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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
KMS · 25/01/2005 22:31

Best wishes to all

I had my nuchal scan today. gone from 1:538 for my age to 1:6501. am very pleased! the scan was excellent and well worth the £95 it cost.

Can anyone remember which way it goes on the heart rate=sex of baby thing? is it above 150 for girl and below for a boy?? I know these things are never definate but I just wondered.

hope everyones scans go well and that we have no more bad news on this thread.

oops · 25/01/2005 22:33

Message withdrawn

forevermore · 26/01/2005 08:51

hello all

its been a while since have been reading so many heartrenching stories its been hard to post. just want to send out best wishes to all those who've had bad news, and for those still going, good luck. I myself seem to have no symptoms, apart from sore boobs when its cold, so am secretly worrying. had a sucessful early scan at 6.5 weeks. am 9.5 weeks now, but not sure what the best route is to try and get another one done. have had no bleeding, or real pain, so no real excuse apart from 'no symptoms'. Midwife just writes it off as being lucky, but I have heard things on MN that beg to differ.

any ideas?

Azure · 26/01/2005 10:23

KNS, great news about your scan. No idea about heartbeats, I'm afraid.

Forevermore, good to hear from you. Plenty of women have no symptoms and a successful pregnancy - it varies for everyone and for every pregnancy. It's simply impossible to tell how a pregnancy is developing without a scan, which makes it a horrible waiting game. I also had a 7 week scan, but am getting increasingly anxious until my 12-13 week one. Is it possible to request an earlier scan if you can't bear waiting?

Eulalia · 26/01/2005 13:58

KMS - great news.

All the best to you bonkerz.

forevermore - can the midwife hear a heartbeat - I can't remember what stage they can do that?

I hope we have no more bad news.... I am posting on the July thread also and I don't think we've had any at all. I guess it is just bad luck.

Hope all of us still here are starting to feel better. I am 13.5 weeks and have passed the sicky stage at last.

Eulalia · 26/01/2005 14:00

Sorry forevermore that didn't come out very well... I am sure everything is fine and you are one of the lucky ones.... it was just so she could reassure you..

moschops · 26/01/2005 15:37

i finally got my letter about my scan today, dated 24th and says i have three days from date of letter to phone and make an appointment! they are supposed to only be open 9-12 too!

so i just phoned thinking i would get an answer machine, and got a human being who said the consultant has requested to see me on 24th Feb!!

i expressed surprise (and annoyance) as there is a five week discrepancy between myself and the doctor as to how pregnant i am. my midwife said as my GP says i am 13 weeks i should have my scan this week or next.

her only suggestion was to get another midwife appt (they are like gold dust at the moment) and try and persuade her to push the consultant for an earlier appt. the problem is the consultant only does thurs afternoons at our hospital.

grrrrrr i just don't know what to do about it

kate100 · 26/01/2005 16:15

Moschops, if I wereyou I would make as much of a nuisance of myself as possible. You deserve to get the best care possible and just because someone has made a mistake doesn't mean you shouldn't get it. Could you ring the midwife directly and explain the situation to her over the phone if appointments are rare? Or your GP, they might be able to arrange things for you?
I'm feeling much better recently and today DS and I had a Pizza Hut buffet for lunch, very naughty, but very, very nice!!

Azure · 26/01/2005 16:30

Moschops, I second making a nuisance of yourself. With the effort it seems to take just to be seen by a midwife or have a scan, you would think we're trying to arrange a triple heart-bypass operation. Out of interest, why is there such a big difference between your dates and the Gp's?

KMS · 26/01/2005 22:22

Moschops, I too would try to phone the MW in the morning.
Ours are at the base in the hosp every morning until 8.30-9am then they go out on their rounds to visit the new mums and do clinics etc. As the consultant does thursday afternoon she could catch him tomorrow! If you can't get your MW, get another one to push for you.Get your worries across. (A few tears etc will help!)
Thing is an earlier scan could be too early for the nuchal if gp dates are correct, but better to be early than miss out all together because you were right!

Good luck.

