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Due May05-part2

319 replies

northstar · 28/10/2004 15:03

I live in Ireland, due May 12th. V happy SAHM (36)to ds 2.5yrs. Heard baby's heartbeat today, scan end november.

OP posts:
fisil · 28/10/2004 15:11

I'm 30, live in SW London, due 26th April/3rd May. Work full-time as head of department at a secondary school (love it). Live with 2 gorgeous boys - ds (21 months) & dp.

Uwila · 28/10/2004 15:41

I am 35 and live in Sunbury with DH, DD (18 months), and nanny. Work full time in Leatherhead (oil and gas / engineering and construction). Work in engineering / IT. I'm Amercan.

Due end of May. Don't know yet what hospital. I'm actually in catchment for St. Peters in Chertsey, but I have refused under no uncertain terms to go there. My GP is trying to get me in somewhere else. NHS red tape!! Hope they sort something out soon. I though I was going to Kingston, but they turned me down. So did West mid. ho hum....

myermay · 28/10/2004 15:47

Message withdrawn

Uwila · 28/10/2004 15:48

Oh, and my worst first trimester complaint is migraines -- but I just got over one and am very happy to be feeling well today.

cab · 28/10/2004 17:40

Fisil, delighted the scan went well for you. What a horrible scare.

From Scottish 41 yr old sahm with 4 yr old dd, due May 1 (but think May 3-5 more likely).

logic · 28/10/2004 19:07

I'm 28, married, SAHM but previously worked in IT, 2 yr old ds. I live in the South-East. I'm 12 weeks pg now with my scan next Wednesday! I'm hoping for a water birth in a lovely cottage hospital.

Glad you are ok, Fisil.

myermay · 28/10/2004 22:41

Message withdrawn

Brighteyes · 29/10/2004 07:21

I'm 25 from South Wales. 11 weeks pg with number one. I'm a billing consultant for an electricity company (stressful job but I love it) and as of yesterday aunty to a lovely new nephew Tyler James, born yesterday afternoon weighing in at 6 pound 2 . Also proud owner of a little bump which is getting bigger everyday.

Really glad that everything is ok Fisil!!!

logic · 29/10/2004 08:10

We used Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot. They do an average of about 2 births a day so you get spoiled rotten BUT they don't have the facilities for emergency c-sections or any real problems. They do electives once a week (or did 2 years ago anyway). They only induce on a second or subsequent child and there a few other such weird rules if I remember rightly but it was great and they really encourage you to have a natural birth.

We are not in their NHS trust catchment area but they didn't seem to mind. Where did you go the first time?

myermay · 29/10/2004 08:14

Message withdrawn

logic · 29/10/2004 10:17

myermay, Frimley Park is quite a big hospital isn't it? It looks like we don't live too far away from each other though!

cab · 29/10/2004 11:16

Congratulations re your nephew Brighteyes!!

logic · 29/10/2004 13:31

I've been to see the midwife this morning and got to hear the heartbeat properly! I am so happy. Ds heard it too but was more interested in the whereabouts of his noo-noo (dummy). Bless. Now I know how to use the doppler at home too.

northstar · 29/10/2004 14:14

Snap logic, I was there yesterday and heard that lovely sound , but ds too busy reading his Tractor Tom book (thank god!) to notice. I say thank god because he normally gets hysterical when we see gp - and I wasn't sure we were going to hear anything other than his cries.
Am I the only one who has recovered from ms and tiredeness? Boobs still sore thats all, and well........ as far as sex goes it has been at least daily for the last few weeks and still yes to the erotic dreams Wonder how long it will last?

OP posts:
logic · 29/10/2004 14:30

Hi Northstar. I am still feeling extremely tired and my boobs seem to be getting even more sore! I am getting huge cravings for orange juice, curly wurlies and turkish delights - and nothing else. Dh has started buying them in bulk. It's not exactly a balanced diet so I am forcing proper food down. Still, I am over the moon now that I know everything is fine.

