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November 2022 babies Thread 5

283 replies

NotAdultingToday · 24/11/2022 04:20

1st - @Eryr22
2nd - @KDerbs @Kathno4
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit @SareBear87
4th - @Elle1709

5th - @readytoglowx
6th - @Bramblecrumble21 @1mel90
7th - @starflake
8th - @LittleJumpingBean
9th -@circe22 @TFMinx
10th - @ALittleBitofVitriol
11th - @amyrose223
13th- @CurlsnLipstick
14th- @Grgs @roobearbaby
15th - @KatieP8
16th -
17th - @Kez152
18th - @NotAdultingToday @cocobeau @FishyBaby @bubbano2 @WandaVon @Ccatalina @Beanniebaby22 @tigger2022

19th - @tb4122 @StrongUsernameHere @OtiMama

20th - @JanuaryBirthdays @Bubblegum20
21st -@GeorgieEm

22nd -@arianasky @smiles39
23rd -
24th - @CurlyNo2
25th - @sarahj878 @jordini @curlywurly10
26th - @dreamcatchmee
27th -
28th - @greenerfingers
29th - @teddy2806
30th - @rickandmorts

OP posts:
Beanniebaby22 · 26/11/2022 14:13

Congratulations @tb4122 ❤️

CurlyNo2 · 26/11/2022 14:25

Congratulations @tb4122 thats wonderful news! Hope you’re doing ok.

greenerfingers · 26/11/2022 22:21

Whoops @NotAdultingToday ! Off I go to delete the other one 🫣😂.

greenerfingers · 26/11/2022 22:25

Congratulations @tb4122 ! Feel so much relief for you and joy. Hope it went well. And congratulations @FishyBaby, enjoy the newborn cuddles 🥰

I'm officially a statistic that second borns do not come earlier Envy. Getting a bit panicky about my home birth now and if my body has forgotten the process 🥴

Dontbeaneejit · 26/11/2022 23:13

Just place-marking as I don't seem to be notified about new posts. We're 3 weeks in now and finally managing to feed without pain! Woop woop! Baby has got a really gunky eye today which I'm trying to keep clean with cool boiled water. Have seen about using breast milk but worried about making it worse 😕 looks like it must be so annoying though. Poor little bubs

greenerfingers · 26/11/2022 23:19

Breastmilk will work really fast and doctor advised it @Dontbeaneejit. Was about to retire for the night and couldn't help but share that. Give it a try if it doesn't gross you out (it did for me at first but once I saw its efficacy I got past it real quick).

Beanniebaby22 · 26/11/2022 23:36

@Dontbeaneejit can confirm breast milk does work on gunky eyes. Tried it on DS and cleared his eye up in a couple of days.

CurlyNo2 · 27/11/2022 00:44

Does anybody have any experience with colic?

Poor baby has screamed tonight for 5 hours straight. It have been this pattern for the past 3-4 days. Always around dinner time until early hours.

Weve tried changing him, winding him, feeding him more milk, Infacol in his bottles, shushing and swaying, white noise and nothing has worked. I ended up ringing 111 for advice and they’ve passed me over to my local 24hr team so just waiting for a phone call back, but all fingers point to colic according to Google.

Me and my husband are like walking zombies!

TFMinx · 27/11/2022 08:18

@CurlyNo2 I've also decided to stop pumping and switch to formula. Like you, my 1st was formula fed, so have no problems with it and to be honest I'm happy I'm no longer a slave to the pump and DD seems much more settled on formula.

Despite stretching out time between pumping sessions and weaning off slowly, I've still managed to get mastitis. Luckily I've got antibiotics which seem to be kicking in. Bloody hurts though.

Elle1709 · 27/11/2022 09:52

@CurlyNo2 baby was like this and the only thing that settled her was lying skin to skin on her tummy on my chest. She also had alot of trapped wind and loose poo, I went to the GP and they suggested diary allergy, she's now on a prescribed formula and it seems to be getting slightly better.

Dontbeaneejit · 27/11/2022 13:37

Applied the breast milk last night. Her eye is perfectly clear today. After being practically glued together all day yesterday. 😊 So glad it worked so quickly. Thanks ladies! It helped to have the confirmation to get on and use breast milk as I thought xx

Eryr22 · 27/11/2022 19:14

Another one here on the verge of giving up BF.

Cracked bleeding nipples originally so had to stop. We supplemented with formula because the midwife told me not to give breastmilk that has blood in it, but I carried on expressing whilst my nipples healed.

Now, baby has oral thrush from my antibiotics and has given it back to my nipples! Had to stop again because it was painful and now my milk supply is dwindling.

