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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
RudolfsGotToothache · 16/12/2004 21:36


It's certainly working anyway! Seriously though, I take it this babs isn't planned?

I would love another one, not now, but soon. Dh is insisting that there will be no more... heeheehee.... we'll see.

Good luck with your pregnancy.

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 16/12/2004 21:41

No it wasnt, hadnt written off the idea of another as my 2 eldest are by a previous marriage but not this soon!!!! I guess there are plenty that would love to be as fertile as I obviously am!!!

blossom2 · 16/12/2004 21:46

I've vowed never to get pregnant again!! i don't think i can handle this morning sickness another time.

But recent messages has got me thinking to what kind of contraceptive i can take whilst BF after this littlelin is born

Eulalia · 17/12/2004 10:01

Spacecadet ? congrats!!!

Teatime ? glad that everything is OK. Wow I didn't know you could grow a baby with a fibroid like that. I guess I must have the oldest dh ? he is 59. Most of his friends are becoming granddads.

Blossom2 ? sorry to hear you are still feeling yuk ? I seem to be better this time round, dd was awful. I remember I couldn?t even stand in the kitchen. It is a good sign though, so just try to keep focussing on that.

Virginbonkers ? hope everything is OK with you.

We?ve not told anyone yet ? I am going to try and hold on till the scan ? feel more nervous this time round. It?s great having this thread to share feelings.

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 17/12/2004 11:08

broke the news to dh last night.He was v upset, worried about how it will affect me and the kids etc, im going to the docs on mon

RudolfsGotToothache · 17/12/2004 22:21

Oh Spacecadet Are you okay??????

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 18/12/2004 10:36

yes thanks, he has come round to the idea, thinks hes superstud! of course we are desperately worried about money etc, he said oh well this is def the last!! then im having the snip! at least we wont be bothered by the sleepless nights as we arent getting much sleep anyway!at least we dont have to buy anything apart from a double buggy.

Eulalia · 18/12/2004 21:20

Spacecadet - glad to hear your dh is coming round to the idea. My dh would never ever get the snip and at it seems at the age of 59 he is still as fertile as ever! What do you have at the moment boys,girls or both?

I am going to bed now even though its only 9.15, had a tiring day, long walk with the kids, wrapping presents for a family party tomorrow and cooking, housework etc. My nausea seems to have changed to the middle of the day now which is annoying for tomorrow and next Sat (Christmas lunch) but maybe it will all have changed by then. 8 weeks today, feels like I've been pregnant forever already.

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 18/12/2004 21:37

I have 2 girls and 2 boys, the eldest is a girl and my youngest is a girl, dd1 waited 13 years to get the little sister she wanted!!!Only a week ago I was proudly announcing that it will be nice to have a christmas where I can enjoy xmas dinner, tempting fate or what!!!I felt faint today as opposed to dizzy , still feel a bit off balance from the ear infection but the faint vfeeling I know is the pregnancy, my boobs feel like rock hard melons!!! glad I didnt chuck the maternity bra away!!

TeaTime · 18/12/2004 23:41

I think five is a great number (I'm one of five) but then I didn't bring them up, my poor long-suffering mum did! The eldest in the family is my sister, then two brothers and then me and my sister was 12 when I was born (the blond blue-eyed sister she'd hoped for!!) so sounds like a very similar sibling set up. The last in our family was my younger sister... who's now 40!! Anyway, after the first 10 years of sibling jealousy (the no-longer-youngest one resented their usurper - this was with roughly 4 years in between the last three), I've had a fantastic relationship with all my sibs and feel really lucky to have such a large network of support. This is a big reason why I want ds to have at least ONE brother or sister! Left it way too late for 5!

My mum is coming up for Christmas and it will be hard not to tell her, in fact I might, although in theory I just want to keep it quiet till after the first proper scan (with heart beat - none detectable on the one I had!). Still feeling fine and thrilled - may go out for my usual Sunday morning jog tomorrow, but taking it nice and slow.

