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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
KMS · 01/12/2004 20:07

Hello, can I sneak in? I did test yesterday! Not sure how far gone but sure I must be due in aug. I had a bleed sat before last and thought it was AF. but didn't progress. so may have been implant bleed??
Well this will be no.4 for me! I have DS1 6.5yr, DS2 4.5yr & DD 16mths.
Congrats to all others and hope all goes well. I don't get on here very regularly so please don't feel I am being off if I don't reply very offen.

Eulalia · 02/12/2004 14:22

Congrats KMS

Miaou - how will you get to hospital - it's a long way! I've only been to Lewis and Benbecula but would love to explore the islands more.

Getting nervous about tomorrow - will be back to post the news.

MiaouyChristmas · 02/12/2004 20:09

Blimey it's still very quiet on here, isn't it?

Eulalia, all the best for tomorrow, will be thinking of you.

We get a ferry to the mainland then drive over to Inverness (about 3 hours) - not too far in the scheme of things. Not particularly looking forward to being on my own for a long time though.

MiaouyChristmas · 02/12/2004 20:09

Forgot to add, congrats KMS!

KMS · 02/12/2004 22:27

Eulalia- good luck tomorrow. Hope all is well and it isn't too uncomfortable.

oops · 02/12/2004 23:29

Message withdrawn

Eulalia · 03/12/2004 11:09

Good news. My pregnancy is confirmed! 6 weeks tomorrow This is my 3rd. ds is 5 1/2 and has mild autism. dd is 2 1/2... can't believe she is going to be a big sister.

A reminder that I am actually due July 30th but previous times have been late (8 days and 14 days) so highly likely to have the baby in August. Am posting on July thread also though.

Now I need to think about when to tell dh and see if I can keep a secret till the 17th. That's when he gets the all clear about his job - its just a formality really but I wasn't supposed to be getting pregnant till then... opps!

MissChief · 03/12/2004 11:18

excellent news, you must be relieved!
congrats to newbies on here too.
I'm still rolling along (amazing how days at this stage seem to go as slowly as weeks later on), no major symptoms - not nauseous yet and hope not bad sign, just knackered though might be due to usual nursery bugs.

wilbur · 03/12/2004 13:50

That's great Eulalia! I've got my scan booked for lunchtime on Monday and I'll be six weeks then, so hopefully they will be able to find something to look at. Got my first bout of nausea this morning, not looking forward to more of that. I always feel like I have a hangover in the early weeks of preg, seems very unfair since I'm not drinking.

Congrats KMS - wow, four! That's brilliant, what a lovely busy house you must have.

OP posts:
Bella23 · 03/12/2004 13:59


This is my first time and I am 6 weeks pregnant and feeling very nervous. I feel fine apart from sore boobs but keep getting on and off some slight pulling pains low down in my tummy. Not painful just more a slight pulling sensation. Is this normal? Sorry it is just that I am feeling paranoid!
Anyone else had these?

MiaouyChristmas · 03/12/2004 14:15

Hi there Bella, congratulations! Re the sore boobs, me too, in fact they feel like they're expanding so fast they're going to explode which dh thinks is hilarious because I'm only a 36A! (Sorry, TMI!)

The pulling you're feeling will probably be your ligaments softening in preparation for your tummy expanding - seem to remember that from my first pregnancy.

Starting to feel nauseous in the morning already... . I got to 6 weeks before I had m/s with dd1, and 4 weeks with dd2, so I expected it to start early... Not very good at eating in the morning under the best circumstances either!

MiaouyChristmas · 03/12/2004 14:17

And congratulations Eulalia, now we will wish your dh the best of luck for the 17th!

Bella23 · 03/12/2004 14:18

Thanks so much for easing my paranoia!
I am determined to relax about the whole thing but just feel so anxious and want to fast forward to 12 weeks.
Is very frustrating not being able to tell anyone especially with all the Christmas do's coming up. I think I may have to make up some ailments to stop people from guessing!

Congrats to everyone - sorry meant to say it before!

MiaouyChristmas · 03/12/2004 14:23

IKWYM Bella, I am going to a party tonight and one tomorrow night, and then I will have been to 4 parties and refused wine - I don't think it will be long before people here start guessing!

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening · 03/12/2004 14:27

Congrats to all of you on here. Can't belive there's an August thread already. Off topic, Miaou, you must think i'm awful. I periodically think of the PC but it's just too heavy for me to post . tbh, I reckon with the postage & geeting it fixed, the school would be better off buying a 2nd hand one up there that's already in working order. Am so pleased for you and bump

MiaouyChristmas · 03/12/2004 21:16

DG, don't worry about it at all. We've got JanH's old pc and for now that's all the school needs, so really don't fret about it! Just concentrate on growing that beautiful baby of yours and that will make me happy

Eulalia · 04/12/2004 11:30

Managed not to tell dh last night but think I'll have to soon as I am so tired and besides I want to of course. think I'll hang on till Fri. I got a Christmas card for Dad from the children and am going to also put down from 'baby on the way' or something as that would be a nice way of telling him.

