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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
MiaouyChristmas · 05/12/2004 20:06

Hello pacinofan and leah, welcome to the club! It's great to have somewhere to talk just now, isn't it?

Leah - you could be Leahbump for now!

Dh and I haven't told anyone yet except Bensmum3 (fellow mumsnetter and neighbour), not told my parents yet but will have to by Christmas because of not drinking.

Symptoms: sore boobs, nausea (yes, already Sad), extreme tiredness, and stomach pain. The first trimester is the worst for me; after that I enjoy being pregnant (well I did the last two times!)

leahbump · 06/12/2004 08:33

thanks for such a lovely welcome girls! Still in total shock! to the drs to register this am (moved in may and still haven't done it..travelled back to the old baby clinic etc) so I am gonna make an apt then.

How many folk have you lot told? my mum was staying so i told her- extra special b/c beanie is due on the day she gave birth to me!
I am going to tell another friend this morning also- she is pg anyway...gonna give her a load of my winter maternity stuff!

Anyway- Mum said yesterday that being pg in july-aug isn't great because basically I'll not want to wear clothes at all if it's hot!

well better go dress ds!

wilbur · 06/12/2004 18:41

Congrats Leahbump and pacinofan (a woman of taste, clearly!) Nice to have you with us.

I had my early scan today and everything is fine, baby is in the good place, not in my remaining tube so no ectopic this time, hooray! I'm so happy. I was really blown away by the scan too, all you could see was this sac with a grain of rice in it, but the rice grain had a tiny flickering, beating heart. It's only 3 mm long apparently, but already has a heart that works. I think I feel more awed by this scan that I did with ds or dd, even though they loked like babies by the time I saw them which was fantastic in itself, this little dot was so tiny and precious. Sorry, blathering, just very emotional. Hope everyone is feeling okay, sorry to hear about morning sickness already - mine has just started at 6 weeks. Hoping it won't be too bad this time.

OP posts:
MiaouyChristmas · 06/12/2004 18:59

Aw wilbur, that is lovely! Thank you for sharing your feelings about the scan - it sounds like it was very special.

Dh and I told our dds this lunchtime about the new bub - they were so excited! Dd2 keeps coming up and patting my tummy and saying "Hello, darling!" Aw.

Nausea is bad now, and all day - I am feeling very sorry for myself! Dh is being a star - not nagging me to eat when I don't feel like it, and cooking me whatever I fancy when I do! I'd rather not have the m/s though!

MiaouyChristmas · 06/12/2004 19:06

So far on the Aug list we have:

Eulalia - 30th July
Wilbur - Aug 1st
MissChief - ?
Oops - Aug 3rd
Miaou - Aug 4th
KMS - ?
Bella23 - ?
Pacinofan - Aug 8th
Leahbump - Aug 12th

Filling up nicely!

MissChief · 06/12/2004 19:13

Hi - been lurking with intent, still superstitious about it all. I'm due Aug 3rd though!
Congrats on yr scan Wilbur - brought a tear to my eye! hope everyone's okay?
went to 1st christmas party on sat - god it's BORING checking menus for no-no foods, not drinking when everyone else is indulging - nothing like being stone cold sober when all around you are merry! Bah humbug, hopefully I'll cheer up (cross fingers) when I get to the 13 week marker!

KMSanta · 06/12/2004 22:37

Really pleased for you Wilbur.
It was great to hear the details of the scan as it helped me to picture what my rice grain is like now! Makes it more real.

Had a scan @ 9 wks with DD and she was a bean!
Hope to have an early scan this time too as I need to know dates. I did have an argument with the hospital last time round as they won't do an early scan if you are going to have a nucal scan. But as I tried to point out you need to know your dates to make sure you have the nucal done at the right time! I wasn't about to pay £90 and find it was too early or too late! Think I will have the same this time too.

MiaouyChristmas Thanks for listing everyone I was trying to get my head round how many were on the list!

oopsanta · 06/12/2004 23:55

I had alot of scans for my first baby. i bled pretty much continualy for 3 months.
I would love a scan for this one, but actually am really enjoying the laid back way that it is going this time.
Last time I did the pg test at the end of a long period just because I felt strange. After that it was scans that showed nothing, then blood tests every other day and more bleeding and more scans and more blood tests.
So this little one is just quietly sitting there, not really making me feel sick anymore. It is just so lovely not to be dashing in and out of EPDU and getting stressed.
I did check that I was still pg a week after the last test, as I am feeling so well, and the little weedy thin line had become a dark chunky thick one- so I refuse to worry, what's the point?

merrykittymas · 07/12/2004 00:19

wow August thread already full congratulations everyone

I was due August 4th this year DD popped out 20th July I am slightly Envy of you all wish it were me again.

