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Due March 2005 part 2

388 replies

misdee · 29/11/2004 09:59

here we go!!

OP posts:
LadyPenelope · 29/11/2004 13:54

Responding to Shalaa's question re. cramps. I suffered from cramps when I was pregnant with dd, doctor told me it was insufficient calcium and perscribed supplements and then the cramps disappeared. Not one I've suffered from yet... but the hip pain is something I'm getting. Along with really vivid dreams... obviously beginning to subconciously panic about arrival of this one. Dreamed I forgot to feed new babe a few nights ago... baby was so good and so happy just kept forgetting to feed it! (And I was so busy kept forgetting about it and going out for day with dd...)

Pidge · 29/11/2004 14:30

I had bad night-time cramps with my first pregnancy - lots of leaping out of bed hollering and waking up dp in the middle of the night! I am prone to them anyway even when not pregnant, I always imagined it was due to my poor circulation. This time I'm taking a pregnancy supplement and the only time I've had cramps has been during the 10 days I stopped taking them. I'm not usually a fan of multi-vits - I try to eat a healthy diet, but I did go back to taking the supplements and haven't had cramp since. So it may be worth a try.

shalaa · 29/11/2004 15:13

Yeah i'm taking a multi-vitamin, always had problems with my lower back so i'm not too shocked! Saying that cramp in my butt is a new one! Was very snappy and irritable with DH last night, feeling all guilty and needy today, can't wait to get my hormones back to normal!

bonym · 29/11/2004 15:28

Damn - looks like I just posted on the wrong "part 2" thread! Misdee - you're trying to confuse me - doesn't take much these days!!

misdee · 29/11/2004 18:05

sorry, my pc froze this morning so i posted twice by mistake.

with dd2 i had horrible leg cramps, bit none so far, tho my side of my hips ache at night and wake me up so i have to mvoe into a more comfortable position. cant wait till my new bed arrives, hopefully the aches will stop.

OP posts:
popsycal · 29/11/2004 19:17

my leg cramps have come back - had them really bad with ds.....
will try starting my vitamins again and see if that helps

misdee · 30/11/2004 08:33

Had a really uncomfortable night. dd2 kept waking up, so hardly slept and now i ache all over my non-existant bump. think its a few braxton hicks. very very tired tho.

OP posts:
sweeney · 30/11/2004 09:01

moring everyone
good to know we are all suffering! i'm getting a terrible strain across my tummy when i walk sometimes. like a stitch but spread right across and really intense, it makes it difficult to walk. glad to hear that these pelvic floor exercises are officially not a nice feeling but we apparently will benefit in 2nd stage of labour( i read an article in british medical journal) and in later life (my mum said!).
lying on the left side is to get baby into 'optimal foetal position" so the baby can pass through more easily with its back towards our front. also the left side not right coz of the shape of the uterus which gives a bit more room for something, so my yoga teacher said. not very clear but must be true if we're all being told this.
glad to hear you are going to consult with a therapist shalaa, and i hope you will persevere coz it might take a while and be painfull to really understand why you have panic attacks. good luck.
i've got midwife appt on wed and looking forward to it.

misdee · 30/11/2004 09:05

i get that pain too sweeny. it starts as a dull ache then makes walking unbearable.

OP posts:
munchkinsusie · 30/11/2004 09:25

morning girls,
shalaa - it might not be cramp you've got in your butt - i've had problems with a pain in my right bum cheek and so i told the midwife who said it was a nerve being trapped, something called sciatica. she said it might go away - it's just to do with where the baby is lying at the moment.
i've had a terrrible cold this week - really bunged up, wheezy and bad chesty cough. i've not been getting much sleep because of it and had to have three days of work last week. i'm feeling alot better today though. the wierdest thing is what it did to my bump- if i had a bad coughing fit i would end up with a really bad pain (sort of like a tightening) in all of my bump. i'm not sure if this is just tummy muscles not coping with the effort of coughing or if it was setting off a contraction, since i'm not sure what they feel like. the coughing was also almost making my belly button stick out the other way! it's getting very shallow and stretched now - i think i'll end up with it popped out the other way by the end.
i handed in my mat1 form last week as well, telling them when i intend to finish work (10th february, which is four weeks before). i also told them that at the moment i intend to return to work part time after the six months are up - but that i would confirm this nearer the time. anyone else set a date for stopping? it's great because that means i've only got 14 days at work until christmas holidays then six weeks of work after that! it makes it all sound so close!!
anyway, better get on with some work. hope you are all well.

Leogaela · 30/11/2004 09:34

It seems as though we are all starting to get through the pregnancy 'bloom' phase and moving on to the tougher part! Although I feel bad if I complain about anything when some of you not only have the pregnancy but also other children keeping you up at night (am very sympathetic Misdee) - I don't feel quite as tired now as I thought I did!

Thanks for the info about sleeping on the left side.
If anyone finds a good solution to the hip pain problem then please pass it on!

Hope your cold and shoulder are getting better Bonym.

I think the stomach cramps can also be helped with magnesium (and calcium), that's what my doctor originally gave it to me for.

Jsut some background as to why I see a doctor and not midwife - I live in Switzerland and here we see a doctor at the surgery and not a midwife for all our pregnancy checks. We go to the hospital a couple of weeks before the birth and do a birth plan with the midwife but that's it! The doctor has ultrasound equipment in his office so I get a scan everytime, which sounds great but it is really bad quality and I don't feel that I ever had a proper diagnostic scan to identify abnormalities.