Miaou · 26/01/2005 22:34

Hi folks, I am seriously shocked by how difficult you are finding it to get mw appts/scans etc - do you all live in London/south of England? We are always being told that we are badly off for healthcare in Scotland but neither I or dh have ever had any problems. Mind you this is the first time I am pg in Scotland, so we will see! I'm not getting my first scan until 9th Feb as I am moving house this weekend, but this was my choice, I was offered on on 11th Jan (and 26th Jan!!).

Fingers crossed for all of you having problems - I'm sure you can do without the stress!

Azure · 27/01/2005 09:11

Miaou, I'm in London. I think it depends on your borough - I didn't have a problem getting midwife appointments / scans when I was pregnant with DS and lived in the borough next door. I hope your move goes well - you've got a good excuse not to do anything too strenuous!

moschops · 27/01/2005 09:24

my dates are mixed up because i had irregular cycles after coming off the pill in march. my gp and midwife have dated me from my last period which was in october. i had two negative pg tests in nov (20th and 27th) and then on 4th dec all the right signs for ov.......i am SURE this is when i got pg.

i have to track down where my midwife is today as this is a rural area (i'm in lincolnshire) and the midwives work a different day in various surgeries around the area. as it's not urgent i'm reluctant to use the emergency number. i guess i could just phone my surgery to see if she is there and if not leave a message for her to phone me back.

after talking to dp we are probably going to voice our concerns but stick with the appt i have been given. if we push too much i will probably just land an appt at the main hospital on valentines day and as we are florists its not the easiest time to rearrange work commitments.

i guess i'm just frustrated at the disjointed way midwifery care seems to be handed out here. there are two midwives who deal with my surgery's patients, i could see either one of them when i go, and neither of them is likely to be with me in the dim and distant future when i's just not how i imagined it would be. i'm feeling overwhelmed by the informaton i'm trying to absorb, and getting more reassurance from from my pregnant friends than the medical professionals.

sorry this turned into an essay.

jellybrain · 27/01/2005 11:55

Hi everyone not much report pretty uneventful pg (feeling a bit queasy and thats about it)

KMS - Read your post and just had to go and find out about fetal heart rate - the general consensus is that 140bpm and above its a girl and less its a boy. Though this is dismissed as an 'old wives tale'. Other methods for prediction include holding a wedding ring (or pencil?) on a piece of string over your bump and analysing the swing - circular for a girl- pendulum like for a boy, mixing something called Drano? into a cup of urine the resultant colour blue or brown will tell you the sex and finally using Chinese Fertility charts which use mums age at conception and the month to determine the baby's sex. These are all dismissed as nonsense as the professionals but, fun too!.

Anyway I'm off to try these out- perhaps we could all have a go and see how accurate we were come August! I'm expecting a girl on the heart test and boy according to the Chinese chart btw will have try some of the others to get a majority vote.

beachyhead · 27/01/2005 13:06

sorry to hear you are having such trouble tracking down your MW's moschops...I stayed up too late last night, only 11pm and skipped supper and I am paying for it so badly today.....feeling very sick and dizzy - can't decide what I want to eat or if I dare.....might have to go home from work and go to bed - - how is everyone else feeling today.......

moschops · 27/01/2005 14:19

i left a message for someone to get in touch with me and got a call from another midwife (because mine is off for a few days). absolutely lovely lady, agreed that i am most likely right about my dates (seemed a bit annoyed that my concerns have been completely dismissed). she says i should be 13 weeks at my appt according to my dates which will be perfect timing as far as the consultant is concerned. i feel a lot happier now

beachyhead.......sorry you are feeling ill. i seem to be suffering morning sickness on alternate days at the moment. yesterday i felt awful, today i'm not so bad. i definitely suffer if i don't eat regularly (almost constantly) and have to go to bed at a reasonable hour or i feel really drained the next day. i wake up at 3ish every morning really hot and dehydrated, then lie awake for an hour before finally nodding off.

spoke to my friend this morning who is due today, she has a consultant appt this afternoon and is SOOOOOOOO fed up. she just really wants the baby out!! and another friend gave birth last night.....don't know what she got, her mother told dp this morning at work and he couldn't talk as he had the forensic team in (our shop got broken into last night )

right off i go to clean the house.

beachyhead · 27/01/2005 14:29

sorry about your shop....My dd (7) wants to be a florist - am very jealous of your job..... wouldn't have thought you would really be a target for robbers - have visions of them running down the street with armfuls of flowers....Sorry, shouldn't joke and hope that your lovely mw stays around....