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 09:29

I have been silently pleased that no real ms so far
WRONG! woke up today feeling lousy lousy lousy. Headache and nausea. Nice!
Anyway, hoping it won't be as bad as last time- I couldn't go near the kitchen! or the bathroom! as the smells and the thought of the food in the fridge just made me heave.
We keep telling ds (15months) he's going to have a brother or sister and he then gets a book he's got with brothers and sisters mentioned it it. They are part of a kangaroo family, so not quite sure what he will be expecting Grin
Hope you all have a good day

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 09:30

welcome missChief, The numbers are building up aren't they and we're not even up to midway through August yet!

Eulalia · 07/12/2004 09:42

Morning all – thanks for putting me on the list and ‘allowing’ me in the Aug list Miaou! If late again I should get out of hospital just in time for my birthday. Although was planning on having a big 40th do with my twin sister but having a newborn gives me a good excuse. That is so sweet about your dds.

Wibur – great that your scan worked out well :)

OopsSanta – sorry to hear about the ms, just expecting mine any day now. I hope its not as bad this time round.

Getting more shopping done for Christmas today and then I am just about organised. Can’t be bothered to write cards though.

pacinofan · 07/12/2004 10:13

Sorry - this is bad news. I started bleeding on Sunday, and have been bleeding heavily since. It is almost certain I have had a miscarriage and lost our baby. I saw my GP yesterday and am booked at the early pregnancy unit tomorrow for a scan to see if there is anything there, but it seems unlikely now.

We are feeling so upset. I know worse things can happen in pregnancy, but it is of little comfort to us. We had such a problem free pregnancy with our daughter, I never dreamt I would miscarry with our second.

Sorry to post such sad news, I know these early weeks are a worry and when you hear of news like ours it is upsetting for all. Good luck to everyone here, I sincerely hope in the not too distant future we will pick up the pieces and find ourselves in another MN ante-natal club.

Regards, Helen

Bella23 · 07/12/2004 10:35

Pacinofan - so desperately sorry to hear your news! You have my huge sympathies.
I don't really know wha to say other than I hope you get lots of support from your family and big hugs

leahbump · 07/12/2004 13:03


so sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you, dh and dd.


MissChief · 07/12/2004 14:11

Dear helen - really sorry to hear about that, I know how horrible it is as happened in my 1st preg. Take care of yourself & big hugs.

MissChief · 07/12/2004 14:17

hi all - i am alternating between trying to wait for the routine 12 wk scan or (hopefully) reassuring myself by getting an early scan. Did this last time round due to previous m/c and found it really calming. Currently 5 1/2 weeks, no nausea but quite breathless all the time. What do you all think?

bonkerz · 07/12/2004 14:18

im due 11th august! only found out today!

Bella23 · 07/12/2004 14:21

How do you go about getting an early scan. Do you have to go private and pay?
I am 7 weeks and so also very early but seems that 5 more weeks of waiting to see if all is ok might send me into the loony bin
This is my 1st so any advice would be great? :)

MissChief · 07/12/2004 14:21

congratulations - and welcome! shocked?

MissChief · 07/12/2004 14:24

bella- asking myself same question. You may be able to get a referral from yr GP to your local Ealry Pregnancy Unit (EPU) who can scan I think from 6 weeks, should be free. Not sure how easy it is to get referral - depends on GP I think and having medical grounds such as previous miscarriage etc. As I'd had a previous m/c i got referred at 6 weeks last time round but GP v sympathetic and now moved out of the area completely so don't know attitude of current GP or even where nearest EPU is. I.m sure you could get referred privately iof not on NHS, again via GP. HTH

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 14:25

Oh Helen, I am so sorry to hear that. It must be so stressfulfor you. I do hope the news isn't bad, as I have said before, I bled and bled for days with my first pg. This may be tmi but one particular day I actually didn't dare leave the house I was bleeding so much. That didn't end in a m/c, even the drs were surprised when it all settled down.
Either way, I do know how hard it is for you right now and am sending a big hug and I'm thinking of you.
Let us know what happens. It may be it takes a few days for you to find out if you are vey early pg (less than 6-7 weeks)then they can't tell on a scan if the baby is viable. You might have to have blood taken today and again in 2 days.
Rest for now and try to take care of yourself, you are going through a horrible thing just now.

bonkerz · 07/12/2004 14:26

im gonna ask my doc for an early scan when i see them next week as my last pregnancy ended in mc at 7 wekks (in july). I have been sick all weekend! no other stuff so must be the pregnancy but have just had an hours sleep and actually cried this morning when dh woke me up cos after 11 hours i was still tired! have sore boobs and am unable to eat without feeling sick! Im hoping that this pregnancy will be like my 1st (when i had my ds) as i lost weight for 6 months and my flabby belly turned into a beautiful bump!

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 14:26

if anyone is inLondon the Fetal Medicine centre do viability scans at 6 weks plus I think, will try to find website

Bella23 · 07/12/2004 14:35

Thanks for advice - it is so helpful to have this site with the fountain of knowledge from everyone. My DH is very helpful but when we discuss anything re pregnancy he asks "is that normal?" I keep telling him how should I know I've never been through this before! I guess what i am saying is that I find this site very reassuring. Thanks :o

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