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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
beachyhead · 24/01/2005 12:38

any news bonkerz?

Hope everyone else is OK - I had my 9 week scan on Friday and it is still there, so now I have my referral to Tommy's and hopefully I'll get a 12 week scan there. I am going to chase them today..

good luck to all and hang in there - am feeling so sick and mega tired- I sleep from 9.30pm thru to about 7am and it still doesn't feel enough. What on earth is it doing in there?

Eulalia · 24/01/2005 13:22

bonkerz - good luck today.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 24/01/2005 14:46

Baby has gone. No heartbeat detected. Have been booked in for Surgery tomorrow morning. Am in total shock. Cant believe its happened for a 2nd time and apparently baby died at 8 weeks just after my scan. Goodluck to all of oyu.

Azure · 24/01/2005 14:49

Oh Bonkerz, I'm so very sorry to hear your news. I know how awful it is to go through this a second time. Take extra care of yourself and I hope DH looks after you too. {{{Hugs}}}

beachyhead · 24/01/2005 16:58

Oh I am so sorry to hear your news - hope tomorrow is not too awful......are we a very unlucky thread - there seems to be too much bad news on here at the moment........ Hugs to you and your family

Miaou · 24/01/2005 17:53

bonkerz, ((((((((hugs)))))))) - so sorry this has happened to you agaoin. Thinking of you.

kate100 · 24/01/2005 18:01

Bonkerz, so very sorry to hear your news. Sending you lots of ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) Make sure that you take care of yourself, tell your DH that he has to take care of you to.

Spacecadet · 24/01/2005 20:38

OH GOD BONKERZ NO.... im so sorry...

KMS · 24/01/2005 21:16

So sorry this has happened Bonkerz.
Thinking of you.

Eulalia · 25/01/2005 09:36

bonkerz - very very sorry to hear your sad news take care

Azure · 25/01/2005 10:37

This thread has taken a real battering, hasn't it? Please may there be no more bad news to come.

I followed up on midwife appointment today, having heard nothing despite the "urgent" referral from my GP three weeks ago. My referral was on a pile still to be processed. The person I spoke to managed to make me an appointment for a week next Friday, when I'll be 12+1 weeks ("I've had to fit you in to an already over-booked clinic" - what does she want, a medal?). It is not possible, however, to book an appointment for a scan until I've had my booking in appointment with my midwife. Bear in mind that there is a time limit on when the nuchal fold test (to which I am entitled) can be done. She said it may be possible to send me across for a scan that afternoon, but it may not. What if I want my husband to be there? Too bad. She said I should get an appointment for a scan before the 13+6 weeks deadline for the nuchal test. I can't believe how rubbish this treatment is, especially given how nervous I am coming into this after two m/cs. It's so different from when I was pregnant with DS - then I booked my own scan appointment (at a time convenient to DH and me) and the midwife came to my house for booking in. It really doesn't inspire confidence in the treatment I'm going to get. Rant over.

beachyhead · 25/01/2005 11:59

Same thing happened with my first, Azure. Have you looked at booking your nuchal scan privately? I had to do this 7 years ago with my first and I managed to get it very quickly - I think then it cost about £70. Might be worth a thought..... Funny how quickly the appointments come through when you mention money...still waiting for my booking in appointment and scan date so am probably in same position as you.

Azure · 25/01/2005 14:01

We did a 7 week scan privately so, yes, we will go private for this one if necessary (£150 I would prefer not to spend). To think I was hoping that my "urgent" referral would get me an early scan.

wilbur · 25/01/2005 14:12

Oh bonkerz, I am so, so sorry about your news. Sending you huge cyberhugs. Take care of yourself.

