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Due In Jan part 2

276 replies

fufmum · 24/11/2004 18:18

Here is thread number 2 as asked for, for those with dialup.

OP posts:
artyjoe · 25/11/2004 09:08

Hi Guys, still trying to get over my shock of being told I'll probably need a C section... although Mamas & Papas delivered our wish list yesterday so my DP put together the crib and baby bouncer which brought home the reality of having a baby, which was perfect timing.

I don't know about anyone else and whether it has anything to do with the fact that it took 9 years to get pregnant but I find it very easy to get absorbed in this pregnancy yet envisaging a baby in my arms afterwards just doesn't seem a reality most of the time. Seeing the crib made and rocking really bought it home and for a few minutes last night I was completely overwhelmed... it was beautiful and has, for the time being, made my cesarian fears subside.

Am off to antenatal today and then going to spend the evening wrapping christmas pressies in anticipation for the tree on Wednesday!

Imagine how different this time next year will be

fufmum · 25/11/2004 11:48

After my scare at the hospital this week with pre-eclampsia i am trying to look out for signs of anything, so far so good! BUT i have to say my hands are still really swollen, infact seem to be worse today than ever. My knuckles are a bit painful and fingers are starting to look like little fat sausages,
Mmmm sausages......... could just eat a sausge sandwich, looks like a trip to the sandwich shop for me then!

OP posts:
smellymelly · 25/11/2004 11:59

What, what what? What's dialup?

I was quite proud of having only one thread!

fufmum · 25/11/2004 13:06

SM - Dail up is people who don't have broad band. So when something becomes quite long like the thread it takes ages for them to be able to see it and causes them problems. I have been a dail up user and it's not fun waiting for things to download!

OP posts:
smellymelly · 25/11/2004 13:07

I'll forgive you then !

artyjoe · 25/11/2004 13:27

Hi fufmum, completely relate to the puffy hands, my hands are killing me today. Yesterday I couldn't get the top off my Coke bottle or open a tin of peas for dinner! The space in between my knuckles is what amazes me, they are so swollen it looks like I've got an allergic reaction to something!

MW said it's nothing to worry about, even though I had a trace of protein and slightly elevated blood pressure...I'm happy with that, the less time I spend in hospital the better!

Looking forward to choosing a tree on Wednesday, my first real also determined to make my own christmas cake, which if you knew me, would make you laugh out loud!

fufmum · 25/11/2004 13:42

Do we know what order we are all due in? Would be great to know who is due when! I am pretty sure SM will be first as she already has planned CS dates!
I am due 16th, so lets hear what dates you all have, while i am still able to type with my little fat sausages(had sandwich by the way it was fab!)

I have 3 weeks left at work and then i will be able to check out MN more often. Glad you feeling ok Joe, it made me smile what you wrote about what we all will be doing this time next yr! Buying my little ones first xmas pressies!!!

OP posts:
smellymelly · 25/11/2004 14:35

I'm not having a CS, Fufmum. They are inducing me... In fact I will be doing everything I can to stay away from them cutting me open!!

We have already bought the babies very small Xmas pressies!!

pollyanna · 25/11/2004 14:43

I'm due on the 1st. Good idea to do a roll call of people due on this thread (seems to be about 5 people, but there must be more?). I was vaguely thinking about doing one...

smellymelly · 25/11/2004 14:50

I'm due on the 2nd, but will be induced on the 14th Dec.

fufmum · 25/11/2004 14:50

Oh sorry SM i thought you were having CS. So what date are they inducing you?

Come on ladies like pollyanna said there has to more of you out there having babies in January!!

OP posts:
fufmum · 25/11/2004 14:59

Posted at same time SM
so it will be

Smellymelly- 14th DEC
Pollyanna - 1st JAN
Sassy - 1st JAN
Mellily -13th JAN
Fufmum - 16th JAN
Artyjoe -17th JAN (Not sure yet waiting for next scan)
Pagan -23rd JAN
Izzyruby 24th JAN

OP posts:
PocketTasha · 26/11/2004 15:18

Hello, new to this thread. I'm due 13th Jan, but like fufmum and on close pre eclampsia watch. In fact i've just spent the past two nights in hospital . Baby is absolutly fine (touch wood), but it's seems to me tht i'm falling apart.. Had Pre eclampsia right at the very end with my son. They were going to induce but he decided it was time to pop out anyway. Luckily by then he was literally on his due date. Glad to be back home, i've missed mumsnet, how sad!

Dophus · 29/11/2004 11:57

Now there's a new thread I'll join!

due on the 27th

Dophus · 29/11/2004 11:59

Rollcall update

Smellymelly- 14th DEC
Pollyanna - 1st JAN
Sassy - 1st JAN
Mellily -13th JAN
PocketTasha - 13th
Fufmum - 16th JAN
Artyjoe -17th JAN (Not sure yet waiting for next scan)
Pagan -23rd JAN
Izzyruby 24th JAN
Dophus - 27th

fufmum · 29/11/2004 12:48

Hello everyone hope you all had good weekends!
I had a fantastic time at home and got all my baby things put into drawers and hung up at last. I had a very relaxing weekend but now back at work, only good thing is i have just 3 weeks to go then home till April. I had a quick look through last thread to see if we had missed anyone on the roll call i found a few although they don't seem to be around much lately. I added them anyway...

