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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur · 24/11/2004 16:14

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

OP posts:
beachyhead · 18/01/2005 17:04

I am happy for you to start a new thread with due dates at the beginning...

Azure · 18/01/2005 17:04

Sounds good to me.

Miaou · 18/01/2005 17:20

Hello, haven't spotted a new thread yet but thought I ought to pop my head in and say I'm still here!

KMS · 18/01/2005 22:46

I will be 12 wks on sunday and have a scan booked for tuesday next week. Can't wait to get into the 2nd trimester!
Great news on the scans misscheif and Kate100
hope we get a lot more good news in the nest few weeks

TeaTime · 19/01/2005 09:15

Hi All for what might be my last but one message - oh dear. Scan at 10.30 and not too hopeful. Dh is taking time off work bless him and lots to do this afternoon to keep me busy. Didn't know time could go so slow.

SOO happy for those with lovely scan results - it's cheered me up a lot. You've all kept me sane through the last few week - thanks gals.

Azure · 19/01/2005 09:27

TeaTime - I have my fingers and toes crossed. Best of luck for this morning.

beachyhead · 19/01/2005 09:34

Good luck teatime - thinking of you.....

wilbur · 19/01/2005 13:19

Hi - catching up here (I always say that!) So sorry to hear sad news on some fronts - it is so hard. Thinking of you.

Ooops, hope you,re feeling a bit better now. My m/s is easing, although can still catch me out. It's worst trying to take my vitamins - why are preg vits so huge, didn't anyone consider the gag factor?

Anyway, I passed the magic 12 weeks on Monday and had my nuchal scan. We didn't get a great result and now I am dithering about what to do. Baby is all fine and was very lively, so that is good, but my Down's risk was calculated to be 1 in 130. For my age (36.5) it should be more like 1 in 200 and the hosp considers anything below 1 in 250 to be high risk. I have been offered an amnio, but am unsure because of m/c risk, and also because I had a CVS with ds (for same reason) and found it very unpleasant. I would not consider a termination for Down's but if I were having a Down's baby, I would like to know beforehand so I could prepare. It's silly really as when you turn the numbers round, you realise that 1:130 means there is a 99.something % chance that everything is normal, but when the hosp says high risk, it makes you fret. Maybe I should put this on a separate thread to get some feedback from others. Any thoughts? Anyone having an amnio?

OP posts:
Eulalia · 19/01/2005 14:11

All the best for today Teatime, and thanks for thinking of us and saying all those lovely things.

Wilbur - my m/v has been gently pushing for an amnio (much more so than previous pregs). Even if blood tests show a high risk I am not going to have it. I won't be terminating for sure and I'd rather not take the risk (however small) and just take what comes along. What does your dh think?

Well we have a guest coming to stay for a few days so I need to get organised. Not got time to start a new thread with dates but we don't have to do the dates yet I suppose.

Better go and get bedding organised....

wilbur · 19/01/2005 14:16

Eulalia - dh, surprisingly as I know he gets very worried about anything to do with problems or disabilities, doesn't see the need for a test. I think it's becasue he reckons it's just another fat-necked boy in there . As I said, ds' nuchal result was similar (although I was younger and so it looked worse against what it should have been) whereas dd's nuchal was something like 1:1250. I'm seeing the consultant on Thursday, so I can discuss it with him as well, before I make any decision.

OP posts:
Azure · 19/01/2005 14:44

Wilbur congratulations on reaching 12 weeks. Scan results are so difficult - as you say, the risk that your baby may have Down's is very small, but must seem real. I don't know enough about this but know that there have been threads in the past where people have wondered what to do in this situation. Is amnio the only way to find out for sure? I hope your consultant helps you with your difficult decision and am thinking of you.

wilbur · 19/01/2005 14:53

Thanks azure. It does seem that amnio (or a CVS which is similar but more risky) is the only way to know for sure. I could pay for a 2nd nuchal to see if the results are similar or for the blood test, which they don't do at my hosp, but again these are just indications. I think I'll have another day with my head in the sand about it and see how I feel at the end of the week.