I just feel so sad at the thought of potentially never BF her again. It was so lovely whilst it lasted 💔

ALittleBitofVitriol · 27/11/2022 19:26

Oh that is tough @CurlyNo2. Poor baby and poor mum and dad! 5 hours is full on, does he sleep at all during that time? He must be exhausted. What is the crying like, high pitched and loud? Low level grizzling? Does he do better with some white noise? Sorry, I'm sure you've tried all the standard things already. Big big hugs, it's so hard to see them unhappy like that!
My ds likes to do a big high pitched scream while he is working on a poo/fart 😬 every sensation is new and overwhelming for their poor little bodies.

Glad it cleared up @Dontbeaneejit! Breast milk is magic 😄 We're just over 3 weeks in and getting closer to less pain, ds has an enthusiastic suck 😆 so sometimes the latch still zings lol. He's feeding generally every 3-4 hours which is fine, sometimes he seeks and snacks and then doesn't sleep properly and we get into this cycle of not eating/sleeping properly but if I stretch him at least 3/3.5 hours he is much happier and so is mum!
I weighed him again and he was 4.09kg, he was 3.855 at birth 24 days ago, and bang on 4kg about 11(?) days ago. My milk seems to be really coming through enough now so I hope he starts stacking it on...

Congratulations @FishyBaby and @tb4122! Nearly end of November now, who's due next?!

ALittleBitofVitriol · 27/11/2022 19:32

Ouch @Eryr22, I had nipple thrush with my last baby and it was so painful! Have you got treatment for it? Once I started treating it cleared fast and I was able to keep breastfeeding. Make sure you really rest and look after yourself though, your body has been through a lot. If you have had enough, of course stopping is absolutely a fine decision. If you want to keep going, even just one feed a day, that is doable, but you need to be okay too. Heal up and see where you are. Hugs!

OtiMama · 27/11/2022 22:41

Ah found you all! I haven't been keeping up and didn't realise the thread run out!

@tb4122 huge congratulations to you.

I have a windy baby too, was up so much in the night and he wouldn't settle and was grunting a lot. He did a poo eventually and fell asleep straight away. This evening he has been unsettled again but asleep now. I remember with my first son he had silent reflux and was really hard to wind, so was just hoping it wouldn't be the same again. I know a lot of it is that they have an immature digestive system and things do take time, but it doesn't make me feel better in the night when I could be asleep.

I also took Felix to the infant feeding team earlier this week and they cut a tongue tie and feeding has been a lot better now. I did have a feeling he may have had one, I'm just glad I have a bit more experience second time round to say this isn't right and get things checked. Big brother is still pretty much ignoring the fact he exists!

greenerfingers · 27/11/2022 23:46

Lovely reading about all your babies, even though I'm sure I won't be saying that when I have a baby up demanding feeds/winding/nappies 😅. For now though the idea of not being pregnant anymore makes it seem so desirable haha. I hope the newborn stage eases up for everyone. It's giving me all sorts of flashbacks and good prep for what's coming again.

Nipple thrush is the worst. Argh just remembering the pain is horrible. I really feel for you @Eryr22. There's a medicine you get for baby's tongue, see if you can get that prescribed and then I stuck religiously to nipple shields till I healed and baby healed. Id just disinfect them after every use (having two pairs was real handy). My LO's thrush lasted ages as at first we kept passing it to each other back and forth.

I believe I have the honour of being due next @ALittleBitofVitriol in exactly 14 minutes.. let's see if I'm one of the 5% (ha! I wish! 😂).

I'm in agony tonight with rib pain, rectal pressure, back and leg pain and general round ligament pain but for some reason I feel in high spirits. Perhaps because I've accepted that this LO wasn't going to be early like I'd told myself all along and I gave up sulking/being scared waters will break in public and took my toddler out sight seeing all around London. Killed my body by the evening but I mentally feel better for it and he had a blast. Risky travelling that far but was worth it.

Feb85 · 28/11/2022 00:03

@CurlyNo2 what you are describing sounds exactly like my little one last week its heartbreaking to see them so inconsolable and nothing seems to help them, I was also thinking colic so after another bad night the next morning I brought her to the GP which he said he thinks it’s not colic but reflux and can have a lot of the same symptoms as colic, he explained it can cause a lot of discomfort but it is quite common in newborns. He prescribed omeprazole to be given in the evening. I was quite sceptical that it would work but I honestly couldn’t believe the change in the first night now on night 5 and thank goodness it seems to be working and giving her great relief. The pharmacist also told me to feed her sitting up right if I can and also keep her upright for 30-40 minutes after feeding. Your little one could be totally different but I hope this might help x

Beanniebaby22 · 28/11/2022 14:12

I’m another one with a baby who screams for ages after a feed. Last night was bad. He is so difficult to wind. I’m exhausted 😢
Everything I’m reading says Colic. Have had him in all sorts of positions trying to relieve his gas, poor little guy.