Smellymelly- 14th DEC
Pollyanna - 1st
Sassy - 1st
Mosschops30 - 3rd
BakedBean - 4th
Mellily -13th
PocketTasha - 13th
Fufmum - 16th
Artyjoe -17th (Not sure yet waiting for next scan)
Kookie - 19th
Pagan -23rd
Izzyruby 24th
Dophus - 27th
Batlady - 28th

I feel great at the minute and have a very defined, neat bump at long last. I now get those doe eyed looks from people that most of you have been getting for weeks!

OP posts:
artyjoe · 29/11/2004 16:07

Hi everyone, have had a strange week trying to forget the fact that I'm going to have a HUGE baby! Took all the newborn clothes back to Mamas & Papas and got the 0-3 instead in preparation!

Am on the rapsberry leaf tablets now and have practically convinced myself that I'll give birth this year rather than next...of course it could be wishful thinking but my instinct doesn't normally let me down.

I think I have finally encountered piles, what a drag...along with a skin tag on my inner thigh that looks like a mouses brain...mmm, very attractive x

smellymelly · 29/11/2004 16:13

Nice - Artyjoe!! Piles are bloody horrid aren't they?

I'm now measuring 45 weeks!!! And I'm still in pain, but only 2 weeks and 1 day to go!!

Schmozer · 29/11/2004 16:24

Hello all. I'm still around though I haven't posted for weeks and weeks; have been following everyone's progress though. Due 24th Jan - don't know what - instinct says boy.

Having a bit of a miserable time at the moment - family problems causing lots of stress and unhappiness for me and DH. Finish work on 23rd Dec so trying to concentrate on the countdown till then.

Was measuring slightly small (29cm) at my 32 week appointment, so am booked in for a growth scan on Thursday. Midwife thinks baby is a good size, but there might not be as much amniotic fluid as there should and so the placenta might not be working properly. She told me not to worry as baby is extremely active, but it's so hard not to.

Have avoided piles so far, but DH is suffering for me. Think it's the least he could do under the circumstances!

Dophus · 29/11/2004 18:08

Thank God I'm not the only one. None of my friends got piles and therefore have no sympathy for me!

My doctor recommended fibregel - has anyone tried this, I'm sick of prunes?!

artyjoe · 30/11/2004 09:42

Hi Dophus

The only thing that is keeping me regular is Slim Fast meal replacement bars! If I have two (or three, one for baby!) in an afternoon then guaranteed 20 minutes later I'm on the loo, and normally that evening too! I was really surprised to get them as I've been going fine so must be the baby using my colon as a trampoline as well as skipping with the umbilical chord again

The good news is the skin tag (mouses brain) finally came off in the early hours of the morning... couldn't sleep though as DH had caused such a stink about how repulsive it was that I was debating where he should find it this morning, in his ear was a good one for a giggle, along with up his nose, just imagining his finding it in his Ready Brek still has me sat here wetting myself laughing... Oh I am soooo sick! x

Schmozer · 30/11/2004 10:06

Have only tried Fibregel once - it is truly revolting. Lactulose is less unpleasant. Dried apricots are supposed to be good and taste a lot nicer. Hope you find something that works.

Does anyone else feel sick first thing in the morning?

fufmum · 30/11/2004 12:42

I had my first ante-natal class this morning and it was quite good. All the ladies in my class are going to be first time mums and there are about 20 of us!
Learnt some new stuff i didn't know before but most of all i got some splints off the physio for my swollen hands. I am in more pain today then ever. I think i must be bending my hands in under my chin when i sleep and this stops the blood circulation. So when i woke this morning at 6am!!! i was in agony and couldn't get back to sleep. My DS thought this would be a good time to show me how hard he could kick me in the ribs for about an hour too, so 7am i gave in and got up!
I didn't think i had been getting braxton hicks either but we were told today it can feel like flutters, a bit like when baby first moved at beginning. Well i have been getting them for a few weeks, so feel bit happier about that.

OP posts:
smellymelly · 30/11/2004 18:32

LOL Artyjoe

Dophus · 02/12/2004 09:49

Back on line after two days of back to back meetings. Trying to appear intellingent from 8-9pm when you're 32 weeks pregnant is not my idea of fun (since my brain turned to mush a while back I failed miserably). The worst bit was trying not to get too embarrassed by visiting the bathroom every two minutes.

I get Braxto Hicks all the time. Soemtimes 20-30 a day and they are very powerful. Enough to take my breath away. Weirdly I don't just feel them across my bump but into my chest and neck too.

ArtyJoe - my other half picks at his belly button, I've offten bee tempted to wedge somthing in there...

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