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 19/12/2004 10:46

My mum is coming for new year but I dont want to tell her yet, would rather wait till the scan.Fortunately as I have been ill with a virus and ear infection I can say I still feel under the weather, woke up feeling nauseas and faint today, already! not a good sign, means it will get worse!

dramaqueen72 · 19/12/2004 19:17

well can i join in too? i'm 5 and abit weeks pg now and due aug 17th.scary!!
this will be my 5th pregnancy and hopefully my 4th baby. it wasNT in the slightest bit planned but i'm coming round to the idea. I think anyhow!!
havent told anyone in RL aside from DH and my american penpal.not sure she counts as Rl actually..
have ds 12 dd 10 and dd 18mths.
dont feel pg yet, abit lightheaded and starting to go off foods i normally love. feel maybe abit sick but fingers crossed its not the morning noon and night sickness i had with dd!!!omg that was awful.
hope to speak with you all v soon
so many august babies already!

oopsanta · 19/12/2004 20:00

I'd forgotten how shit this bit is. WHy oh why didn't I remember.
I feel sooo sick and am dry retching all over the place.. this is def worse than last time.
I am bloody knackered and keep dropping off to sleep. Poor DH is really taking the strain for me- bless him.
I kindof know it will be worht it- but really whay do we have to feel so ill just to have a baby?
In deep depression at the moment- I know how it all works now, so i know I'm going to be knackered for about 18months now!! Unless this baby doesn't start sleeping through at the same age as ds.
I bet this one will be wild- ds is such a placid little man.
Moan, moan moan, thanks for listening

TeaTime · 19/12/2004 20:03

About the fibroid (to answer your query Eulalia) - the first time I knew I had one was the first scan for ds and it was 8cm then. I'm so glad I was already preg when I found out as not getting pregnant and knowing it was there would have made me very upset and desperate to get rid of it - not easy as it sometimes involves a complete womb removal - nightmare! I also learned how common they are (40% have them - most without knowing or feeling any adverse effects). It thrived on the pregnancy hormones and made a funny bump on my bump but ds also developed well and didn't seem to suffer from having less room to move around. By the time I had ds (8lbs 7 oz) it was 15cm across (same as now probably) but being attached at the top of the womb it didn't impede delivery. It was supposed to shrink after the pregnancy hormones stopped and a few months later I went for a check up and the doctor said there was 'no sign' of it!

However it seems they are tricky things to spot - this huge one couldn't be found by my GP despite a thorough external and internal exam!! I'd gone to him about it because every period I was getting excruciating pain (to the point of almost fainting) when emptying my bowels (trying to keep polite!) and I attributed it to the fibroid returning. The pain was very brief and only monthly so not a huge problem really but I wanted to know what was causing it and as we were also still ttc it worried me if the fibroid had 'come back' (I don't think it ever went away).

A weird thing that no doctor has 'believed' yet is that every morning I can feel it - a very large hard ball - sometimes on the left sometimes on the right, but as soon as I stand up it disappears (pops back and down inside?). At the recent consultation I was told this was probably my bladder???!!! I can't see why they are so sure it ISN'T the fibroid.

Anyway I am again delighted that I am pregnant without having to wonder what to do about removing it. I'm not worried about it from last time's experience (and on other threads on mumsnet I see there are other mums with similar experiences) - after all if the womb can be big enough for twins or more it can accommodate a baby and a fibroid. However if it doubles in size this time round as it did last time it might be as big as the baby him/herself! Turns out my mum has one or more but they don't bother her so she's never had them removed.

Congrats to DramaQueen - very close to my due date!

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 20/12/2004 11:48

congrats dramaqueen!Went to docs today, have due date of 24th aug, my birthday!!Doctor was a bit stern with me in view of my depression and asked if I planned to carry on with the preg, seemed v surprised when I said yes.Have been referred to midwife for when 10 weeks preg, she will call me and visit me at home to go through all my booking details.Hve been referred back to same con, I had with dd, boy is she going to be thrilled to see me!!!not!In view of my underactive thyroid, I have been referred to hospital for an appt with con at the same time as my 12 week scan and I have to start having the monthly tsh blood tests again as opposed to 3 monthly.feeling of deja vu here!

virginbonkerz · 20/12/2004 12:17

well have been taking it easy and have had no more bleeding etc but have just (and im sorry for being graphic) but have just wiped and have bright red watery blood but am unsure if it is coming from my episiotomy scar which does sometimes bleed! have a niggly ache in my back but not much! Think im being hypersensitive!

clareren · 20/12/2004 16:17

Hi Everyone

I hope it is ok to join this thread - I have just found out that I am pregnant and my baby is due on August 20th 2005!