Azure · 27/01/2005 14:33

I'm also feeling sick and dizzy today. Yesterday I dry-retched several times, which was pretty unpleasant - not half as bad as the sickness some of you are experiencing, though (thinking of Spacecadet etc). I'm 10 weeks today and feel it's been getting worse the last week or so - I shouldn't complain, though, because it reassures me that the pregnancy is happening. I find it better to eat frequently - ideally carbohydrates (sorry Atkins diet). Staring at the computer screen at work all day doesn't help. Moschops, sorry to hear about the break-in at your shop - I hope there wasn't too much damage.

Azure · 27/01/2005 14:34

Beachyhead, I was having the same naughty thought about the burglers . Sorry Moschops.

moschops · 27/01/2005 14:44

ooooooo giggle away girls.........our shop is actually on a market.......they stole goods off the other stalls. they have popped the bottom window out of the door to get in, then crowbarred the till open and nicked the float, and i think a laptop too. we are insured........and i don't let things like this get to me. good luck to them, the float was mostly small change anyway, not exactly a great haul.

the thought of them running down the street with armfuls of flowers is making me chuckle too

Spacecadet · 27/01/2005 16:57

sorry havent posted on here for a few days as feeling so rough, oops, i too am on sickness tabs, cyclizine, they do make you horribly drowsy!, Forevermore I beleive it is perfectly possible to have a healthy preg and no unpleasant symptons, please dont worry, my friend had no sickness , nothing during her preg and my mum said she didnt find out she was preg till 3 months and had no symptons.Bonkerz, so sorry to hear your sad news, I am thinking of you and your family.Mosschops im sorry about the awful trouble you have had organising a scan, can u not ring the hospital you hope to deliver at and ask to speak to one of the clinic/day assessment midwives? this is what I had to do when preg last time as I didnt even geta scan appt!! I am in the fens and our midwife has to cover about a million villages so if you need her in a naemergency you are donr for!! I had my booking in appt at the surgery yesterday with midwife, was gutted to fingd that the midwife who looked after me in previos pregs over 11 years, has left...wasnt too sure about the one I saw yesterday, she said she is not the usual one and is a "locum" from the hospital, so I never know who I will see when I go, thankfully 99% of my appts will be at the hospital.

Miaou · 27/01/2005 17:20

Argh! Moving tomorrow - in fact I really shouldn't be sitting here as I still have a gazillion things to do. However my back is telling me I need a rest! Mosschops, your experiences of m/s are identical to mine, bar the waking up at 3 bit (I wake up at four!!). Am quite happy though, today is a non-sicky day (I am now seriously hoping tomorrow is too as I have a two hour boat trip with the kids!). I had a call from the midwife this afternoon, to say a midwife will arrange to see me in the morning before I have my scan, so I am pleased I won't have to trek up to the hospital twice. I haven't sussed out the system here yet, but will ask lots of questions at my appointment!

KMS · 27/01/2005 17:32

Jellybrain-that is exactly the info I wanted. Just a bit of fun
That would make it a girl then!!
A friend and I did the wedding ring thing when I was pg with no.2. It came out that I would have 2 boys and a girl and she came out 2 girls and a boy. She had 2 girls and wasn't having any more I had 2 boys and then a girl! She then had an accidental pg and had a boy! spooky!
Although what about my 4th pg! It didn't predict that!!!
Any idea where to check one of those chinese fertility charts??

Spacecadet · 27/01/2005 17:32

gosh, where are you moving to miaou?( im so nosey!!)

KMS · 27/01/2005 17:34

Good Luck tomorrow Miaw! don't over do it!!!

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