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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
chillbur · 13/12/2004 11:02

Congrats blossom2 - welcome! Just survived a weekend with the in-laws who we're not going to tell until after sil has her baby in January. We had an early Xmas celebration and there was so much booze I had to keep declining. Plus I had to force myself to stay up playing games until midnight on Saturday when all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. So I'm knackered now, but have to make mince pies this morning as we're having a party on Friday (mulled wine and mince pies, yummy) and the house is a spectacular tip. Still we got the tree up last night and it looks nice, just have to decorate it now. Hope everyone is having a good Monday. xx

MiaouyChristmas · 13/12/2004 16:26

oooh, mince pies....Envy...I could just demolish some right now!

Here is an update of who/where we are:

Eulalia - 30th July
Wilbur - Aug 1st
Blossom2 - Aug 2nd
MissChief - Aug 3rd
Oops - Aug 3rd
Miaou - Aug 4th
KMS - ?
Bella23 - ?
Bonkerz - Aug 11th
Nome - Aug 11th
Leahbump - Aug 12th

KMS and Bella23, I couldn't find an EDD for you on the thread, let me know and I'll update the list!

MissChief · 13/12/2004 17:18

Hi all - event w/es then by the sound of it, eulalia -lovely way you told yr dh! I'd been feeking slightly smug as no m/s then was sick in specatular fashion late yesterday eve, couldn't keep anything down,even water! didn't have m/s in last pregnancy so not used to it. unless it was a sick bug that's going around..
only been able to eat 3 pieces of toast today, can't face anyhting else - is everyone else the same, or are you getting better after the mornings over? for me am okay, but then gets worse!

KMSanta · 13/12/2004 17:50

Hello all,
had scan at EPU today, and all is well. Just1 in there and I am 6wks and 1 day! so that makes me due on 7th aug.
We told M&FIL on friday and as predicted they said "oh no how will you cope!" and " I'd have put my head in an oven if it was me!" that was a nice congratulations!
Oh well at least DH was pleased and was telling them how excited we are about it.

I now feel really nauseus all the time and am sooo tired. I am using "Sea bands" and they are helping. I had accupuncture with the others but have now changed GP so will have to find somewhere and pay for it now.

had a call from a friend the other day and she is 5 wks with her 3rd, so we can compare notes.

Have told her about MN but she is new to the internet so may not get on here for a while.

leahbump · 13/12/2004 17:52

Hi all,

panniking here as no m/s when i had it real bad with ds!!

only got a bit of heart burn...very thristy...tired and weeing lots...still don't believe i am that pg...just did another test Blush and of course was a huge BFP...just wish i would feel more pg!!

ben researching double buggies to decide between the powertwin and the nipper i think....will go and try some at the nursery store after my 12 week scan...we'll need to start saving for it then!!

any chance you think that this might be a dd (feel so different to when pg last time with ds) or is every pg different?? whichever we will be delighted....but it would be nice.

blossom2 · 13/12/2004 20:51

Leahbump, be thankful you don't have m/s and enjoy!!!!

it really is no fun, especially when Dh insists on having strong cheese in the fridge and then cooking them... i've just had to hide in the bathroom to escape the smell which instantly makes my vomit

Eulalia · 14/12/2004 14:32

KMSanta - glad your scan went well.

MissChief - I had a tummy bug a couple of weeks ago, knew it was too early for m/s. I think youi'll know if you have diarrhoea.

I seem to have only slight nausea so far and I am so hoping it doesn't get worse. I'd like to enjoy my Christas dinner.

One thing I find that helps is to eat something someone else has made. A bought sandwich or soemthing - I got one of those pasta lunch things today from the shop. I am usually too mean to buy things like that but anything that helps to get some food down.

KMSanta · 14/12/2004 22:17

I am finding it really dificult to cook the kids dinner! I managed to do pasta today, but had no hope of doing the planned shepherds pie! Think they may have to eat frozen stuff out of a packet for a little while!

I agree to Eulalia's suggestion of finding it easier to eat things you didn't cook, just don't think too long about what you fancy! I find if I think about it I don't fancy anything and feel more sick! Just get stuff you know you like.

I had an email from a friend today that really made me smile. She had such bad M/S with her last peg that she ended up in hospital twice on a drip. But the bit that made me smile was this:

""it's always a joy because i know though 'morning sickness'
was hideous, once that had gone, the warm feeling of when the baby moves inside is just 'priceless.'
whatever the case, these little beings are such miracles! ""

Just thought I would share that as it made me all warm inside.