How did everyone else tell their partners/dh's?

MiaouyChristmas · 04/12/2004 14:42

When I suspected I was pg I rang dh as he was away, to see if he minded me doing the test without him. He said fine, and I woke him up at 8am next morning to tell him it was a BFP! He was estatic though.

IKWYM about the tiredness, I feel like yesterday and today it has hit me like a sledgehammer. I get to 7.30pm and just want to flop, and have taken to wanting a nap in the afternoon! And I'm only about 5 weeks pg too. Dh is very sympathetic though. Eulalia, I would tell your dh as soon as you feel able - in some ways I think these first weeks are the hardest and it's nice to get some support and sympathy while your body is working so hard, plus someone to share the excitement with!

oopsanta · 04/12/2004 20:15

I knew I was pregnant pretty much after the deed as it wewre. I had very strange tingling in my hips that carried on for days afterwards. I had a cramping in my hip a week later- I recognised that from my first pg. But tests were negative.
I increasingly felt nauseous over the next 10 days.
I told my dh on the sat 10 dpo that I thought I was pg and he just laughed and thought I was mad.
I bought the test 12 dpo nd did it. I told him over msn messenger! while he was at work.
Not very romantic, but we talked about it nicely a couple of days proir to the test comfirming my suspicions.

leahttc2 · 05/12/2004 07:51


can I join you??

got my BFP this morning ..only been on MN for a little while!!

I knew I was pg at about 9 dpo and tested this am when my temps were still high one day later than usual.

symptoms so far...
cramps more painful than af (like last pg)
weird tummy and boobs
feeling absolutely ravenous all of the time! I am not ttc I need a new screen name....any ideas......??

(ds- 10 months)
(bump edd- 12/8/05- my birthday!!)

pacinofan · 05/12/2004 10:19

Hi, can I join too? After 1 feint positive and 2 negatives, I plucked up the courage to have a test done at Tesco pharmacy on Tuesday - a BFP! Baby due August 8 2005, i already have a daughter, Grace, who will be 2 January 2005. Only signs of pregnancy so far are slight nausea and tiredness. The worst is, DH and me are full of colds and I have the headache from hell - have taken 1 paracetamol this morning because it is agony, but am reluctant to take more, even though my preggie book says small doses are fine. What does anyone else think?

Big congratulations to all, I was so pleased to find this thread!

By the way, have any of you told your family/friends? We said we would wait a while but just couldn't resist and have told our family and close friends.


oopsanta · 05/12/2004 11:16

hi leah and pacinofan
congrats to you both!
Leah, not sure about a new name- I've just changed mine for the ttc and this thread. i don't think it will cause a big fuss as I am a bit of a lurker anyway so nodoby knows me that well.
I'm not very sure when due dat is as can't remeber last peroid , but do know when we convieved, so I think around 10th august is more accurate for us.
Pacinofan- we have told friends so far, a couple of my babymates (i have a ds 15months old) and will tell family when we see them at Christmas! They will all wonder why I'm not downing booze like a fish as usual

KMS · 05/12/2004 14:07

Congrats to Leahttc2 and pacinofan!
Ooops I can't rember LMP either.
Dr seemed to think the bleed I had could have been start of AF so has guessed at 30/8/05 (DD's BDay!) for EDD. I would have said the bleed could have been implantation so would put me a couple of weeks later! I see the MW on wed so she should know better than him. even if I am given 30/8 i have been late with the other 3 so will be well into aug anyway!

No sumptoms really as yet. Just lower tummy feels a bit full up, and am weeing a bit more. I'm still Bf DD so boobs don't feel any different yet.

I am soooo pleased this thread is running as i must talk to someone! DH and I have decided to keep quiet for a while, so have only told 1 very close friend as yet. Very difficult to explain not drinking and we have friends over on fri that we would have a couple of cigs with after a few drinks! How am I gonna get out of that without giving the game away!

KMS · 05/12/2004 14:14

by the way what does BFP mean is it a Big Fat Positive? Or BeFore Period? and what is dpo? is it days post ovulation? Think they may be terms from TTC thread.

Eulalia · 05/12/2004 19:55

Congrats to leah and pacinofan... hope I've not missed anyone. I wonder if it is such a good idea posting on two threads!

Still no symptoms from me except I had a really sore back yesterday, was sitting in an odd position and when I got up I was all stiff.... could be totally unrelated. I am going to get as much done round the house as poss this coming week as if it is like last time then the nausea will hit at 7 weeks. I've practically done all my Christmas shopping too after I got that very early result so may be organised for once! Although probably feeling crap over Christmas!

My baby is due 2 weeks before my birthday (my 40th! ) How's that for timing. I told dh I wanted another baby before I was 40.

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