's bin!!! I don't understand how the top end (which surely shouldn't have been affected by the birth?!) seems to have new bits of scan and look awful??! Sorry (not sorry?) for TMI. Also, my stitches are still very visible and coming apart but the hospital said they don't go back in and stitch you back up again if this happens?! I'm also getting some irritation and occasional pain there. I don't know know if all of this is linked to the infection I had 2 weeks ago but I'm thinking of contacting the GP in a week if no better.

It's strange because 3 weeks ago I couldn't have cared less about somebody looking at my vagina but I've suddenly become very self conscious again!!

Anyway, enough talk of my vagina. Hope you're all doing okay!

We put baby in the baby carrier today and it has been life changing! I have a little one who wakes up at 7am and won't be put down until 2pm. She had her first 6 hour nap the other night!!! But was then awake from 1am until 1:30pm!!!!!? She had a couple of 30 minute naps in that time but omg it was horrendous! Over 3 weeks in and things are starting to get slightly easier though... we've got this! X

Eryr22 · 04/12/2022 12:42

Skin, not scan!*

KatieP8 · 04/12/2022 17:06

I had my baby a week ago today, 27/11/22. Wow, what a wild, wild ride it's been- but I'd do it all over again tomorrow!

Nothing went to plan, but everything worked out okay and my boy is beyond healthy. 9lb 3oz on gas and air only- again not the plan but so proud of myself & him. RIP my vagina! 🫠

roobearbaby · 04/12/2022 17:31

@eryr22 I have not plucked up the courage to look at my vagina yet! It's been 3 weeks too haha.

My midwife told me at my 5 day appointment that it was very near but I still can't bring myself to look at it!

roobearbaby · 04/12/2022 17:32

Congratulations @katieP8!! Sounds like you were a super hero! Xx

OtiMama · 04/12/2022 20:21

Sorry I have been so bad at keeping up here. I have read everything but struggling to remember names. Congratulations to all of you with new babies. So pleased for you all.

Felix was also doing the unsettled crying from around 10pm, usually until 2am... We worked out it was colic and mainly wind and have been giving him infacol before every feed. Has changed my life. Sounds dramatic but he's settling better and burping and pooing easier... sometimes too well!! We have also started using white noise from the evening around 7pm downstairs as I wonder if the TV etc wasn't helping him wind down. We also have it on overnight. Tbh I don't even notice it.

To everyone that is having pains, struggling to walk and looking at the damage below. I can assure you it does get better. I was so lucky this time to have no issues despite the context of my birth, it is a miracle! But first time round I wasn't able to walk for the first 6 weeks fully due to tears and it took me a long time to feel even a bit like myself. Having a newborn can be so repetitive and feel like you have no life but the time does go by fast and suddenly you will be into a new phase of their lives. It takes some time to adjust to things and you aren't alone in feeling like that, it is never talked about enough generally.

Laneymoo · 04/12/2022 21:47

Congratulations @KatieP8 well done 👏🏻

I had a vaginal birth with a small second degree tear that needed some stitching. I had a look at myself down below after a few days and was pleasantly surprised! But my partner did tell me after the birth that everything still looked perfect down there so that may have made it easier!

Glad to hear your baba is more settled now @OtiMama our LO doesn't have colic but would get distressed with wind and pooping so my PHN recommended Colief and we have seen a big difference, she's more settled and relaxed.
Also agree with you big time that the adjustment to having a newborn is not spoken about anywhere near enough!

