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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
KMS · 27/01/2005 17:35

I meant Miaou!! sorry

Miaou · 27/01/2005 18:33

Thanks chaps! I could do with an extra day - boat arriving tomorrow at 10.30 and NO WAY am I going to be ready - argh! Dh isn't here as he had to go off to pick up the van, to bring over on the boat - with me so far? - so I am doing all the last minute stuff myself - only there seems to be rather a lot of it....! I'm moving just south of Fort William, spacecadet - 17 miles across the sea then about 60 miles down the road - actually not that far in the scheme of things, but complicated by having all that sea in between us and new house! (live on an island at present!)

kate100 · 27/01/2005 19:36

Hi everyone, glad that you seem to have got think sorted out for your scan Moschops and flickig through it seems that everyone is starting to turn the corner and feel better, except poor Spacecadet, I really feel for you.

Is anyone else freezing cold all the time? Since before I took the test I have been soooo cold. DS was a little furnace and I was boiling, but this bub seems to be a freezer!!

bluestar · 27/01/2005 20:43

I got my nuchal scan appt through for 8th Feb so not long to wait and I will be 12 weeks at that time. So hopefully can combine the scan pic and good news during that week. Still can't shake off this cold - I'm sure having the baby inside taking all the nutrients is making it harder for me to fight this infection and I'm finding it hard to stomach most foods at the moment -this baby is going to look like a baked potato or a fish finger!

Chickpea · 28/01/2005 18:02

Dear all

I haven't posted for a while but I am heart broken noy only with my own bad news but for Bonkerz too.

Well I'm going to join pacinofan, Bloatella,dramaqueen,hereshoping, Teatime, Morgan and Bonkers. I'm afraid I have yet more bad news for this thread. I got home yesterday to find that I had bled a little. I went to A&E but they couldn't do anything for me as all the sonographers go home at 5.00. So I went in for a scan this afternoon and was told there was no heart beat. The baby had stopped growing at 9plus3- I would now be 11plus1. This is my third m/c I am devastated and cannot believe it has happened again.

I had convinved myslef that the last two were just bad luck having such a perfectly smooth pgs with my 2dds and ds including Martha who is only 7 months old.

I leave you all with the biggest of hugs and the very best of wishes - I'll sneak a look in on you all from time to time and catch up with you on other threads I'm sure.

Spacecadet - let me know how it goes with the two so close together. I'd just about come to terms with the whole duoble buggy thing...

Spacecadet · 28/01/2005 21:14

Chickpea, I cant beleive your sad news, I truly think our thread is cursed at the moment Will you have to go to hospital for an erpc?My thoughts are with you, I wish I could say something constructive ....... so sorry..{{{hugs}}}

KMS · 28/01/2005 22:38

SO sorry Chickpea. Thinking of you.

oops · 29/01/2005 21:30

Message withdrawn

Eulalia · 30/01/2005 09:48

Oh no chickpea - how sad Take care.

Azure · 30/01/2005 09:54

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this Chickpea. I can't believe the heartbreak on this thread. Take care of yourself at this sad time. {{{Hugs}}}

Chickpea · 30/01/2005 19:07

Thank you all. I have chosen to let my body deal with the miscarriage and I am now just waiting. I have been bleeding for a couple of days and it is now quite heavy. I don't think it will be long. I couldn't bear to have a d&c or whatever they are called now - I didn't with either of my other mcs and somehow the whole process helps me deal with it. We all deal with things in different ways.

I have decided that this is all the sadness for this thread. I am sending you all positive cyber energy so that you can all go and enjoy the rest of your pgs xxx

oops · 30/01/2005 20:48

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet · 30/01/2005 21:03

I think thats a nice idea , oops, i feel so badly for everyone who started on our thread and who is suffering now, but I think a new thread would be good, to everyone who has left this thread though, you are not forgotten.

kizzy212 · 30/01/2005 21:50

Hello all!!