MiaouyChristmas · 14/12/2004 22:22

It's that sort of thought that is keeping me going, KMS! It's all worthwhile in the end.

Bella23 · 15/12/2004 13:16

Hello all !
Well I registered at the Doctor's this morning and have the date of my first scan: 21st January.
It suddenly felt more real this morning when I saw the nurse. Roll on the 21st Jan - can't wait.
I have no m/s at all. I am going into week 8 so not sure if I will start to or not. No other real symptoms apart from sore boobs, although I did cry for no reason on Sunday so probably a bit hormonal!
How is everyone else?

TeaTime · 16/12/2004 00:11

I don't know whether to tempt fate and post here or not but I'm 4 days overdue and have a sneaking feeling the test I'm going to take tomorrow morning will be positive - which would make me due on August 21st, a day after our wedding anniversary and 3 days after my 46th birthday - yikes! Am I the oldest expectant mum so far on this thread (or mumsnet??!!)?
Ironically I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to check out the very large fibroid I have (but which my GP didn't seem to be able to find?!) - I was going to get advice about what to do about it because I've been trying for another baby since ds was born (2yrs 9 months ago) and thought that the failure to conceive must be because of that... Perhaps they'll do a pregnancy test at the hospital? VERY EXCITED but also scared and apprehensive that all will keep going well - I know my chances are so much lower than the rest of yous! But ds arrived a week late and is fine and I absolutely loved being pregnant last time - cherished every day of it.

TeaTime · 16/12/2004 06:44

Couldn't wait till morning - tested just after posting that message and it was positive !!! Then couldn't sleep all night - DOH! Told dh but will keep it a secret till I get the all clear after the 1st trimester (12 weeks or so). That's why this list is so helpful - an outlet for thoughts that otherwise can't be discussed... Dh's nephew is having a big wedding on the Isle of Arran on 19th August 2005 and we've already booked a holiday chalet.... as dh said 'Could be a Scottish baby'

virginbonkerz · 16/12/2004 07:55

have registered at the doctors and they have refused to give me an early scan! said i have to have 2 or 3 miscarriages before i can get one! She also added that all my symptoms are preatty severe which is a good sign and i have to rest lots! ( im a childminder with 3 kids at home! Thats a laff)

Dh and i havent touched since the bfp incase we start a miscarriage and im not sure i can do that for another 6 weeks!

On a positive note! I feel crap and havent eaten properly for 6 days now! And feel sick ALL day! Am drinking the local dairy dry of semi skimmed milk as well!!!

leahbump · 16/12/2004 13:15

congrats teatime! great news..there are a few people around in their 40's ttc on mumsnet...let's hope this baby sticks!! Not sure how old everyone esle on this thread is- but we're all pregnant! so we all need ranting space.

I am fidning it hard to keep the baby a secret. dh's family don't know but then we don't really have a great relationship with them...they would not say helpful things (will assume it's an accident since ds is only 10 months old!) and they would certainly say stupid things should we m/c. U know the sort 'oh well at least you know you can get pg..there'll be abother wasn't meant to be..' So not telling them till after 12 weeks at least!

ANyone else finding clothes tight?? Or am I just eating too much?? (actually seem to be eating slightly less as I feel sicky)

feeling impatient this first trimester goes slow...

Eulalia · 16/12/2004 13:19

Teatime - congrats! I will be 40 on 15 August and my baby is due a couple of weeks before that. I hope your appointment goes OK.

I am still feeling sicky but not too bad. Couldn't face milk - yeugh. Evenings are worst, I just look forward to the kids going to bed so I can go too.

blossom2 · 16/12/2004 13:21

Congratulations Teatime & Virginbonkerz!!!

the only time i seem to not feel sick is when i'm asleep!! even the thought of food is making me want to vomit ....

oopsanta · 16/12/2004 19:53

well, congrats to all the newbies here.
Wow, Teatime, I thought I was getting on a bit- 40 in 3 weeks. Eulalia, I beat you to it!
I am feeliing crap crap crap. I'm very tired and sicky and just worn out really.
DH is being lovely and cooking for me and letting me have a little sleep whilst he puts ds to bed each eve.
What is 2 going to be like?????
Am I mad to have done this???
DS is a lovely calm and sweet little baby, I can't imagine being lucky enough to get another one. I bet this one will be the wild child!
Even though I'm frightened, i'm still kindof excited.
Only 6 weeks pg so far- I hope the ms settles sooner rather than later- was sick inot a bin at work today- nice!

virginbonkerz · 16/12/2004 20:25

have been feeling crap all day and have started to have a brown discharge! looks like old blood but am terrified its the start of another miscarriage! what shall i do.? DH says im looking to far into it but im terrified1 HELP

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 16/12/2004 20:46

well I have had apositive test today! acomplete surprise and shock! still in shock! have 4 kids! dd is only 5 months , am recovering from pnd and am on anti-bs for ear infection, omg! havent even told dh yet!