Slightly off-topic - is anyone else's mother driving them mad? Any baby name that I suggest, she thinks up a potential nasty nickname for it.

fisil · 29/10/2004 19:37

don't mention names then logic. We are really strict about not mentioning ours to anyone. My main reason is that my mum told her mum 30 years ago that they were thinking of fisil. "ugh," says Granny (who is the sweetest, loveliest person you can imagine), "you can't call a child fisil." So when I was born I was called something else for a few days until my parents said sod-it, we think she is a fisil. I really wish that I didn't know what my Granny thought of my name. If you wait until a baby is born no-one dares to comment because it isn't just a name, it's a real person.

But yes, my mum is getting on my nerves too. I told her, flippantly, that we are not eating well because I am so knackered. A week later she rings me with a list of menus, which really annoyed me firstly because it is interfering and getting worked up about a throw away comment, and secondly because her "simple" meals were things I would only cook if I was in a super-duper energetic mood even when not pg! So it made me feel even more of a failure!

But hey, we're all mums too, and we know they only do it because we love our children!

logic · 29/10/2004 20:35

fisil - unfortunately, my family hated ds' name so much that even now 2 years later they refer to him by his middle name! You are right though, we really must say nothing this time at all. We will not give in.

Ooh that menus thing is annoying - I must admit that I am no Nigella either I have given away my Annabel Karmel book in disgust. I am not spending 3 hours making salmon-a-la-whatever this time around either.

Do you live far from your family? Mine are all in Wales. Mostly I miss them all but some days it feels that 200 miles is not enough...

fisil · 30/10/2004 20:12

logic, yes I totally agree. I love my mum but sometimes 100 miles isn't far enough. She's had a tough week this week and so have I. We had a long chat on the phone tonight and were able to help each other, so I feel much better. I guess with us it's a case of both being in good moods and sticking to topics we can agree on!

On another subject, I am still bleeding. The baby was in good form on Thursday, all beating heart and everything else. And the blood is now mostly old blood rather than fresh blood pouring out. But it is there everytime I go to the loo and there seems to be a never ending supply. It's 4 days now. I'm thinking I'll see my GP again if I'm still bleeding after a week - do you reckon that sounds sensible?

logic · 30/10/2004 20:21

hi fisil - I would definately see the GP again after a week, just in case. I would worry too but it sounds as though your baby is ok. Maybe you could ask for a scan a week until the bleeding stops?

I treated myself to a glass of wine this evening which was so nice! It's amazing how you appreciate the most trivial things when you're pregnant isn't it?

fisil · 30/10/2004 20:27

oooh, lucky you. A glass of a deep, mellow red wine sounds just right. But I think I'd better hold off until I have all of this sorted! Have a lovely evening.

cab · 01/11/2004 09:19

Fisil did the docs say this was normal??? I'm sure it is but must admit I would be going potty by now if was still bleeding - whatever colour. Me I would go back today and not leave until they explain it all in great detail. Hope you're doing OK?

Uwila · 01/11/2004 10:08

oooh Fisil. How stressful for you. I would definitely call the GP and demand an appointment today. If they didn't give me one, I get on the phone to NHS direct. And if that didn't get me anywhere, I'd visit A&E.

Must add though that brownish old blood sounds much better than bright red/pink fresh blood.

I might even ask for a referal to a consultant? You could find a local one on Dr. Foster and ask your gp to refer you.

fisil · 01/11/2004 11:48

Update. Still bleeding this morning, so took myself off to see the GP. Heard baby's heartbeat which seemed fine (does this child not realise that bleeding is not a good thing?). But the GP felt that I should go to the hospital to get it checked out. So I am waiting for dp to finish up at work and then we are toddling off to the hospital. I'm not sure exactly what they're going to do there, but I assume it will be the usual take my history, hear the heart beat and say "yep, everything's fine - just happens, you know!" I tell you, this baby is going to have to go and sit on the naughty womb soon!

fisil · 01/11/2004 11:48

oops, forgot to say, thanks for your concern ladies.

cab · 01/11/2004 13:11

Must be a boy fisil - no girl would be that naughty!! Great to hear you heard the heartbeat fine. Best of luck this afternoon.

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