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Birth clubs

Due June 2005, Thread 3

508 replies

Uwila · 29/11/2004 14:10

Time for new thread. I'll add a link on the old one.

OP posts:
Uwila · 29/11/2004 14:17

Just to recap where the last thread left off...

When: Saturday Jan. 15 or 22?
Location: Somewhere in London (somewhere childfriendly for those bringinf toddlers / children)

OP posts:
Tessiebear · 29/11/2004 14:20

Have just left a really long message on the old thread with a question on - so if noone minds going back to read it please do - only am too tired to type it all again - thanks

Uwila · 29/11/2004 14:27

Tessie, you are not alone in your view of the HIV test. I declined it when I was pregnant with DD. A friend of mine told me once (many years ago) that I should never take an HIV test, because if one ever came back positive, erroneously, it would ruin your life. You would never get medical insurance, life insurance, a new job, and so on... Now some people find this a wee bit paranoid. But, I wouldn't really trust the NHS to fix the error if they ever did screw it up. And I certainly don't trust the NHS not to screw it up.

OP posts:
Tessiebear · 29/11/2004 14:29

Uwila - what you have just said has confirmed everything i am feeling - especially "what if it came back positive because they cocked up" - and what would be the concequence of them putting it right without blighting my records!!!! Feel a lot happier with my decision to refuse it now!

Uwila · 29/11/2004 14:30

SPeaking of the NHS (one of my dearest subjects), has anyone else tried to obtain the medical records from their first pregnancy so that the current hospital could have them (assuming you are not at the same hospital as last time)?

I have a little rant about my experience:

I wrote the hospital where I had DD (Epsom General)thinking I was doing new hospital a favor in obtaining the records for them. My old hopital sent me a two page form asking why I wanted the records and to give them a £50 deposit for their cost of copying them. Do what? I just wanted them to Xerox some notes. How rediculous is that. Needless to say, I decided that the new NHS hospital can get the records on their own, as I will not be paying to view my OWN medical information. Can they really legally charge me for my records?

OP posts:
Scraggyaggy · 29/11/2004 14:35

Thanks for the new thread Uwila - the old one was getting rather long....

I can do the 15th or the 22nd. Would the 22nd be better as the sales will have died down?

Uwila · 29/11/2004 14:49

Forgot to touch on dates, I vote for the 15th. 22nd of January sounds sooooooo far away. But, if that's a problem for others, I can do either. Does anyone know any child friendly places to go, with a play area maybe?

OP posts:
teabelly · 29/11/2004 14:52

Tessie I had the HIV test in with all my bloods with ds (2002), but I refused them this time, as having had it once (unless dh needs to tell me something!) I know I'm now neg. Yeah it's a worry that they may get a wrong result but I must admit I was pleased to 'know' when I got the results...afterall dh isn't my first and one lad I saw along time ago decided that monogomy wasn't in his repertoire , hence one dumped boyfriend and a few worried moments at the very real possibility... but if your happy with your decision stick to it...btw how old is your youngest ds? they've been routinely checking for HIV in preggie blood tests since at least 2000 so you may have already had one...

Uwila - your gp would have been sent the hospital notes on your release so they should have a copy too. I think everyone should have them anyway...I have a hole in the heart and in my last pg it was noted on my records that 2nd stage labour shouldn't be longer than 5hrs otherwise due to the strain I would be given an emergency shared this info with me though and as I was sh*t scared of giving birth I would have insisted on a planned cs if I'd been aware...luckily (or not depending on your pain threshold ) ds was out in 4hrs 50mins so it wasn't an issue...but I discovered this only from my mw when she showed me the hosital notes after I'd come home. Sorry that's my litte rant over

Scraggy I agree maybe the 22nd is best...anyone else??

teabelly · 29/11/2004 15:17

the only central place that I can think of off the top of my head is the rianforest cafe in shaftsbury ave (just off picadilly circus), although we've just been to a frankie & benny's at the weekend and it was fab for little ones, not sure where the nearest one is though. Where would people be coming into London so we get a rough idea...I'd come in to King's X and so West End / City is good for me...oohh just thinking as I'm typing there's also the zoo at Regents Park?

teabelly · 29/11/2004 15:18

rianforest = rainforest, really should preview!

