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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
MissChief · 07/12/2004 14:40

1st time round especially, really recommend (should I be whispering that?!) - can register for weekly e-mail update so can see what typical progress/growth/symptoms are for yr stage. Later on, should also get Emma's diary from yr midwife - a bit patronising but useful - same principle really, shows typical porgress week by week.

Nome · 07/12/2004 14:41

I think I'm joining you all as well - 4+2 here. I think I'm due 11 August.

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 14:47


oopsanta · 07/12/2004 14:48

just ried to post a link that didn't work. Hello Nome- due on our wedding anniversary!
featl medicin centre in london \link{}

oopsanta · 07/12/2004 14:49

and didn't work again- you get the gist tho'

Eulalia · 07/12/2004 15:57

Helen, very very sorry :( and thanks for thinking of how we may all feel.

Congrats bonkerz and nome!

MiaouyChristmas · 07/12/2004 19:50

Wow, it has got busy on here!

Firstly, so sorry to hear your news Helen, I can't imagine how devastating that must be. Please keep us informed of how you get on if you can - sending you and your dh {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

Congratulations nome and bonkerz! - I have a feeling bonkerz that this thread is going to take on a slightly mad feel now....GrinGrinGrin

I will post up another list and due dates in a few days' time.

And bonkerz - no consolation I am sure but I have got ROTTEN m/s (have I mentioned this before? Wink)and have had from about 2 days after my BFP Sad .... we can puke in unison!

bonkerz · 07/12/2004 20:16

oh dear i seem to have got myself a rep for being a bit insane!!!

Am gonna have to calm down abit now aint i! I promise to behave and save all my insaniac comments for the only joking threads!!

bonkerz · 08/12/2004 09:12

am beginning to worry im imagining these symptoms cos surely its too early for morning sickness but i managed to be sick on the school run today infront of my ds and mindee!!! only managing bread and water at the moment!! AM I MAD or can this be morning sickness, had it since friday so know its not a bug!

MiaouyChristmas · 08/12/2004 10:46

Honestly bonkerz, I am just as bad - in fact dh said I am going to have to tell people what is going on because it is preventing me from doing so many things at the moment! THis is my third and m/s has got earlier with each one, so I'm sure that has something to do with it! How many have you got bonkerz?

PS a bit of insanity is very welcome! Grin

virginMary · 08/12/2004 21:50

technically this is my 3rd pregnancy! MS started at 8 weeks with first! 2nd ended with mc at 7 wks but had lots of symptoms then too so i spose its about right this time!

KMSanta · 08/12/2004 23:34

M/s has started today! Not too bad yet but it usually gets worse before it gets better for me.
I was being sick @ 4 wks with DD and only had nausea form 6 wks with the boys. So is this another boy?

I saw the MW today and she tried to book me in for a scan to get an EDD, wait for it................ they can fit me in at the end of Jan! She explained that we needed to know dates for the nuchal and they said then I couldn't have an early scan if I was having a nuchal! but you need to know dates for a nuchal!!!!
The MW was furious and said it was rediculus. She said the best thing was to milk the system and say I had had a bleed and get refered to the EPU for a scan. (I just hope it doesn't tempt fate!)

oopsanta · 09/12/2004 09:50

Good morning everyone,
I'm feeling very tired in the last couple of days- hard with a 15mo ds!
I hope your scan goes well today, helen, I haven't given up for you yet!
I'm still coping with the nausea and haven't been sick as ye.
I keep eating my fave food becauseI know how I felt before.
Just found out a friend is also pg with her 2nd, both due in early august, so am excited for her too.
KMSanta- are you anywhere near london? As i posted before, there is a clinic that can do the scans privetely if you need to.
Have a million things to do today so should get off my a~#*e and get on with it.
hope you all have a good day

MissChief · 10/12/2004 15:19

afternoon all - hope you're well? still no m/s but SO tired, the more so for running round after a 3 yr old! Still doing ok so far and dh is generally remembering to look after me bit more, which is nice.

MiaouyChristmas · 10/12/2004 19:35

Told everyone on the island today that I am PG. Got various reactions, ranging from "Wow, congratulations!" to "Bloody Hell - was that planned?" - Not very polite but I suppose only to be expected since no-one knew we were even thinking of having more, and there is such a big age gap between db and dds!

Doctor came to see me and took my bloods. My midwife is about 60 miles away on the mainland so I don't suppose I shall see her much - glad it's not my first!

Dh is away now for a week/10 days, so I am incharge of the kitchen Sad and the house (not my jobs usually)- OMG, just realised I haven't put the hens to bed! Blush

chillbur · 10/12/2004 19:58

Hello all and welcome to nome! Congrats!

So sorry to hear your news, helen. My thoughts are with you.

Still feeling pretty sick here but not actually vomiting, thankfully. Did havea dicey moment in the street yesterday when this bloke gobbed hugely right in front of me (so disgusting - why do people do that?) and it set me off retching for about ten minutes.