Azure - that sounds completely rubbish to me. How terribly frustrating - I hope you get your nuchal booked in time. The whole point of us all having fewer m/w appts overall during pregnancy is so that clinics don't get clogged and urgent cases can be dealt with more efficiently. I went to see the consultant last week who visits our local m/w clinic, and the place was utter chaos. I arrived 5 mins before my appt time and on my way into the room, I held the door open for a very heavily pregnant woman who was coming in behind me. As she got her book onto the reception table before I did, she got seen first, even though her appt time was 20 mins after mine. In the end, I waited an hour and a half to see the Dr and by the time I got out, the m/ws had packed up and said they couldn't take the blood test he wanted done. So now I'm going to another clinic today to get that done. I'm a freelancer, and all this is costing me precious time. Oh, and I got a parking ticket last week because they had kept me so long. Sorry, rant over.

OP posts:
MissChief · 25/01/2005 14:21

Just clocking in before nursery pick-up - Bonkerz, I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss and hope you're getting loads of support from your family.

i'm doing okay, starting to feel better now 1st trim nearly over, awaiting high risk referral to see consultant re possible elective caescarian this time round, no news yet so might have to chase them. lucky in that at least get nuchal scan here on NHS, though compared to domino system where I lived in london, hardly seem to be seeing midwives this time at all - next appointmt at 28 weeks! anyone else experiencing this?

bluestar · 25/01/2005 15:37

So sorry bonkerz. This thread really has been quite unlucky.

I'm sure my nausea/retching is getting worse. I feel sick all day and at night it's really bad. Still not complaining as had mc last year so the more pg signs the better I guess. Just waiting to hear from Kings in London about my nuchal scan - does anyone know how long it takes to get an appointment there?

oops · 25/01/2005 16:56

Message withdrawn

oops · 25/01/2005 16:58

Message withdrawn

beachyhead · 25/01/2005 17:03

Bluestar, I don't know about Kings, but I would advise that once someone has referred you, I would just phone the scan area directly to see if you can book the appointment - I have just got my date by phoning Thomas' and making a pest of now I am on Valentines Day for my scan.... my dh said 'that will be a valentine's treat in itself' hope he's right!!!!

I know he will freak out about the odds they give us - so I'm trying to soften him up now. I would imagine that for a 39 year old they will be pretty bad.... I am still looking forward to the scan though - let's hope I get that far...

Here's to no more bad news and Bonkerz, we are thinking of you today.....

bonkerz · 25/01/2005 17:05

thankyou all so much. had op at 9.30 this morning adn am still very sore. Was old there was a feotal mass removed and i will have to decide what to do with my baby in 3-6 weeks. Emotionnally i feel drained, cant cry anymore just yet and feel wuite numb. My ds is home from school at mo cos he is poorly so am trying to hide it all from him as havent told him yet that the baby is gone. i would have been 12 weeks tomorrow so cant help feeling we have been cheated. Nurse asked me if i had a religion and i just told her if i did then i havent any more. Dh broke down last night and said he felt silly about crying but he couldnt stop thinking about the fact that we have lost 2 babies in less than year. Have been advised to wait 6 months before ttc again so also have to decide if im going to go on pill or what. All these decisions are so hard to make because we desparately want a baby but are so scared. Have also been told that until we have 3 mc in a row then we will not qualify for early scans or investigations. Ok am off now cos am crying again. thankyou for everything and im sure i will be back later. its great comfort knowing i have support here. Will leave you allnow and am moving to be with the others from this thread. Goodluck all of you.

beachyhead · 25/01/2005 17:08


Azure · 25/01/2005 17:26

Bonkerz thank-you for updating us at this sad time and take care.

wilbur · 25/01/2005 18:05

bonkerz, what a sad day. Your dh sounds like a lovely man, I'm glad you can support each other. All the very, very best for the future.

OP posts:
wilbur · 25/01/2005 18:08

beachyhead - I've got an appt at St Thomas' on Valentine's Day, maybe we'll pass in the corridor! Are you planning to go to the Home From Home birth centre? It's really nice!

OP posts:
beachyhead · 25/01/2005 18:23

Nice idea, but I am more likely to go to the oh god let's do a C-section now centre!!!!! . Have had two C-sections and am hoping for a third delivery - with- steralisation combo this time - it won't be very homely, I don't think..... I'm at 4.20pm - if you are around that time, would you like a grim cup of hospital coffee - might have dh there....

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