Scraggyaggy · 29/11/2004 15:39

Zoo at Regent's Park sounds fab - what a good idea! I don't have any little ones but it would be a great way to tire them and other halves out!

Uwila · 29/11/2004 15:46

I'll come into Waterloo. But we can of course hop on the tube for anywhere in London. And, as for sales we could always kill two birds with one stone. Like I may head in early and do some shopping and then meet up with you guys for lunch. There's always an excuse to head into London for shopping.

Never been to rainforest, but sounds good. Is there by chance a website?

OP posts:
Uwila · 29/11/2004 15:47

Uh, is it just me, or does anyone else thing the zoo might be a wee bit cold in January when we are too fat to run after our toddlers?

Don't get me wrong. Lovely idea. We love the zoo. But, well... I'm a cold weather wimp.

OP posts:
Scraggyaggy · 29/11/2004 15:52

Yes, spose it would be cold.... is there a website for the rainforest place?

Uwila · 29/11/2004 15:52

Looks good to me.

Rainforest Cafe

OP posts:
teabelly · 29/11/2004 16:28

...or the direct web site is here

Doh, yes thinking about it if it's miserable weather the zoo may not be the best idea

and Uwila if we do the rainforest cafe you could always go sale shopping before and afterwards, he he he (can't tell I'm a shopahollic!)

Scraggyaggy · 29/11/2004 16:36

I'm up for that - just like the zoo (only warmer!!)

teabelly · 29/11/2004 16:51 are we saying 22nd Jan, at the rainforest cafe...

Uwila · 29/11/2004 17:09

Yes, I think so. But, let's give it 'til tomorrow before we finalise the plan so as not to leave out those who sign on in the evening. They may have views on the matter as well. Always hate when I can't sign on all day and then I've missed the whole converstion.

Just think that as a courtesy we should perhaps give a few more people a chance to speak up.

OP posts:
Scraggyaggy · 29/11/2004 17:28

Yes, good idea, let's try to set a date tomorrow. Have a nice evening everyone. x

megi · 29/11/2004 17:54

I love the rainforest cafe! (Although it is not a patch on the one in Florida) - Would love to meet up on either date!

JonahB · 29/11/2004 18:11

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not writing in sooner. I've had a week off work, and that meant my DH banned me from turning on my PC in case I did some work while I was there. Very sensible of him, he knows me too well.

Sorry I can't contribute to your meeting up arrangements - i'm from manchester. Any other northerners on the thread?

Tessiebear/Uwila - I refused to have an HIV test for all those reasons you described. I think the chances are miniscule, but I just dont want to know.

Can all you experienced people help me with something. Is it normal to get lots of headaches?

katzguk · 29/11/2004 18:46

boy can we talk!!! thread number three already just looking at the other due in threads and some of them have been around a lot longer than us and haven't had half the posts we have.

Since the southern contingent are aranging a meet what about a northern one?

i'm in sheffield

Mirage · 29/11/2004 18:55

I'd be up for a northern meetup-I'm in Leicestershire.

JonahyB,headaches are very common in pregnancy,my friend suffered from them daily.

As for the HIV test thing,I had one with dd & also this time,even though I'm not high risk by any means.I must admit I didn't really think too much about it as they have been testing pregnant women since 1999 & it was just another test along with all the other bloods.

LipstickMum · 29/11/2004 19:25

Hello everyone!

Gosh my posting has been pathetic over the last few days. Have had a horrendous weekend of sickness, vomitting on Friday night and everything. Sorry tmi but feel you are the only people who will sympathise. Today I felt ok all day... until now and I feel sicker than ever. God. Almost 11 weeks.

Hope you guys are all well. I could be up for the meeting in January, depends how I am fixed, and I have not really followed the thread over the last few days.

Tessie, regarding the HIV test, I'll just add my twopenneth for what it's worth. Last time I had the test done. In my pre dp days I was mildly promiscuous, but not embarrassingly so. But had never bothered to have an HIV test, ignorance being bliss (not to mention incredibly selfish). Anyway, although I knew dp and I had been faithful for 4 odd years, I thought I would just get the test done and be done with it, in light of my single days. Now I know that I'm negative and that result is not likely to be any different this time round, so I wont have the test done this time. It is a choice after all.

By the way, does anyone know what the point is to being 'logged in' ??? Can we see if other MNers are online? I know we can go to threads we are regulars on, but that seems to be about it.

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