CurlyNo2 · 28/11/2022 14:20

It’s so hard with a screaming baby isn’t it? Baby has finally done a poop after 2.5 days so hoping for an easier night tonight. The out of hours GP couldn’t find anything physically wrong with him so sent us on our way. Told us to record the episodes so we can show someone what he’s like. Spoke to my midwife today and says almost certain it’s colic.

Also, baby has only put on 1oz in 5 days so worried about his weight gain. We’ve upped his formula again to see if it’s that. We’ve received so many conflicting messages from practitioners about how much we should be feeding him, no wonder he isn’t putting on weight.

TMI but I have developed the worst pile ever!! It’s the size of a plum without exaggeration. I can’t sit or stand without it throbbing. I’ve been issuing germaloid ointment which is soothing the area. But I think I may need something stronger.

NotAdultingToday · 28/11/2022 16:12

Birth List 👶🏻

20th - @Anna783426 due 8th Nov
27th - @LittleJumpingBean due 8th Nov
@amyrose223 due 11th Nov

1st - @Elle1709 due 4th Nov
@Kathno4 due 2nd Nov
2nd -
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit due date baby
@ALittleBitofVitriol due 10th Nov
@Somethingabitdifferent22 due 10th Nov
4th -
5th -
6th -
7th - @NotAdultingToday due 18th Nov
@mjb0616 due 11th Nov
8th - @Bramblecrumble22 due 6th Nov
9th - @CurlsnLipstick due 13th
@WandaVon due 18th Nov
10th -
11th - @Eryr22 due 1st Nov
13th- @Beanniebaby22 due 18th
@JanuaryBirthdays due 20th
14th- @TFMinx due 9th
@roobearbaby due 14th
@Bubblegum20 due 20th
15th -
16th -
17th - @blacksheep2014 due
@Grgs due
18th - @CurlyNo2 due 24th
19th -
20th - @OtiMama due 19th
21st - @feistymumma due
22nd -
23rd -
24th - @FishyBaby due 18th
25th - @tb4122 due 19th
26th -
27th -
28th -
29th -
30th -

OP posts:
NotAdultingToday · 28/11/2022 16:17

@greenerfingers haha thats it was my fault i forgot to put the due date list in! I hope you are feeling better and in less pain today? Not long to go!

@tb4122 congratulations on bubba i hope your ok!

@CurlyNo2 colic is so horrible ds1 had it, 5 till 8 screaming most nights, nothing we did helped we just had to ride it out 🙁 im praying no2 doesnt get it! Have you moved to formula now? If you have there might be some constipation from the change? And what teets are you using? I realised that ds1s colic got worse when he needed to move up a teet size i guess it was cause he was taking in more air to get the milk? Colif drops are expensive but i found they worked out well

OP posts:
OtiMama · 28/11/2022 22:04

Ah it's just so tough listening to them cry and not feeling you can do much to help. Felix was awake until 1.30am grunting and crying, we just couldn't do enough to help him feel better. The only consolation was that he then slept 2am to 6.30am. Right now he is fast asleep but I can't help but be nervous that after the next feed in the next hour he will be grunting again for hours. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.

Sorry I feel for those of you that haven't had your baby yet, it's tough when everyone is in the middle of newborn baby chat and you are still waiting. Not long now for you all. The time does fly once they arrive.

@CurlyNo2 I really feel for you, your piles sound so awful. I've got much smaller ones than that and find them uncomfortable so that must be unbearable. I have used the germaloid ointment and the pessary together and been really strict at doing it as per the instructions and they have reduced a fair amount. I hope you can get yours sorted ASAP.

greenerfingers · 28/11/2022 23:46

@NotAdultingToday well you were right.. wasn't much longer as baby was born a little after that! Baby Boy born today on his due date at 5:45pm. Still in shock. Don't know what just happened. But here I am wide awake with a crying newborn when this morning I'd accepted he won't be coming anytime soon. His latch is horrific like his brothers was, hoping my milk comes in very quickly so he doesn't lose too much. But yes I'm still in shock that I'm rambling and should really sleep before he kicks off again.

ALittleBitofVitriol · 28/11/2022 23:55

Yay @greenerfingers!! Congratulations! Welcome little due date baby boy! 💙💙💙

greenerfingers · 29/11/2022 00:52

Thank you! I'm still up trying to navigate this phase again. Constant meconium poops waking us every 30/40 mins. Me first only had one meconium poop I'm sure. This one's already had 3 ! How much of the stuff is there?! I keep thinking it's feed related but then he does a nappy so think it's probably a bit of both. About to give in and give some formula till my milk comes in properly I think.

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