New to this thread but not to mumsnet. Found out just before christmas, that i am expecting child number two. Son is 7 1/2 years old now so bit of a gap. Hope i remember what to Baby due 20th aug by my dates, but scan on 8th feb will confirm. I am already in new maternity trousers at 11 weeks. Getting quite a little bump. i cant wait. Hope to share all my stories and views with you all in the near future..speak soon. hope you are well and looking after yourself.

KMS · 30/01/2005 23:14

Good idea oops, I was thinking the same myself.

KMS · 30/01/2005 23:27

SOrry pressed post instead of preview!!
Was going to add a welcome to Kizzy212. It's nice to have a new member to the thread.

Azure · 31/01/2005 08:34

Kizzy212 congratulations and welcome to the thread.

I agree that a new thread would be good and that it doesn't mean we've forgotten those who have had to move on.

Azure · 31/01/2005 08:48

Using the post by Kate100 on Jan 1st here is what I think is the updated list - some of the dates may have changed by now. I'm really sorry if any name here is wrong.

eulalia - 30/7
wilbur - 1/8
blossom 2 - 1/8
kate100 - 2/8
opps - 3/8
misschief - 3/8
miaou - 4/8
jellybrain - 4/8
KMS - 7/8
nic2004dave - 10/8
nome - 11/8
leahbump - 12/8
colinsmummy - 17/8
clareren - 20/8
kizzy212 - 20/8
bluestar - 21/8
spacecadet - 24/8
azure - 25/8
rouge - 25/8
beachyhead - 27/8
forevermore - 28/8
twiga - 31/8
bella23 - ?
moschops - ?

There are several people I don't think we've heard from recently - I hope everything is ok.

Miaou - how did your move go?

Azure · 31/01/2005 08:48

Forgot to say, please update if info is wrong.

forevermore · 31/01/2005 11:14

good idea about new thread; I will post as soon as I see it. I feel we could all do with a fresh start.

Oh yes....Got scan date for feb 8th too!; but will only be 11 wks and 3 days; is this okay do you think?

symptoms back with a vengence after a lull period of about 10 days; queasy and boobs from hell! feeling tired now too, belly getting big but i think its fat mainly! not been gyming it since i found out, but when i get over scan i will start aqua classess i think and try and shift some excess fat.

leahbump · 31/01/2005 11:17

just a quick post...willpost properly on new thread. had scan all is well....

AND just in case forevermore- you need to be 11weeks 2 days for them to do the nuchal fold tests- they will send you away if u r not. I had this nearly as my first measurements crown to rump were 11 w 1 d...but on taking about 5 measurements I measured 12w 2 d! I would go anyway - they will do it if they can- if not you'll get to see bubs again in a week or so!!

jellybrain · 31/01/2005 13:40

KMS - There is a Chinese Fertility Chart at From the home page scroll down to popular links where you'll see Predict Gender. From that page you can link to which has the fun questionaire which gives a %age boy/girl!. Have fun.

I am odds on to have a girl this time though this could be wishful thinking on account having 2 boys (who I love to bits of course).
Will be back soon with more trivia.

Twiga · 31/01/2005 15:50

Sorry to read all the sad news for this thread, {{{hugs}}}to everyone who's mc.

Congrats to Kizzy and welcome to the thread.

Miaou, I hope you're move went ok and wasn't too stressful.

Glad you had a good time in Rome Azure.

I had my scan today (am 9+5) and all is well, strong wee heart beat and baby was madly waving arms and legs at us - such a relief to see my wee prawn on the screen and doing well. Had a great holiday, lots of long lies and great to catch up with lots of family and friends. Also managed to get tickets for the Tsunami Appeal concert in Cardiff, it was ace - Jools Holland and Clapton were just magic! It was a somewhat cold eight hours and I was glad we had seated tickets. Now back home and the reality of work etc kicking back in, just very releived to know that things are well. Still being sick and have had to buy new bras, but am fine.

Azure · 31/01/2005 16:10


Oops has now started a new thread - look forward to seeing you there.

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