DoraDee · 05/12/2022 22:25

Hi ladies, I’ve name changed for this sorry but wanted to know if anyone had any advice or felt the same way 😳. I had a c section two weeks ago, my second, and am constantly worrying about internal scarring. My surgeon said that everything looked very good from my first section and this reassured me as I would like more children. However, this recovery has been so much harder than recovery from my first section and I’m constantly worrying whether anything I’ve done will have caused internal scarring e.g forgetting myself and jogging up the stairs today, when my scar gets a twinge, whether I’ve walked too far, whether I’ve caused harm internally by not doing pelvic floor exercises. The fear is exhausting. I keep being told my scar is healing really well and I shouldn’t worry about anything, that I’d really know about it if I’d done anything because I’d have to have ripped open internally for anything bigger than the normal scarring to have formed. This reassures me but only until the next day when I worry about something else causing it. Does anyone have any advice or feel similar? Thanks

NotAdultingToday · 06/12/2022 17:27

Birth List 👶🏻

20th - @Anna783426 due 8th Nov
27th - @LittleJumpingBean due 8th Nov
@amyrose223 due 11th Nov

1st - @Elle1709 due 4th Nov
@Kathno4 due 2nd Nov
2nd -
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit due date baby
@ALittleBitofVitriol due 10th Nov
@Somethingabitdifferent22 due 10th Nov
4th -
5th -
6th -
7th - @NotAdultingToday due 18th Nov
@mjb0616 due 11th Nov
@Elleb87 due 13th Nov
@Laneymoo due 8th Nov
8th - @Bramblecrumble22 due 6th Nov
9th - @CurlsnLipstick due 13th
@WandaVon due 18th Nov
10th -
11th - @Eryr22 due 1st Nov
13th- @Beanniebaby22 due 18th
@JanuaryBirthdays due 20th
14th- @TFMinx due 9th
@roobearbaby due 14th
@Bubblegum20 due 20th
15th -
16th -
17th - @blacksheep2014 due
@Grgs due
18th - @CurlyNo2 due 24th
19th -
20th - @OtiMama due 19th
21st - @feistymumma due
22nd -
23rd -
24th - @FishyBaby due 18th
25th - @tb4122 due 19th
26th -
27th - @smiles39 due 22nd
@KatieP8 due 15th
28th - @greenerfingers due 28th
29th -
30th -

1st - @dreamcatchmee due 26th

OP posts:
NotAdultingToday · 06/12/2022 17:36

@KatieP8 congratualtions! The Rip my vagina made me laugh (sorry!)

Im similar in that i wouldnt look at my scar until it was healed as i thought if i acknowledged it it would start hurting 😂 but you guys are heros i would rather have and whole in my stomach than stitches down there!

@DoraDee i have had two sections and not worried about scarring really. I probably should take it easier to be honest, i dont get twinges and sore alot but i just figure im recovering from a major operation and my body is doing its thing and will take a while to heal
What about scarring is worrying you? I mean there will be a level of internal scarring in a normal way but shouldnt affect doing anything?
I didnt do my pelvic floors either time awful i know! Obviously i dont mind wetting myself 😂

OP posts:
NotAdultingToday · 06/12/2022 17:36

Sorry should say do get twinges!

OP posts:
Laneymoo · 07/12/2022 20:17

I'm wondering now does our LO actually have colic. She has been very unsettled the last two nights and cried for about 3 hours from 11pm-2am which she has never done before. Then earlier this evening I had just finished giving her a bottle and she seemed very content and settled but out of nowhere vomited what seemed like the whole thing back up. It went everywhere, all over her face and in her eyelashes. Thank god DP was home! We gave her a bath and DP has sent me for a shower and off to bed cause I need a break. I know I need the space and time away from her but the guilt 😭

roobearbaby · 07/12/2022 21:43

Oh goodness that sounds unpleasant!!

You are right, you do need that time away...wish I could remind myself of this sometimes xc

ALittleBitofVitriol · 08/12/2022 00:25

Ah the projectile vomit! Classic, but not much fun @Laneymoo! Sometimes babies just cry, they can get overtired and worked up then they're just crying because they're crying! I generally try a 'circuit breaker' like a bath or a drive, then fresh nappy/swaddle/feed and try again to sleep. And yes, dp taking over is a great circuit breaker too, mum & baby stress feedback loop is such an easy trap to fall in to! I hope you feel better, take care of yourself, your gorgeous baby needs a well mum! My boy also likes to give a high pitched scream when he needs to fart/poo lol, all their systems are immature it must feel so strange for them!