TeaTime · 16/12/2004 20:56

Thanks for the messages everyone (you youngsters!!) - actually I can remember when someone told me that their girlfriend had a baby at 38 and it seemed WAY TOO OLD to me at the time and I just assumed that I'd have a lovely big brood by the time I was 35. Ah well, life plays strange tricks on us sometimes.

Anyway today has been thrilling - keep pinching myself as I can hardly believe it's true. I phoned up for an appointment with the local midwife and was given 12.15 today! Sped in to work, dropped ds off, popped in and made some lame excuses and sped back to the clinic. It was the same midwife I had last time which was nice (never once mentioned my age last time and when I asked her about it after ds was born she said 'you're actually mid-range for me, I have a mum who is 52 !') and she remembered a lot of my details. Filled in the long form and did a urine test, booked in for 13th Jan. Her due date is 22nd August 2005.

Then home for some unaccustomed p and q so decided to wash the kitchen floor (really needed doing). Headed out 2.45 for the gyne appointment re fibroid - not sure what I was going to say. Anyway, answered the doctor's questions (I'd been referred by GP for consultation) and then told them I'd just found out I was pregnant so fibroid was less of an issue for me. (I'd been worried that it was stopping me conceiving which is why I wanted advice on what to do about it) They did an external and internal scan and confirmed a huge fibroid (400 ml - look at a measuring jug and you'll get an idea!!) but ALSO BRILLIANTLY the nurse doing the scanning found the dot which is the pregnancy starting - not ectopic and looks in a good position vis-a-vis the fibroid. Ds developed fine alongside it last time (and I managed a normal delivery) so fingers crossed this one will be the same. She gave me a photo just a grey blur and a dark spot marked IUP (intra uterine pregnancy) and I was fighting back tears - so lovely! Really lucky to have been given this chance of a scan so early on (sorry to hear they won't give you one Virginbonkerz - if you're contacting the GP about your discharge (what I'd suggest) then maybe they'll rethink?). I bled around week 5 on my last pregnancy but all was well in the end so fingers crossed.

As I was leaving the hospital I bumped into my midwife again and told her the good news - the advice is just to go with the flow and see what happens - no question of removing the fibroid now!

Sorry that so many of you are feeling m/s - I feel great and as I didn't get m/s last time don't suppose I will this time either. I was one of those sickening types who is 'high' for the whole pregnancy - just hope this one is the same and going by today I might be lucky!!

RudolfsGotToothache · 16/12/2004 21:01

WOW! Can't believe this has started already! I started the "Due in August 2004" thread.... and my little bundle is a bouncing 4.5 month old now!!! Good luck everyone. I must be mental, but I have to admit I'm teensy wee bit jealous! (ssssh don't tell dh ) BE GONE HORMONES BE GONNNNNE!

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 16/12/2004 21:08

Strangely though I do not feel alarmed at the prospect of another baby, not yet anyway, Im sure I will feel differently once the m/s kicks in which is usually quite severe.Doesnt feel very real yet...sold dd's pram on saturday!! eekk!Mind u will need a double anyway, have worked out will be due on my birthday!havent been to docs yet, will go tomorrow and get an urgent appt as I am on anti-bs that are not suitible during preg, will they have done any harm?

RudolfsGotToothache · 16/12/2004 21:18

Spacecadet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! OMG!

RudolfsGotToothache · 16/12/2004 21:20

Sorry.... meant to add that the most Anti'bs say they aren't suitable during pregnancy. I'm sure it'll be fine. I had 6 courses during my last pregnancy. The 1st lot I was only about 4wks pg. Wow... 5!
What d'you think your DH will say?

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 16/12/2004 21:23

Havent broken the news yet, he will probably pass out!! before rushing outside to slap his manhood between 2 bricks!!

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