Re early scans, bella23. If you can hang on for your nuchal, I would. Sometimes early scans don't find a heartbeat as it's not yet visible and then you would be even more panicked for weeks on end. Also, the early scans I have had have been internal ones, which I find very unpleasant and make me itch for days afterwards. The 11 week/nuchal is just done on your tummy.

pacinofan · 11/12/2004 09:34

Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent messages to myself and our family, it has really helped us.

Sadly, my visit to the early pregnancy unit confirmed that I had had a full miscarriage. We are both naturally very upset, but we will pick up the pieces and try again when we feel ready.

We will get through this but we won't forget - we shall wonder what might have been when August 8 arrives next year.

Best wishes to you all for healthy and happy pregnancies,

Regards, Helen and family

blossom2 · 11/12/2004 09:49

Can I join this club??

I'm due on 1/2 august and have known for a couple of weeks. its my second, DD is 2yrs and 8 months.

i've got morning sickness, really sensitive to smells ( i can't even open my fridge or cook) and nausea all the time ... basically i feel like s*. even the thought of food gives me nausea.

but VERY excited and keep telling people and worried that i'm tempting fate.

I'll also be giving birth in Paris and i don't speak french!!!! this is going to be an interesting one ....

Eulalia · 11/12/2004 15:56

Congrats blossom2 :)

Pacinofan - good luck to you for the future.

Well I am going to tell dh tonight! I am sick of keeping it a secret and am starting to get nausea but only mildly and he'd be wondering... I was going to hang on till the 17th but its only a few days earlier.

Wonderng when to tell my parents. I suspect they won't be very thrilled... was it a mistake, why do we need another....I am too old etc....

Miaou - how old are your children?

MiaouyChristmas · 11/12/2004 18:03

Hi everyone. Pacinofan, thanks for letting us know how you got on. I wish you all the best for the future. Blossom2 - congratulations!! Very pleased for you! Join the m/s club - I have gone on ad nauseum (scuse the pun) about mine - nothing like m/s to make you feel very sorry for yourself, is there! I told everyone here on the island yesterday, and told my mum and dad last night (who were estatic, after the initial shock) - but IKWYM about tempting fate, but I really had to tell people because the m/s is really taking over my life atm!

Eulalia - best of luck telling your dh tonight! I hope he is as excited as you are. Let us know how you get on! My dds are 7 and 6, dd1 will be 8 just before db is due, so quite a big age gap! They are totally thrilled and help out so much bless 'em, make their own breakfasts and packed lunches!

bonkerz · 12/12/2004 09:50

thank goodness im not the only one with m/s!!!!!!

Have been sick since last friday and now my 4 yr old ds tells everyone mummy is poorly!(havent told ds!)

Couldnt even eat macdonalds yesterday so it really bad!!!!!!

blossom2 · 12/12/2004 12:39

there must be someone out there with worse m/s than me ...

so far this morning, a very small bowl of cereal, water, 1 piece of fruit and then proceed to be sick 10 minutes later ... i can't seem to get the horrible nausea taste out of my mouth and i cant even go into the kitchen now. my family are eating their lunch and i cant sit a the table because the smell of pate, cheese is just making me sick ... ginger doesnt help i'm afraid .... what makes me feel worse is that i've got at least another 6 weeks of this ....

someone help please ....

Eulalia - did you tell DH last night ??

Eulalia · 12/12/2004 12:59

Last night went well - ds wrote the Christmas card and dd gave it to him. I added "and from a very little one". It took dh a second to work it out. He was VERY happy and said no worries about his job, he will definately be kept on and basically the 20th Dec is just a formality. He can join hte pension scheme etc and everything will be secure (its a permanent job). We had a bottle of Cava - well dh had most of it :)

Poor you blossom - I had bad nausea with dd but started to feel better at 10 weeks so it may not be so long.

Miaou - that is a nice age gap, they will probably spoil the baby. I think dd will be really jealous. ds will probably be OK though.

I thought I'd be feeling more pregnant by now but I am probably just fussing.

Off swimming with the kids now.

MiaouyChristmas · 12/12/2004 18:45

Really glad to hear dh's reaction, Eulalia! Glad it went well! Blossom, Sad for you re m/s, horrible, isn't it? I've been amazed by how much sympathy I'm getting actually, generally I find people are not sympathetic unless they had a hard time themselves.

It might help if you eat a dry cracker and drink a glass of water in bed, before you get up. Even if you bring it up soon after, it may be enough just to stave it off a bit longer. The only other thing I find that helps me is to eat little and often, preferably as bland as possible. And if you find something you CAN tolerate, eat it as much as you can, even if it's chocolate or pickled onions - it all helps!

bonkerz · 13/12/2004 09:09

i managed to eat a big bag of popcorn last night without being sick!! Bit bland but atleast i kept it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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