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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
Chickpea · 21/01/2005 16:33

Yes I'm very lucky. How do you find your m/w? I know you haven't seen one yet this time but before how were they?
What stages were your m/cs? Mine were 12 and 16 weeks and both silent - hence the paranoia.
The problem is, it isn't like I just woke up thi smornign and felt no symptoms - I haven't had any al all. I think my gums bled once or twice weeks ago and I felt a wave of nausia a few weeks ago but I have been very busy and only really thought about it yesterday and I haven't felt anything for weeks.

Tessiebear · 21/01/2005 16:58

Hi all! I am a due in June Mum who was just skimming this thread. I am now 17 weeks pg but when i got to 9 - 10 weeks i would regularly have the odd day without sickness. I would worry and then it would return again. I think it is quite normal at this stage for the symptoms to start to wear off.
Re: the heartbeat - at i pressume about 9 weeks - i think you would be very unlikely to hear one at this stage
Bye all

Azure · 21/01/2005 17:07

Good info, thanks Tessiebear. Chickpea, my m/c were at 12 and 8/9 weeks, both started with bleeding rather than being missed. Yours were late - particularly the 16 week one, how awful. Of course you're going to be paranoid. I didn't have any symptoms at all with the pregnancy for the second m/c, and apparently the foetal age was 4.5 weeks. I didn't have a scan in time to know the foetal age of the first m/c, but my symptoms stopped at around 8-9 weeks. There again, plenty of women have no symptoms at all and have completely smooth and successful pregnancies. It's impossible to judge. A scan really is the only way of finding out, unfortunately. It's best to try to keep positive - remember, the odds are way in favour of us all having successful pregnancies. BTW, in my last pregnancy I saw a different midwife each time. I'm in a different borough now, so don't know how it will work.

kate100 · 21/01/2005 19:55

I hope that you're OK spacecadet, this must be very worrying for you.

My MW is great azure and chickpea, she's the same as last time and I'm sure I'll se her all the way through again. Lots of my friends were cared for by her and can't speak highly enough of her. It's very reassuring seeing the same face the whole way through.

Right now my rant, I think i might kill DH!! He hasn't heard a word that I've said since he got home. I mentioned that my arms hurt from carrying DS so much today and he nodded and looked sympathetic, then 5 minutes later when we were changing the bed, I said ouch my arm and he went, is there somrthing wrong!!!!! I'm so frustrated he's been like it all night. We're both tired as DS was sick in the night - everywhere! - but would it kill him to offer some adult converstion after I've looked after a poorly toddler all day.Maybe he's got the woolly pregnancy brain. OK feel better now.

blossom2 · 21/01/2005 19:58

I'm sorry everyone is having problems finding a midwife.

I hope i can rant as well

I've got another cold and few terrible. asked DH to come home early from work at 4.30pm and he walks in at 9.00pm. yes i know he's stressed but no acknowledgement of my condition and even asked why i didn't take DD to nursery this afternoon ... rude words come into mind

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 22/01/2005 11:16

Just wieghed myself and ive lost 7lbs since week 8(am now 11 weeks) Strange cos i put on 3lb in the first 6 weeks! Now weigh less than when i first got pregnant! very odd! Had nausea but not been sick since week 6 but have noticed a change in my eating patterns and still getting small amount of nausea at night!!!!!!!!

colinsmommy · 22/01/2005 16:39

Hi all. Had a really bad migraine for several days, and am joining Blossom 2 in having a cold now. Wanted to have a big whine, but can see that my problems are quite trivial compared to others right now. Am in maternity clothes right now, and would look slightly pregnant if it weren't for my ever-growing chest, which is fortunately sticking out much more than my stomach right now. Thinking of you Spacecadet.

Azure · 22/01/2005 19:04

My tummy already seems to be about 4 months pregnant, but I think that's just fat. I'm soon going to at the bursting-out-of-trousers stage, but refuse to look at maternity clothes until I pass 12 weeks. I picked DH up from the airport this afternoon (he's been in the States for work) and so am looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation tomorrow. Yeah right. I wasn't best pleased with him last night because his mobile phone has a tendancy to last-number redial all by itself (he hasn't mastered entering a PIN) and it rang me four times between 2.30 - 3am. Still, I'm delighted he's back.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 22/01/2005 20:03

dont know weather to be upset or angry or both! Have had slight brown discharge since last night and cramping today so rang hospital to ask for advice. Was told to go to NEWDOC and be seen by GP. Drove the 30 mins it takes to get there and was told to go home, rest and take 2 paracetamol! The gp did not check my stomcah or do any iype of examination. If i had been seen in A&E i know i would have had an examination to determine the state of my cervix and they would have tried for a heartbeat! Am so scared and worried!