Pidge · 30/11/2004 10:05

Leogaela - well I was equally feeling guilty that I don't seem to be encountering any problems!! I seem to be being incredibly lucky that I feel better and better as the pregnancy goes on, which is exactly what happened last time round. The only thing that wakes me up at night is needing to pee, and then I'm straight back to sleep. And I don't have any aches or pains. My only complaint yesterday was that my bump was getting a bit in the way when I was cycling! Must get dp to raise the handlebars a bit more so I'm more upright.

Misdee - sorry to hear your dd2 was waking you up. How old is she? I was just reading how 2 year olds often start sleeping poorly, but how they sort themselves out by 3. My dd is fine during the night itself - but has taken to chatting and singing very loudly to herself for up to an hour and a half after going to bed!!

misdee · 30/11/2004 10:07

she is 2yrs old. usually she settles quickly but last night she was just so wide awake between the hours of 1 and 4. she kept drifting off but then getting up wanting to play.

OP posts:
Leogaela · 30/11/2004 10:19

Pidge - I am sure the cycling helps keep you feeling so good! I read (bits of) your thread on the Anti-D. Good to hear you made a decision with that!

Pidge · 30/11/2004 10:21

misdee - poor you - hopefully it's just a phase. Is she still napping in the day? My dd (2.4) is and definitely needs it, but I'm wondering if her wakefulness at bedtime is a sort of transition before wanting to drop the afternoon nap. We're lucky though that she is happy to entertain herself up in her cot, though eventually I do usually go up and tell her to pipe down and quit singing and do some sleeping. She always looks quite surprised to see me!! How does your dd react if you ignore her - is she demanding attention?

misdee · 30/11/2004 10:22

well she doesnt nap anymore most days. she is out of a cot so she keeps climbing into my bed. hoping she'll settle down. both girls have been ill the last few weeks so could be that.

OP posts:
Pidge · 30/11/2004 10:24

Thanks Leogaela - yup I'm determined to keep up the cycling till Christmas - that was my original goal. After that we'll see. Last night dp who is the most laid back, non-worrier imaginable, confessed that sometimes he's a bit concerned about me and the bump haring about on a bike in London. But I think there are risks in everything, and it is definitely helping me stay fit and well. Plus is a very good excuse to scoff a large chocolate bar every afternoon (purely for energy purposes of course ).

ZoeC · 30/11/2004 10:25

Hi All,

I didn't know that about 2 year olds, but that would explain dd recently. She doesn't seem to need her afternoon sleep most days, which helps, but then after 4/5 days of this she gets overtired which gave us another bad night so I got her to have a nap the day after which sorted it out again. Think she just needs one nap in 4 or 5 days it seems - hard to judge, but I'm desperate to get it right as I get sooooo tired.

Reading about you all getting past the 'blooming' stage - I've not really had one this time! All seems to be a bit of a blur! Never mind - I'm finishing work on the 5th January, then with holiday due I'll start mat leave on 16th Jan (about 9 weeks before I think) so only 19 shifts to go .

Pidge · 30/11/2004 10:26

misdee - the being ill definitely disrupts sleep - I reckon she'll sort herself out again pretty soon. We're thinking of moving dd from a cot to a bed in January, and I'm not looking forward to her freedom to get out of bed. Right now she's not only in the cot, but also in a growbag and seems to have forgotten that she can even stand up in it! Very handy.

ZoeC · 30/11/2004 10:42

Dd's new bed came yesterday - we've not built it yet, but I'm not looking forward to her moving in it. The grobag doesn't stop her anymore as she unzips it and gets out of it herself, but she's never learnt how to scale the side of the cot

I've told her the bed is for her and if she asks to, I'll let her use it but I'm hoping she won't and I can put it off until the new year

shalaa · 30/11/2004 10:47

I don't think i've really bloomed yet, had some blooming horrid spots on my chin though! Sciatica does not sound nice, i'll have to mention it to my midwife next Tuesday.

Panic Attack wise i'm fighting and not giving in to the bloody things! Hopefully will get them sorted, not had one for a few days which is nice. Can't believe I finish work in 3 weeks!

Pidge · 30/11/2004 11:26

ZoeC - how exciting about the bed. It's funny about the grobag - my dd is perfectly capable of standing up in it, and unzipping it and getting out of it. But she won't do either until we arrive in the room - she just lies there face down shouting "Mummy, Daddy"!! She did twice escape from her travel cot, but hasn't yet managed it from her normal cot.

Shalaa - hope the panic attacks get under control. That's brilliant that you're done with work in 3 weeks. Lots of time to enjoy a life of leisure before the baby appears!

Leogaela · 30/11/2004 13:19

Oooh! Lots of lucky people finishing work early! Some of you already counting days down! For me it is still definitely weeks!

I haven't bloomed either definitely feel much better than I did in the first 3 months, but needing to be in bed by 10 at the very latest and spending most of my weekend catching up on sleep is not my idea of blooming!

misdee · 01/12/2004 21:27

got midwife appt next week at the hospital. they are going to jab 3-4 times.

anyone else havign glucose tolerence tests? why cant they just give me a bottle of lucozade?

OP posts:
Leogaela · 02/12/2004 08:56

Jab? what? why? I thought you had to drink something sugary for the glucose tolerance test and then they check your pee about an hour after or they check your blood.

My doctor hasn't mentioned it to me yet.

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