OP posts:
beachyhead · 19/01/2005 17:46

I'm so sorry you have to make this decision. I had always though that if you would carry on with the pregnancy, then it really wasn't worth taking the risk...I understand that you would want to be prepared, although I am sure you could do some preparation just in case....wishing you the best whatever you decide. I'm off now and will report back on my 9 week scan next Monday. Have a nice w/e

Spacecadet · 19/01/2005 19:39

oops, thanks for your kind words, dont stop feeling sorry for yourself as you are obviously having a rough time too. Yes eulia i do have 4 already, i think the lack of sleep , exhaustion and sicness are making me v depressed and i have started to feel, miserable and paranoid that evryone is ignoring me! sorry, congrats to those that have had scans, wilbur im sorry that your result isnt what you expected, i have never had an amnio or cvs but i think the m/c risk is slightly higher than with amnio, it is a really difficult decision to make , but if you feel that you would continue if your child has ds then would you want to put yourself through the sure if you posted a seperate thread, you would get some welcome advice.

bluestar · 19/01/2005 20:26

Had my booking in apt today and was there was over an hour doing forms, weeing in pots and having blood taken (not very successfully -I do not have good veins apparently!). Made it feel much more real. Told that I wouldn't have a dating scan as I was sure of my dates (policy changed since ds) but I can have a nuchal scan in London so have opted for that. I was hoping to have scan around 12 week mark so I would feel happier telling people but with the nuchal it can be up to 14 weeks and somehow I don't think I can hide my belly for that long!! Keeping stum for a couple more weeks though - am just over 9 weeks now. Nausea hasn't been as bad today and I cooked dinner without making friends with my sink again!!

Spacecadet · 19/01/2005 20:59

I have my scan on 11th Feb, I have only just got round to opening my mail and have found my appt letter!, I also have to see the consultant that day too, and have my bloods done etc, blah!blah!Dh will have to drive me and I will have to go through the same routine as last year, something to nibble on so I dont throw up all over the ante-natal clinic, what will they think when I turn up with a 6 month baby in tow??!!

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 19/01/2005 21:04

got to go for my bloods tommorrow and am still worried about scan next week. did a pregancy test today just because im paranoid and line showed up IMMEDIATELY! am i going mad?

Spacecadet · 19/01/2005 21:07

No you are not!!! I did one every time my sickness appeared to ease off(instaed of being grateful for the temporary restbite!)

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 19/01/2005 21:08

phew! was getting worried i was completely bonkerz!!!!!!!

Azure · 19/01/2005 22:10

TeaTime, I'm just logged to see if there is any news of your scan. Thinking of you.

TeaTime · 19/01/2005 23:06

Hi all and sorry to keep you waiting - well just as I feared they couldn't find a heartbeat - saw the sac but it hadn't grown much from the last time they'd scanned me (two weeks ago) and so it seems it had probably died around then when the bleeding started. I wasn't shocked or upset really as was pretty convinced that I wasn't pregnant anymore - I'd completely lost any little symptom I may have had. They were very good though - gave us (me and dh) a private room to wait in and then walked us over to the Gyne section to talk things over with the Miscarriage Nurse (the same sympathetic one I'd met before). It was hard not to cry then as she was so lovely and understanding. We were given a load of literature and the 3 options (natural miscarriage, medical management or D & C). I've opted to wait it out as I'm in no hurry to get rid of 'Dot' and somehow letting nature take its course just seems right for me. However the nurse advised me not to go to work if I go down this route - not a possibility!! So she said I would need to tell someone just in case it happens suddenly and I have to go home. She didn't think the fibroid or my age had caused it which was a comfort - just one of the unlucky ones.

The first colleague I confided in told me that she'd had FIVE miscarriages between the births of her two boys (now 6 and 9 I think) some as late as 12 weeks - so much more cruel when you think you're in the 'safety' zone. It made me realise that whatever problem I may have there'll be others who make it just pale into insignificance! Have also told the head of department and secretary so feel 'covered' if I need to make a quick getaway.

Had a lot to do in the afternoon so kept busy and came home to a huge bunch of flowers, a cooked meal and a chilled bottle of white wine so dh is looking after me! All the arrangements for his nephew's wedding in Arran in August can go ahead again it seems.

Actually in my last job I had a 5 week miscarriage in the middle of a lecture so I've already been there to some extent. In the break I found I was soaked in blood - luckily wearing black trousers with a long black jacket which I wrapped round me - finished the lecture and got myself home on the train somehow!

Anyway it's been a privilege to be part of this commumity of pg mums - it's been amazing to think that 'total strangers' were there for me! I'll probably lurk to see how you all are from time to time and I will definitely be checking the birth announcements in August! Wishing you all happy times while expecting and happier times still to come.

(Going over to Dramaqueen's Miscarriage thread and of course the Old Duffers even though I'm no longer up the Duff!)

KMS · 19/01/2005 23:08

thinking of you TeaTime

GOLDFISHBRAINbonkerz · 20/01/2005 07:42

sending lots of hugs to you teatime.

blossom2 · 20/01/2005 09:00

this is making my cry and angry at the same time. its not fair and i'm so sorry for everyone that has miscarriaged.

take care everyone ...

it probably is a good idea for us to start a new thread now ....

Azure · 20/01/2005 10:09

TeaTime, so very sorry to hear your news. A lost pregnancy is so unfair. Take care of yourself - I hope you can take enough time of work when necessary. {{Hugs}}

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