Miaou · 22/01/2005 20:47

Hello all. I've really lost the plot with this thread, having been away for a month over Christmas, so haven't managed to catch up with all the news. I haven't put on any weight yet, but noticed this morning that I am now starting to develop a little bump (only visible when not clothed, though!). I'm still in my normal clothes but they are starting to get a little bit tight now! Still got morning sickness, but settling down a bit now. I'm moving to the mainland at the end of next week, so I have moved my scan to February. Haven't seen a mw yet (because of my location), but fairly relaxed about it all as I feel everything is going ok.

Hugs to all who are having problems/colds/ms/etc!

jellybrain · 22/01/2005 20:56

Hi everyone, Have been checking in but haven't posted anything (I've been too busy worrying about Nuchal Scan etc.) Had my NS today and haven't stopped grinning since 10.00am - my adjusted risk is 1:2012, the background risk at 38 is 1:102. My EDD is confirmed as 4th August and I plan to be hear for the duration.
Congratulations to everyone else who have had positive news over the last few weeks and fingers crossed for all who are still waiting scans.

Spacecadet · 22/01/2005 21:01

Just thought I would check in back late this afternoon after an overnight stay
was admitted to gynae ward but put in a side room which was nice, they sarted the fluids staright away, and I managed to eat some dry crackers this morning withoput bringing them back up!! had another bag this morning, then doc came round and said I could go home after that, they felt that I had rehydrated enough, annoying thing is though, I didnt throw up half as mich on thre ward and I am sure it is because I was getting some rest, they gave me injections in there too as opposed to the tbs I have been having, trouble is they make you so sleepy! chickpea, hyperemesis is severe sickness, ie throwing up over 10 times a day, unable to keep water down. I am going to bed in a min, I still look preety horrific, sunken eyes etc.

Spacecadet · 22/01/2005 21:03

btw bonkerz, if you are still worried on mon could you go to the epu at least you will geta scan and have your mind put at rest.

Miaou · 22/01/2005 21:14

Hi jellybrain, really glad the nuchal scan went so well! My EDD is 4th August too, although I suppose that it could change once I have my scan. Spacecadet - great that you're feeling better; hopefully you've had chance to recharge your batteries a bit too. Does it stop or will you suffer like this the whole pregnancy?

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 23/01/2005 09:30

Had a mad dash to A&E last night. cramping got really bad about 10pm and had bright red blood. Was checked by doctor and she said it was all fine. My tummy felt good and the poian could have been anything. Have been prescribed Rest and paracetamol but have a scan at 8.30 wednesday morning. No more blood over night but am resigned to the fact that it could be all oveer now. Feel drained and numb this morning and not sure i can cope with it all again! Will hang around here till wed. What is our creator thinkin that he can take away the best things in our lives without warning?

oops · 23/01/2005 10:47

Message withdrawn

oops · 23/01/2005 10:48

Message withdrawn

Azure · 23/01/2005 14:53

Oh Bonkerz, how distressing. I really hope everything is alright for you. At least the doctor said things were looking fine and the bleeding seems to have stopped. Roll on Wednesday for your scan.

Spacecadet, I'm glad the hospital visit went well and you're managing to keep some food down.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 23/01/2005 20:20

Had a very lazy day today and done nothing! Have had minimal cramping today and have just had more red blood on wiping. Am trying not to panic, doc said unless clots then all is good. Am off to bed but have to work tomorrow so will try and take it easy, not easy with 3 kids at home!

Spacecadet · 23/01/2005 22:48

miaou, sadly i suffer from sicness all the way through my pregs, i feel terrible again today i wish i had no sense of smell! i have laryngitis at the mo too, bonkerz, im not going to say dont worry cos you are bound too, but bleeding is so common in eraly preg it doesnt have to mean anyhting bad, i bled with ds1 and ds2 all the way through to delivery.

Spacecadet · 23/01/2005 22:49

miaou, sadly i suffer from sicness all the way through my pregs, i feel terrible again today i wish i had no sense of smell! i have laryngitis at the mo too, bonkerz, im not going to say dont worry cos you are bound too, but bleeding is so common in eraly preg it doesnt have to mean anyhting bad, i bled with ds1 and ds2 all the way through to delivery.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 24/01/2005 07:46

Bleeding hasnt stopped and nor has the pain! Have cancelled work today but still have a poorly son who wonders why mummy is crying. I have a husband who wont talk to me and refuses to understand why i cant stop crying and is buggering off to work today despite the fact that ive asked him to stay with me. Think im gonna ring EPU today and cry till they see me.

kate100 · 24/01/2005 08:02

bonkerz, i hope that they will see you quickly, try not to give up hope until you know for sure. I'm sure that everyone here is thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Azure · 24/01/2005 08:15

Bonkerz, I really hope you get into EPU today. I'm sorry your DH is being totally unsympathetic. My fingers and toes are crossed for everything to be alright.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 24/01/2005 08:31

Am off to A&E in a minute, Rang EPU and they said they wont see me unless i go through a and e. Not sure whats gonna happen and am terrified as i will be on my own.

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