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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
Marina · 20/01/2005 12:34

TeaTime, so sorry to hear your news. Sounds like dh is taking good care of you. XXX

Eulalia · 20/01/2005 16:58

Teatime very sorry to hear your news. Your dh sounds fabulous. Yes it would be nice for you to keep in touch as it feels like we've just got to know you. Take care of yourself.

KMS · 20/01/2005 17:11

TeaTime I hadn't seen your post when I posted and logged off last night.
I had tears running down my cheeks reading it. I don't know what to say other than to send you lots of {{hugs}} and best wishes for a happier future. do keep in touch as long as it doesn't get hard for you.

Chickpea · 20/01/2005 17:23

I have just checked in to see how you all are and can hardly believe the bad news. It brings it all back to me and I can hardly bear to think about it. I feel so sad for all those with bad news nut so fortunate still to be here.

Love and hugs to all.

Spacecadet · 20/01/2005 19:40

Teatime, so very sorry {{{hugs}}}

kate100 · 20/01/2005 19:52

Teatime, so very sorry to hear your news sending big ((((((((hugs))))))))

bluestar · 20/01/2005 20:38

Teatime, sorry to hear your sad news. Take care x

oops · 20/01/2005 22:22

Message withdrawn

oops · 20/01/2005 22:48

Message withdrawn

oops · 21/01/2005 09:33

Message withdrawn

Azure · 21/01/2005 09:34

I had a worrying day yesterday when I felt my pregnancy symptoms were diminishing, but luckily (!) I felt nauseous in the evening. It may be that my bad cold is getting better and so I don't feel quite so grotty now. I was 9 weeks yesterday and still have not heard anything about a midwife appointment or scan. The panic is starting to set in again. It's such a horrible wait until 12 weeks and the scan, even though I had one at 7 weeks. BTW I've given up on Pregnacare for the time being because they make me feel sick, and am just taking tiny folic acid tablets.

Azure · 21/01/2005 09:36

Sorry to hear about the puking and unsympathetic DH, Oops. Don't forget, today is a new day!

Chickpea · 21/01/2005 09:41

Well I woke up this morning and suddenlt realised that I have absolutely no symptoms - I mean zilch. So I phoned my midwife and and luckily they said they could bring my booking forward from nect Friday to today. I know that you can't always hear the heart beat at 10weeks but if I do hear it then it will put my mind at rest I suppose. If I don't hear it then I think I'll ask for a scan in light of my history.

I'm probably just being paranoid and in fact just having a very easy time of it.

Strange isn't it - If I was gagging like you Oops then I'd feel very sorry for myself and would be wishing it would stop immediately but now I'm not gagging at all I'm gagging to gag if you get my drift . Wish me luck - appt is at 1.30

Chickpea · 21/01/2005 09:43

Azure - crossed posts. I know what you mean. Can you phone your doctor and ask them to jivvy it up a little?

Azure · 21/01/2005 09:58

Good luck with your appointment Chickpea. It's a strange world when we're all desparate to feel sick (ok, not as sick as Oops). I think I will get a number from my GP and follow up my appointment.

moschops · 21/01/2005 10:02

hi all.....

so sorry to hear the sad news Teatime ((hugs))

had my booking in appt yesterday. midwife is still working my dates to my LMP so i have been given a due date of 30th july, but i KNOW i'm not that pregnant. she did say that because i've been dated so far along i should get my scan very soon. (by the way does anyone else have to pay for them? my first one at my local 'cottage' hospital is free but the later one at the big hospital will be £5)

got my bounty pack, have to go and wait for hours at the blood clinic to have my blood tests, and she gave me two sample pots for urine. one is a midstream sample and i can't remember when i'm supposed to do it! i think i'm supposed to take it to my scan, but there was so much information i couldn't write everything down!! will have to phone and check.

am still totally off food, feel sick all the time and haven't had a decent nights sleep for what feels like forever!!

hope everyone else is feeling fine!

blossom2 · 21/01/2005 10:26

HI everyone, Chickpea, i had a day when i was 9-10 weeks when i wooke up and like you, felt no m/s and had loads of energy. I got very paranoid since i'd had horrible m/s the day before.

The m/s came back the day after with a vengenence and has only just subsided. i've had my 12 weeks scan and baby is doing well.

Please try and not worry about today but get as much rest as you can.

Spacecadet · 21/01/2005 11:03

chickpea, try not to worry btw about a lack of symptons, I suffer from hyperemesis but with ds i stopped feeling sick at 10 weeks when I had been in hospital 2 weeks previously on a drip, I rushed to hospital and was scanned, but everything was fine. 2 days later the sickness returned with a vengence, it could be due to a slight dip in hormones as the placenta prepares to take over iyswim. Just wanted to let you all know that i am just about to go to hospital, my gp has been oput and says im dehydrated so off to hospital possibly just for 24 hours to fill me with fluids, I am quite releived tbh, I need the rest and the fluids, the cyclizine I have been taking has not worked, the skin on the back of my hand stands up.

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 21/01/2005 12:19

well yet again im in a really bad mood! my eyes are sore because im so tried and have had more really vivid dreams! I hope that all these things are a sign of my pregnancy and NOT just me being a moody cow cos im not normally! It doesnt help that dh is home today and so is ds! I have my 2 mindees as well and one of them is grumpy and poorly but do you think dh will get off his butt and look after ds! Will he heck! Have just pointed out to him that i work 50 hours a week compared to his 40 and i have a right to be tired and moody by friday! He is now downstairs threatening to go to work!

I just wish for once he could remember that im pregnant and worried about scan next week! MEN

Chickpea · 21/01/2005 12:19

What is hyperemesis and what is cyclyzine? I hope your time in hospital proves to be a nice rest and that you feel better afterwards.

Chickpea · 21/01/2005 12:22

GFBB - have you told him that you are worried about the scan? I find that my dh responds so much better when I just tell him what is ghoing through my head. Men are truly bad with intuition things you need to spell it out to him!

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 21/01/2005 12:25

ive told him but he thinks im being stupid! he said we both saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks so what could go wrong and ive had no more bleeding or anything but part of me is still terrified that the scan will show no baby! I cant help it! Like others have said i really wish i was still throwing up so i could take comfort in it! I was so sick when pregnant with ds that this time just seems TOO easy!

Azure · 21/01/2005 13:53

Blimey Spacecadet, you're being hospitalised. I hope it all goes well and you're out & feeling a lot better asap. Bonkerz, men just don't get it, do they? I sometimes wonder whether I know too much about what can go wrong now, mainly due to Mumsnet, increasing the worry massively. When I had DS I was blissfuly ignorant of anything bad happening - luckily nothing did. I guess my 2 miscarriages also shattered any illusions I had that these things happen to other people. Interesting that a few of us have felt a temporary reduction in symptoms at around the 9-10 week mark.

Chickpea · 21/01/2005 16:03

I had my appointment and no heart beat found but the midwife did stress that she would not expect to hear it this early so I should not worry.hmmm

I didn't ask for a scan because she said it all was very normal and I do trust her opinion - she is a brilliant mid-wife and she was very reassuring. Nonetheless she has said that she will request that my scan be earlier rather than later; perhaps next week.

It would have been nice to hear the heartbeat - never mind - I'm sure all is well.

Azure · 21/01/2005 16:19

Chickpea, sorry you weren't able to hear the heartbeat, but as your midwife said, it was just too early. I hope you manage to have your scan next week - sounds like you have a sympathetic midwife at least.

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