Baby K is 5 weeks today 💙 we visited friends for a few hours yesterday and it was great, feel like myself again! And getting out of the house, some sunshine & all the excitement seemed to tire him out nicely and he slept well yesterday evening and last night. I have my 6 week check up next week with my gp. There's still one spot on my scar that isn't quite healed? Wore proper jeans out yesterday which I think was a mistake while driving, maybe rubbed the scar a bit.
My supply is catching up, only needing to top up with about 40ml of formula max twice a day and he's getting nice and chubby now 🥰 weight is back up to about where it should be.

Hope all you lovely mums and bubs are doing well! 💜

Laneymoo · 08/12/2022 01:18

Thanks @roobearbaby I think we all need reminding that its OK to need a break sometimes!

Thanks @ALittleBitofVitriol I had a few hours sleep before she woke for her midnight feed and the difference after some sleep is huge, I feel much more able to cope. I had tried to nap during the day yesterday but just couldn't switch off! She seems much more settled tonight so maybe it was just her witching hour. Although there's a full moon tonight so I won't get too ahead of myself! Glad to hear you and Baby K are doing well x

greenerfingers · 08/12/2022 09:10

Morning all ☀️

Glad you got some rest @Laneymoo and I agree even just 2 hours of undisturbed sleep can make such a difference when dealing with an unsettled baby.

Baby is 10 days old today and I don't know where time has gone. I wish I could freeze it as it's going so fast and he's a smoother baby than my first. Speaking of my first he's been a terror the last week with constant tantrums, tears, fears etc. I know subconsciously it's him reacting to the routine change and not getting as much time but he's driven me barmy. My husband goes back to work on Monday and I'm terrified. Im finally able to walk a bit again which is good, just praying I heal really quickly.

We also went out yesterday @ALittleBitofVitriol, for a nice icy walk and it did wonders for my mental health after being bed-bound the last 9 days. Going to try and venture out again today and do some shopping.

How did everyone have their 10 day check ups? I just found out mine is over the phone and baby won't be weighed either to see if he's caught up to birthweight. My first was in person years ago and he was checked as well as me. I'm a bit surprised as I was hoping to have my tears checked and baby weighed.

How're you getting on @rickandmorts?

TFMinx · 08/12/2022 13:01

@greenerfingers my ten day check was done by the midwife in my home. She weighed DD and removed a stitch from my scar that was refusing to dissolve. It was a really useful and pleasant appointment - such a shame that yours is over the phone, I wonder why they've chosen to do that.

tb4122 · 08/12/2022 14:23

My 10 day check was in person at home too. Weighed baby but didn't check my stitches, I think maybe they only do it here if you ask or report problems...?

greenerfingers · 08/12/2022 15:16

Yes it's really strange. I'm going to go get him weighed myself at a centre tomorrow just to see how he's getting on. I did manage to book an appt to get my tears checked but I do wish staff shortages weren't so bad and things were as they used to be.

DoraDee · 08/12/2022 16:25

@NotAdultingToday thank you for responding. I’m worrying about internal scarring because of what they tell you about it before you have c sections. I know there will be some but I worry about anything potentially causing any more to form in case it had any impact on future pregnancies. I don’t think I have any reason to worry and am probably being irrational as it’s not like I’m doing anything extreme like going to the gym and I healed well after my last section but I’m still worrying!

roobearbaby · 09/12/2022 18:59

How is everyone? Xx

TFMinx · 09/12/2022 21:20

Hi @roobearbaby we're all good here. I appear to have created a cling-on baby this time around though Grin. Even overnight DD wants to sleep on me. It won't last forever though and I love the snuggles. How are you? It's been quiet on here recently hasn't it

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