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November 2022 babies Thread 5

308 replies

NotAdultingToday · 24/11/2022 04:20

1st - @Eryr22
2nd - @KDerbs @Kathno4
3rd - @Dontbeaneejit @SareBear87
4th - @Elle1709

5th - @readytoglowx
6th - @Bramblecrumble21 @1mel90
7th - @starflake
8th - @LittleJumpingBean
9th -@circe22 @TFMinx
10th - @ALittleBitofVitriol
11th - @amyrose223
13th- @CurlsnLipstick
14th- @Grgs @roobearbaby
15th - @KatieP8
16th -
17th - @Kez152
18th - @NotAdultingToday @cocobeau @FishyBaby @bubbano2 @WandaVon @Ccatalina @Beanniebaby22 @tigger2022

19th - @tb4122 @StrongUsernameHere @OtiMama

20th - @JanuaryBirthdays @Bubblegum20
21st -@GeorgieEm

22nd -@arianasky @smiles39
23rd -
24th - @CurlyNo2
25th - @sarahj878 @jordini @curlywurly10
26th - @dreamcatchmee
27th -
28th - @greenerfingers
29th - @teddy2806
30th - @rickandmorts

OP posts:
NotAdultingToday · 01/11/2023 07:32

@Beanniebaby22 that sounds good! Its handy to use your annual leave isnt it?!

@smiles39 glad you are both doing well! Awww we have a walker yey!
Your birthday plans sound lovely. At least he loves nursery it makes going to work so much easier when they are happy doesnt it?
Ds will be starting nursery in jan have a few settling in days first its his brother old nursery so hoping he will be happy there too. Ds1 strode in on his first day like he owned the place and never looked back 😂

@KatieP8 congratulations!! How are you feeling?
Awww he sounds so cute! 😍 and another walker!

Hi @rickandmorts its lovely to catch up with everyone isnt it?
I know i cant get over the fact i have a near 1 year old with a little personality whereas this time last year i was imaging what hed be like

@Laneymoo that doesnt sound to bad 10 minute commute is great is that waking?

@greenerfingers thats so true! Im trying to forget how uncomfortable it was 😂
I find it so interesting how different each baby is too.
Sometimes ds2 is exactly like his brother other times not so much. I think he will talk earlier than ds1 but has been beaten by ds1 for waking (he was walking at 10 and a half months). I just find it fascinating!

Anyone else who has gone back to work/going back to work looking forward to peeing/drinking/eating in peace? 😂 i might just say to my colleagues no one talk to me so i can enjoy just being silent 😂

OP posts:
Laneymoo · 01/11/2023 07:42

It's a ten minute drive, seven on a good day! That is the part of going back to work I'm looking forward to the most! Putting on make up and my uniform, actually making an effort. I feel like I'll lose a bit of weight as well with having set breaks. Everything has a silver lining!

KatieP8 · 01/11/2023 10:10

Thanks for the pregnancy well-wishes. I’m feeling fine, fingers crossed for another enjoyable and unremarkable pregnancy. 🤗

smiles39 · 20/02/2024 06:59

Anyone else got baby fever already?!

Laneymoo · 20/02/2024 11:43

Haha, not quite yet!

mjb0616 · 20/02/2024 15:03

yes! I had a big plan to have a nice 2 year gap between, but my periods started going really irregular a few months back. Then I did an AMH blood test and got 3.61 on result.. so it isn’t looking good! I’m 36 but it’s taken my by surprise as I wasn’t expecting any issues! 🤦🏼‍♀️

rickandmorts · 20/02/2024 16:38

smiles39 · 20/02/2024 06:59

Anyone else got baby fever already?!

Yeah I could definitely have another now 😂 but we're in the middle of a house reno so think my partner would actually die at the thought of a second as he's stressed enough haha. But my best friend is pregnant and it's making me broody! Is anyone else pregnant again?

smiles39 · 20/02/2024 17:09

@mjb0616 I genuinely thought I would just have 1 but we just agreed to try for a second after our wedding. I miss little one being a baby, he’s so independent already 😭😭 running into nursery without even looking back. I had very low AMH results before getting pregnant, I got pregnant on 2nd month of trying so I wouldn’t panic too much. I’ve also been having really irregular periods recently and short cycles, wondering if it’s all connected.

@rickandmorts omg yeah, not a good combination with house renovation. My best friend also had a baby so that hasn’t helped!

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