It is my second baby and doctor was so matter of fact about it, that I couldn't really believe it was happening! It was just a case of righty oh love, see you when you are ten weeks!

I will definitely keep looking at Mumsnet. My first pregnancy was a bit of a solitary and scary one, so it is fantastic to be able to talk to some non-scary people about it!

Congratulations to everyone, and I am sending lots of babydust to everyone who is trying to conceive!

TeaTime · 20/12/2004 16:51

Keep calm Virginbonkerz - it may be OK so hang on in there!

Congrats on the date Spacecadet - interesting how many of us are due in the same the month as our own birthday (you due on 24th, birthday 24th; me due on 22nd, birthday on 18th; Leah due on 12th, birthday 12th; Eulalia due early August, birthday on 15th) And a few wedding anniversaries in August too (ours is 20th) so a real month of celebration. Seems a long way away still though - so much to go through first!!

TeaTime · 20/12/2004 16:57

Congrats Clareren - welcome to the August thread. Our dates are very close - I'm due 22nd (but my own calculation was 21st). A word of warning - Mumsnet is addictive!! I'm relatively new to it but have been spending way too long reading various threads and being wowed by all the amazing women on here, and all the compelling real life stories. Didn't get to bed till small hours last night . We're still on dial-up and this might start to cost a fortune. But I can't think of anywhere better to feel you can talk, belong and share.

leahbump · 20/12/2004 19:12

evening everyone!

feeling ill but no being ill etc here. Definately expanding- I didn't have that much waist as ds is 10 months old...but what i did have is disappearing...just weighed myself and pleased to report no weight gain as yet!!

Anyone got any idea when we are first supposed to see the m/w? It's just that I know I will get a 12 week scan and dh needs more than 2 weeks notice to be able to be there with me .

The most annoying thing is the constant need to wee- no corrcetion drip on the tiolet......grow uterus grow and get off me bladder!!!

teatime- our wedding ann is in august too!! such an eventful month!!

oopsanta · 20/12/2004 20:43

hi to Clareren and Dramaqueen72,
Spacecadet- I've been reading a couple of your other threads- just want to say good luck and hope it all chills out a bit. to think I'm scared of having 2 babies! Hats off to you- did I also remember that you home educated- or was that another world?
Well, I'm still feeling crap and just as i walked away form the computer last night I puked for england. Have coped so far today, but this is going to be a long haul I think.
Anyway, am off to post a thread on how to deal with constipation when pg- so if any of you know what I can do- pleese let me know!!

dramaqueen72 · 20/12/2004 23:35

hello everyone again.
leah bump, i dont know about the midwife times with you, usually they like to see you when youre around 11wks i think. it does vary area to area. i have a midwife appointment wednesday and i shall only be 6 wks... this is because i once had a missed m/c and have also put my hand up now for extra support, now, during and later. - I suffered bad post natal depression before despite the fact my dr treated me like some freak for saying i may need extra help/support, i am fairly confident that was the right thing to do.
anyone here got any good reccomendations for after birth support and help? both my mother and my inlaws will be no great practical help, and my DH works far too much....i looked at the 'postnatal doula' and the (scary sounding) maternity there anything else??

currently, aside from some dry retching after brushing my teeth i have no great pg signs...yet!! aside from feeling knackered and breathless.
hope everyones well, or wellish!

AzureSelfaMerryLittleChristmas · 21/12/2004 09:34

Can I join you too? I got a BFP last night and am due August 25th - 2 days before DS's 4th birthday. I am feeling in a slight state of shock. I have had two m/cs (11 and 8 weeks) since having DS and was just reconciling myself to giving up ever trying again. Roll on the 12 week point so I can start to relax.

PamiNativity · 21/12/2004 09:50

Oh wow! Azure, just had to have a nose and see what you were doing on this thread. Massive congratulations! I know you won't be able to settle down till the magic 12 week mark, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. xxxxx

Spacecadetiscomingtotown · 21/12/2004 09:51

Oopsanta, thanks for your support, I dont educate from home though, im glad of the peace and quiet I get when my kids go to school!!!!

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